Sask. Premier Moe won’t ask for federal aid despite needing to send COVID-19 patients to Ontario


    1. YUP this is not by fluke it’s happening to Conservative prairie provinces all run by Harper pulling the strings.

  1. Premier Ford should make a condition of accepting patients that they accept federal help and they implement the same public health measures…..NEVER VOTE CONSERVATIVE, THIS IS WHAT YOU GET!

  2. Scott Moe and the Sask Party are the worst thing to happen to Saskatchewan, even considering the “Devine” years. I sincerely don’t even recognize this province that I loved anymore. The culture of greed has gone way too far, its heart breaking. Now he’s playing politics with our very lives, he and the Sask Party must go before everything we value is destroyed

  3. Moe needs to go! Merriman needs to ask for Federal help before it’s too late. I worry every day that my father in his 80s will have an incident and need the ICU and they will send him far away!

  4. Sask Party should resign and allow competent and ethical leadership to step in and take control of this mess Scott Moe has made. Unconscionable.

  5. How shocking… said no one. This sounds identical to Alberta, if Doug Ford had been a Premier out west he would be flailing just like Moe & Kenney… this is what voting in Conservative ideologues gets ya folks. This is not a bug of conservatives, it’s a feature.

  6. What I am seeing is that the Sask Party is willing to make unpopular decisions if it makes money for its supporters but if it comes to a hard decision that is not a money maker they do not make it. Guess what, deciding to not make a decision sometimes leads to the decision being made. I know I am showing my lack of knowledge here but how does a government get kicked out of power? I think it needs to happen.

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