Sask. children's hospital now taking COVID-19 patients, health-care system dangerously stretched 1

Sask. children’s hospital now taking COVID-19 patients, health-care system dangerously stretched


Dr. Veronica McKinney discusses the pressure on hospitals across Sask. and the challenges facing the province's northern communities.

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    1. Yes but skip the remdesivir because we probably don’t have any of that knowing our hospitals and Healthcare, just ventilate everyone

    2. @Gemini Girl999 they need the remdesivir to make their lungs fill up with fluid though so they can put them on the vent to finish them off. come on get with the program.

  1. UK studying Long Haulers, neuro issues for over 10 mths. No energy, brain fog this is gonna take a lot longer than Polio in the 50’s

  2. She claims most of her patients are under 18?????

    But there have only been 1617 patients under 19 admitted too hospital total in all of Canada; according too publicly available information.

    Mabye shes been in management the whole time and only had 5 patients?

    1. @seannootherway Imagine losing your job for not participating in a medical experiment. That’s what happened. They said no, and they lost their jobs.its disgusting and you should be ashamed.

  3. Its almost like coercing nurses into the Gene Therapy and firing the ones who refuse would have negative consequences?

    1. @Jumbo Me Shills because your brains aren’t working, you just repeat the mantra blindly. Science isn’t dogma kid.

    2. @Guy Pierce lol nah that you anti vaxers that continue to spew false information from the internet. Keep trying though

  4. Simple Bad management … besides two years notice of virus ( some nurses say 10 years notice ) …They require 16 medical staff per patient and poor outcomes in ICU …Granted many patients are Baby boomer bust on meds and others in population with underlying conditions … but no excuses , by any metric a failure

  5. Socialized medicine has been exposed. But because it’s Canada’s state religion, we aren’t allowed to question it.

    1. It’s too bad that we can’t hold the anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers responsible for all the trouble they have caused. Same goes for conspiracy theorists.

    2. @Cat in the Hat Yeah, I hate that we can’t have a North Korean style dictatorship where we can throw the opposition in jail too.

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