1. @Thomas Steiner You do know that people can see your other comments, don’t you? Because I’ve seen you proudly claim you voted for trump both times, and will never vote for anyone else. But nice try, Santos..

    2. The Trump era has actually proved that God doesn’t exist. If there was a God, the Trump evangelicals wouldn’t be able to go near a church or touch a bible without being struck by lightning.

  1. These people who don’t see much wrong with Santos or want to give him a chance, have got to be Trump voters who don’t give a damn what crimes or deceit their candidate uses to get elected or grift for personal gain.

    1. @Kathleen Ross
      I thought in that interview I heard him saying his family changed his JEWISH name to Brazilian to avoid the persecution of Jews (from which he claimed they fled to Brazil from).

    1. @Ronald Nixon She took a DNA test and it did show that she had descendent’s of Native American Heritage. What has this scammer done to refute any of his (currently at 12 lies) “embellishments”.

    1. @cutehumor  Absolutely. “America, what a country!”
      No country like it on planet Earth. “The Land of Opportunity.” No other nation comes close to offering the greatest opportunity for socio-economic mobility to the greatest diversity of people in the world. There are people who would deny other people opportunities, but the opportunity for success is available for those who do good as well as those who do evil.
      American Opportunity is not constrained by morality.

    2. If you didn’t vote for the guy you have no reason to complain. You didn’t vote for him for whatever reason. You have no say so.

    3. @Another Point of View as a 12 year veteran and has been around the world – you are absolutely right! We may not be perfect and have many problems, we are – in my opinion – the greatest nation on earth .

    1. Reminds me of how De Leon is behaving after being outted as a racist…. refusing to step down. With no calls for it coming from the left…. so there are POS in both parties.
      ALL politicians should go through a vetting process with a financial and criminal review.

    2. @m_train1 “you have to handle your one house before telling others what to do. That’s easy to understand if you were raised well.”

      Time to take your own advice, Choo Choo, assuming you were raised well yourself

      Were you?

    1. @G Absolutely! He donated $700,000 to his own campaign. But he owes $15,000 in unpaid rent to his previous landlord! Where did the money come from?

    2. @Nadia Silvershine Perfect comment! Forgiveness doesn’t mean he gets to keep what (seat in congress) he is trying to steal through his lies.

    3. Forgiveness requires the person in question to repent, that is, to admit what he did and that it was wrong, and also to never do it again. It’s not just a get-out-of-jail-free card. These are the people who chant about killing Dr. Anthony Fauci and if you ask them why they’ll say “he lied.”

  2. Damn, he’s showing them exactly who he is and for the most part they don’t care. A lie can only be “explained away” with a bigger lie. It’s easy to understand why they’re Republicans.

    1. @Joel Rodriguez nobody …..but nobody lied as much as Santos …..except Donald John trump…..his supporters are highly pissed ……everybody but republican congressmen ……that should tell you something……stop trying to deflect and make excuses for this nut case.

  3. In the private Industry an applicant that lied on his Resume would be fired on the spot. However, in the Federal Government the word accountability has no meaning.

    1. I’m a government employee and had to supply my college transcripts in addition to a background check for my current position. Government employees face accountability, but elected officials don’t!

    2. That only applies to Congress …..most federal employees who are found to have lied on resumes would immediately be terminated.

    3. That’s why being elected is the perfect con. Trump showed them how to do it. Republican voters can be conned so easily.

  4. Hell I had to go through an extensive FBI background check just to work at the airport for Delta. One would think a politician would have to go through at least that much to get the job smh

    1. Where were the journalists from the New York Times, etc., who would research his background and find that he is a complete fraud?

  5. It always amazes me when someone can say something about how they are so morally righteous and believe in Christian values then say all is forgiven because he admitted it. He wasn’t sorry he’s done all these things, he’s sorry he got caught and it’s obvious but all is forgiven if he has an R behind his name and delivers his vote in their favor. I absolutely believe they would suddenly claim their values mean a person should be punished for their sins if he was a democrat. They don’t realize they sold their values for 30 pieces of silver. Getting what they want is above all, even our democracy.

    1. The same way putin is hiding behind Christianity for doing his war crimes. Remember they are all doing God’s work because they devil told them to.

    2. He didn’t admit it for a start…he was found out and exposed…then STILL lied about lying…!!?
      And Christ only preached forgiveness when the individual repented and was truly remorseful for their sins…he’s NONE of that…he still doesn’t believe he’s done anything wrong. You don’t just give everyone a ‘free pass’ to perform their dirty deeds…and neither does GOD. Not that republicans know any of that, because they don’t read the Gospels…they blindly just follow the BS of their closest evangelical false preacher without question, and pretend they’re good Christians.
      A true sociopath who’ll no doubt negatively impact the lives of millions of average Americans…wonderful.

  6. If I told that many lies to my wife, she’d would have told our children; “Kids, I really hate to tell you this… but I don’t know who your father is!”

    1. @Danny Mancheno WOW! In fact, she is a democrat. Isn’t it nice to know that, (unlike republicans) a democrat would never vote for a lying snake con man like Santos.

    1. You’d think there’d be some level of regulation or law to stop that happening, but seemingly not. Weaknesses everywhere in the system, ready to be exploited by those willing to ignore decades of honour based regulation.

  7. “Once someone lies to me, I can never trust that person again.” Amen to that, brother. Amen to that.

  8. It is beyond stupid to forgive psychopath’s/sociopath’s and malignant narcissists their toxic behaviour. It’s just enabling worse behaviour.

    1. @Tom Henry  And that’s your best? You do realize how low you’ve reset your own bar. “Better than… democrats.”
      That’s what you’re left with, just not voting for “Democrats.”
      Maybe one day, people like you will realize that people are people. First and foremost. They’re not Black and White, Left and Right, Libtards and Repugnantcans.
      “Keep living,” as my Grandad would say.
      One day, you’ll stop supporting/voting for people who’ll lie to you in order to represent you. Unless of course you dont mind, because that is who they are, a representative of you.

    2. Do you seriously think only Republican politicians lie? It’s not like no Democrat ever lied, cheated, enriched himself, or voted against the interests of his constituents. Stop the reflexive bashing of the opposition. If we’re to heal the wounds inflicted by the juvenile hostility from TFG, we’re going to have to start treating Republicans and Independents like human beings. Try to understand why they vote as they do, instead of automatically calling them stupid or racist.

    3. The problem is that many people like this also vote Democrat. It’s not good vs. evil right vs. wrong. The political system is a reflection of ourselves and we all suck.

    1. Well, there was a test in 2016 and they failed horribly. Then there’s a test in 2022. Again failed horribly. They seem not to learn

  9. “He’s a make believe person.” A perfect description. So now that he’s been caught, Santos says he was “emebellishing” (read lying) and intends to take office anyway, where he will fulfill his campaign promises. We are to believe, now, that he is not embellishing (read lying). I learned as a kid not to put my hand on the hot stove twice. This guy is bound to continue “embellishing (read lying) in the future. His constituents deserve the person they voted for. On the other hand, he would fit in perfectly with the current MAGA Republican mob.

    1. What he did wasn’t embellish his resume. That’s when you say you were in the top 10% of your graduating class, when you really were in the top 25%. Or if you claim to have a masters, but were a couple of credits short. Or saying you went to MIT, when you really graduated from Boston College, and only took a few classes at MIT. Saying you have a masters from a prestigious university, when you never attended any college, is out and out lying. Claiming you worked for companies, who never met you, when you never worked in the field, is lying. Saying that your grandparents fled the Holocaust, when they were Catholics born in Brazil, is lying. Saying you own numerous properties, when you were evicted from any place you’d rented, and live in your sister’s house, is lying.

    1. @Muad’Dib Is it because the electoral college elected the last 5 republican presidents despite none of them getting the popular vote? The party seems to be most popular with nationalists and hillbillies

    2. @mongerponsky If you’re a Republican in NY or Ca or Vt or a Democrat in Ut or Wy Or Sc or Sd, your vote in the presidential election doesn’t count. It means absolutely nothing. Our elections have come down to 2-3 states that hold the balance. The Electoral College has outlived it’s purpose although when it was created it was totally flawed. Like every other election in this country it’s time for the presidential vote also reflect the will of the entire population that vote represents. The result? Every persons’ vote will actually count. How many voters don’t bother to cast a vote because they know on their state it just doesn’t matter in the outcome.

  10. There’s no way he should still be allowed to assume a job that involves public trust. There needs to be a law against things like this. This man doesn’t even think what he did was wrong, any person with a shred of decency would have resigned. He looks like a used car salesman.

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