Sanjay Gupta: As we lift stay-at-home orders around US, the numbers will go up 1

Sanjay Gupta: As we lift stay-at-home orders around US, the numbers will go up


CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks to CNN's Alisyn Camerota about how a new key model projects a higher death toll from coronavirus in the US as states begin to re-open across the country.

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  1. More than 1,200 deaths a day and rising, surpassing other countries in the death toll. I guess this what’s considered good enough to open back up states.

    1. Denise Davis well it seems the only person the left in the United States want to hold accountable when in reality those accountable are the WHO , the CCP , and the CDC

    2. Armani V : You and I are just regular citizens, I literally never hear or used the words people on the left or people on the right in my every day life and never been curious as to who was a Republican or Democrat, now it’s like we’re talking about a different species. I guess that’s the thing to do now. Tell you what let’s leave the political bias lingo for tv and all its characters, I don’t want to play I rather keep it real here on the ground so to speak and with that being said, wishing everyone the best of luck out there and let’s all make it through this.

  2. I’m fortunate enough to work from home. I have food. I know how to comfortably water fast. I’m not going anywhere.

    1. @Sam Van your immune system will completely regenerate after 72 hours of water fasting. I have done several 21 day water only fasts with super results. I have also done a 40nday fast with 20 water and 20 fresh pressed juice. Look at the masters. Follow your heart.

    2. @ML Feathers yes. I have done several 21 day water only fasts with great results. Check it out.

    3. @Joe Dirt I will grocery shop once or every other month. When I noticed what was happening in China, I bought lists of fresh veggies and fruit and blanced and froze them. I got ready so I don’t have to get ready. Amen.

    4. @Drive Slow Jamz exactly. Quite beneficial for the body and mind. People are conditioned to think we have to eat all time.

    5. @Gimme a Little of Everything If you are able and willing to do that, fine. Most people cannot do that for long.

  3. For those of you who doubt the authenticity of the news in the US, simply watch any other news from the rest of the world and you’ll get a much more accurate and sobering view.

    1. @Penny O
      News flash, they are all bullshit.
      the best are indy supplies from youtube, not gov backed BB-fucking C

    2. Most people don’t even know that the MSM’s so called war with Trump is fake………..they love Trump………Trump is Cabal/NWO guy.

    3. @trublu97 My mate was on Youtube and they deleted his channel……………infact he got his channel shut down dozens of times….he probably the most banned person in the history of youtube.

    1. @Jewel Levy lol. Introvert: the perfected human.
      Extrovert: marital garbage, drunkard, drug addict pseudo-intellectual.
      I’ve heard it all. Extroverts know how to socialize in the world to a point and if it is the case they are usually better at managing emotions but that’s not necessarily true either.
      Introverts I have met explode at people eventually over inane things or over their super-brain-historical-fact- intellectual-prowess with a particularly snooty demeanor towards people less than them in intelligence.
      Introvert: base everything on what happens in a book.
      Extrovert: base everything on stupidity?
      I’ve heard this story so many times.
      It’s all so contradictory.
      Some introverts are dumb and hoard garbage. And others are smart and hoard garbage. And others have no personality and never leave the house to a creepy level. Others are great novelists and believe reading a book is the same as living the experience because they themselves say they don’t experience anything because they are introverted. Some introverts do travel to then point out that they went to they place they read about for a week or year and, therefore they are the expert on the subject. Another lost argument or conversation because of introverts perfect way of doing everything.
      Extroverts can be hoarders too and have all the same traits of an introvert.
      I have a lot of experience with people and it rarely stays static when it comes to defining people and personalities.

      Stay home.
      Introverts help the extroverts stay home.
      Extroverts don’t expect the introverts to entertain you because words like attention, entertainment, and basic social parts of life are a big waste of time?

      Anyways. I have had so many arguments with introverts that they end up realizing that human interaction is okay sometimes when they are about to pass away. And I roll my eyes again.

    2. @Slick Andrews If you want to go with “Herd Immunity” (not even proven with Covid-19) and go about life like “normal” that would only topple the health care system due to the amount of cases.

      Deaths would be far worse due to the health care system completely failing which will mean any other hospital care can be forgotten.

      For a small population with big health care emphasis that might work but in the case of most countries it wouldn’t. USA would get completely destroyed if they tried your silly theory.

      You can prevent infection rates and deaths from getting out of control via isolation and social distancing. Eventually stability will be found and you’ll have those who may be immune to the virus after getting it and those who won’t because they didn’t get sick the first place.

      End point is the virus is then no longer in the country and the amount of deaths would be far less due to controlled fallout as opposed to your suggestion which would blow up health care / economy and so on.

      Even Sweden is taking measures and they are still doing really bad because of their lazy approach. 5-6 times more deaths then neighboring countries when only 2 times the population of said countries.

    3. @Vickie Clark I suppose you don’t watch any kind of screen then. Most actors are entertainers and extroverts. If they are bored, boring or unimaginative then you should not support the real world or the entertainment business.
      These terms extrovert and introvert are so dated and not useful. Usually these terms under explain a real living human being.
      It’s funny introverts will go to bars to meet extroverts to then marry them to change them into introverts in order to CONTROL them. Because there is only one perfect way (morally superior) to live – introverted (you are supposedly less immoral and mature right?)
      If you are going to LOVE somebody love someone like you!
      Introverts that HATE extroverts should only marry introverts so there is no negative relationship dynamics.
      Same with people with low and high sex drives – they don’t mix. And that can be argued too. But not usually a good start.
      People don’t change over night even if they try. If they do change suddenly you are being lied too. How honest is that relationship? A way to set up for failure.

      Introverted, low sex drive human beings are not better than extroverted, high sex drive human beings. Such nasty labelling.

      I hear people break up over this stuff all of the time.

      Stop trying to relate with people you don’t understand and are not willing to understand. Get it?

      The terms introvert and extrovert are outdated and not useful unless this is what your beliefs are stuck on.

      Moral superiority in any relationships just has gotten so old also and outdated.

      Just stop.

      Read your book and stay home. Glad you are safe. Read about acceptance or go back to analysing another novel. Because extroverts don’t read?

      Oh lord. I’m sleepy.

    4. @Debra Jensen Yup, I bet you there’s a list somewhere on all the things you can do with free time. Probably 100s of things to do or try, but people want to stick with the same 3 or 4 things they’ve been doing all their life.

  4. My state in the south reopened, but my daughter is very sick, with her low immune system was advised to change her heart doctor appt. until July1st, please save lives, stay home, I am

    1. Chris Gilliam Man Stuff and how many in the last 2 weeks? I think the total climbed from 25000 to 50000 in a two week period.

    2. Char S.A. No I think he just thinks you’re a cockhead. Now I’m thinking… is cockhead one word or two?

  5. while the number of deaths are horrifying, the speed of the deaths are even scarier! we reached this number in like a couple of months! stay safe all, this is not over!

    1. @David Bourne this isnt the flu, ask the doctors and healthcare workers in ERs. Ask New Yorkers who have had live thru all of this. Where are you getting your facts from? Ive already lost 2 family members to this pandemic and thats a fact. Economies can be revived, the dead cant.

    2. @David Bourne you mean someone who is gonna die from cancer contracts covid and dies is why these deaths are padded.

    3. @Yota Doug’s Tool Collecting Channel I mean unconfirmed, never tested for covid-19, let me say that again… people who died and were never tested for covid-19… unlike CNN I’m not trying to do your thinking for you.. Do the research.

  6. You don’t want to be the governments first Guinea pigs. I’d stay hunkered down a few more weeks. It’s not like we have the money to splurge out in public now!

    1. @Debate Me! So people who work in the service industry are working in Michigan? Or other locked down states? If we don’t make an attempt to restart normal life millions of Americans will lose everything. Thank God I work as a technician for sharpie and our factory has stayed open. Otherwise idk where I’d be.

    2. @wendy kemp We can’t just endlessly rack up debt. Plus government assistance doesn’t give you the fulfillment and purpose that working does.

    1. @Cardboard quite the opposite; in this case, the state (i.e. the federal government) has not done enough. Remember that this is a very unique case, a once-in-a-century pandemic. Much more needs to be done, and as quickly as possible.

    2. Arla Dicey see that’s the ignorants of you ppl because that’s the system we have . You get paid what your worth is too your job if your an executive who is making the decision for a company well they sure are going to get paid more than the unskilled sweeper correct ? Like a large difference amount more

    3. Arla Dicey and I’m not bullying you to make you believe me. I’m just trying to figure out your insane logic . And if you think this is bullying I’m really concerned on how you are going to react when you have to get a real job . Let me guess you are still in high school , because no one in college will think a Discussion is being bullied and less you are weak minded

    4. I saw a carnival game called “Punch a demorat in the mouth”. Only cost $1 to play and the prize was a book of compliments

  7. If you want to stay safe now you’ll really have to stay home and away from those who don’t have self-preservation instincts.

    1. @Chuck Master Really? In what form?
      Aren’t y’all always screaming about the end of the world?

      We only fear dictatorship.

    2. @trublu97 a healthy younger man had to have his leg amputated to save life because the covid-19 virus caused blood clots in his leg. I know of 2 healthy babies who died from the virus. Healthy young children have died. There are more healthy people dying from the virus than you want to believe. If you’re not afraid of the virus shouldn’t you be afraid that you will infect someone who will die? To me that’s reckless endangerment.

    3. @Juan Carlos P.F That’s one reason, also heat break’s the protective barrier that surrounds a virus.

    1. @Joe Goldberg Really? You do know this thing has killed about as many people as the flu does every year right? And the flu just miraculously disappeared when COVID showed up right? Every major killer is down this year because many case are being counted as COVID deaths. To be counted as a death from the flu you must first be confirmed to have the flu and it must be determined that the flu was the primary cause of death. For instance if you have stage 4 cancer and catch the flu and die the death report will read cancer. If you have stage 4 cancer and POSSIBLY have or had COVID they count it as a COVID death. You read that correctly “POSSIBLY”. They don’t even have to confirm it was COVID. If they suspect it was it is counted as COVID. This thing is so overblown it’s insane.

    2. Owdín you mean the economic depression that’ll be coming because the libs wanted to keep everything shut down indefinitely?

    3. justsaying you mean the one that put us in one of the best economical positions ? You’re going to hate this year even more have November 😉

  8. Make these people sign contracts that says hospitals don’t have to treat them if/when they test positive.

    1. Christopher Neathery
      The victims are the ones who have laid down their lives on the that altar of freedom.
      America has shed more blood for the freedoms of others. Than any others in the world.
      And just like that, willing to bend their neck to tyranny. See how easy that was.

    2. @Anjun 241 dont judge us all by a few. That underestimation and generalization looses every time. The people who fold under tyranny are not the ones that fight for freedon.

    3. Christopher Neathery
      Well the best response to an idiot is silence. So I’m going to STFU.
      So please continue to indulge yourself.

    1. @RFI-Crypto Lab it’s only (most cases) killing the old and the sick. Most of them have underlying conditions. Nobody dies of natural causes anymore it’s all the virus.

    2. The big problem is doing groceries, if not most of the people can stay home long period of time without leaving home

    3. @Piyasiri Patirane unless you live in bumfk Egypt call doordash, postmates or even your store for delivery. Happy to see you “sky is falling” libnuts stay off the roads…. you drive like crap.

  9. Staying home is easier than getting out. Long lines to get into the store just to not find what you need??

  10. People in the States should stop complain… should see the lockdown we are in in España… have it too easy, and still you complain!

  11. When I see Americans on the beach sunning them selfs & chilling I think how COMPLETELY disrespectful to all the doctors & nurses & anybody who have to go to work & face this very dangerous virus head on every single day…..not to mention those front liners who have passed away due to this absolute barstard of a virus. Shame on u. Its a completely different matter to make the decision to go & have a meal or get u’r hair cut & abide by the social distancing etc to help the economy…but throwing frisbee’s on the beach like it’s just another day?? Really? & for ALL those peeps that are still banging on about oh but so many thousands DIE on the roads each year well…at least u can see a bus coming & so have a chance to side step it! & who knew that innocently waiting in line could be soo deadly or see someone soo incredibly poorly within days!! All I know is that all if not most of those people that have have passed due to this deadly virus would be alive & kicking today & with their families & not dead due to a traffic accident or the F ing flu!!!

    1. Oh please….. get over it. Your either a state worker or a welfare recipient that’s getting full pay to sit on your fat butt. You probably never go outside to have fun. Stay home yourself you paranoid freak

    2. Douglas Reed best response yet!!! They need to go hide back under the beds And finish eating the big Macs.

    3. jackie parsons you do realize the beach is probably the best place to be considering it’s difficult for COVID to be passed in sunny warm weather .. like this is a fact

  12. “Thinning the herd”.. Do you want go out and act like everything is normal?? Go.. go right ahead. I don’t mind at all. Enjoy.

    1. Not sure what you are referencing with the “thinning the herd” reference, but if you are generally healthy and under the age of 16 you should, and must, be going out. Why do I say that? There are only two ways we can officially move past this; 1) A vaccine is developed which we are probably a year out of or 2) Herd Immunity. The only way that scenario occurs is enough of healthy people get the virus so that should there be another outbreak, it doesn’t have the chance to spread to the same degree it has. This option is the only realistic one to pursue.

    2. Wendy Lee who’s going to act like everything is normal ? People will remain distant and wear masks and we will continue adapting to the virus. We’re going to basically replicate Sweden

    1. @Angela Challita I have not harrassed you. Thats awesome. Youtube really appreciates false reports when running on an already shoestring budget, during a pandemic. Thats probably strike 3 for you.

    2. @Aeradom I was taking the calculations from reported cases and understand this will be adjusted when this crisis is over but deaths rates are still being adjusted up weeks/months after the death of the person. US has seen a spike in morality rates across the country and Europe is seeing the same rise in average mortality rate outside of Covid-19 reported cases.

      “Since February, more than 32,000 death certificates list COVID-19 as a cause of death, according to the NCHS. Another 60,000 death certificates listed pneumonia as the cause of death but did not specify which pathogen triggered the condition. There also were 14,000 that listed COVID-19 as the cause of pneumonia and 5,700 that named influenza with pneumonia or coronavirus.”

      “Mortality statistics show 122,000 deaths in excess of normal levels across these locations (14 countries), considerably higher than the 77,000 official Covid-19 deaths reported for the same places and time periods”.

  13. The virus will come for you on a familiar face by someone that just had to go out and socialize.

  14. “The virus doesn’t stop at jurisdictional boundaries.” Having some states on lock down while others are open for business is like roping off a small corner in public swimming pools labelled “peeing section”.

    1. Face2wake The “facts” you brought up about poverty are complete nonsense. Let’s just keep this about America, shall we? Go down to the poverty stricken cities in every state. Go visit those ghettos and tell me the poverty isn’t bad. Tell me the poor are not as poor as they are. Tell me why there is still a $7.25 national minimum wage? Tell me why the cost of consumer goods has risen 4x over the past 30+ years, while minimum wage has risen only 2x? Tell me why the poor and middle class keep getting higher taxes placed on them while big businesses keep getting breaks? That’s just for starters for you. Your “facts” are complete bullshit.

    2. @Subtle Beast Also, I’m beginning to think you aren’t even from the US. If If you were, you’d realize that half the states are north of 10$ per hour. Federal Minimum is by no means the law. And even for the states that have that, the average is far in excess of that. Take for instance Texas that has the minimum wage at 7.25 but the median wage is over 17$. Why is it necessary to raise the minimum wage if the median is already double it?

    3. Aeradom Who the hell is making $17 an hour? I don’t know of anybody that is. You can’t take a median, dude. That does not help out the poor. Let’s say you take an average of what I make and Mike Trout makes. So just going off those 2 salaries, that gives you the average of what everybody makes? You can’t clump together rich and poor and then get an “average” of what everybody makes. Doesn’t work that way, my dude.

    4. Aeradom Nowhere near it. Tell me why so many are living paycheck to paycheck? I get there are the ones that live above their means, that’s totally true, but when you have a ton of people having a hard time getting by, that’s an issue. Why are so many hit hard by this pandemic because they just simply don’t have a way to sock back a savings? Do you not agree?

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