Sask. Premier Scott Moe defends handling of COVID-19 as ICUs remain overwhelmed


  1. Saskatchewan government numbers must be different from the world wide pandemic statistics. Must be the amazing delta variant. Lol

    1. In physics “delta” means a change… maybe a poor choice of words on their end where there is a delta between world numbers and theirs.

  2. Saskatchewan health care has been running at maximum capacity for years, and the government has just kicked that can down the road for years. This predictable surge has been warned about for years by many groups, now the surge is here and the citizens are being punished, freedoms taken and money NOW spent to try and catch up.
    Bed shortages in seniors care backed all the way up into emergency wards many times, top heavy management and indifferent inflexible attitudes by bureaucrats and politicians just put off the inevitable weakness until it has finally arrived.

    1. Precisely. It’s not a health crisis, it’s an infrastructure one. 2 years to try and bolster a system that has been declared ‘over capacity’ by SHA themselves since 2015.

    1. @OugaBoogaShockwave Hell isn’t real, hold them responsible now, not in an imaginary afterlife once they’ve done as much harm to others as possible

    1. gotta justify the 80k to 150k a year salaries we’re paying for all of these worthless unelected administrators and bureaucrats while laying off over half of our medical staff during a “pandemic” you know

    1. If healthcare workers believe anti science conspiracies, they don’t deserve to work in the healthcare field. I hope they all lose their ability to work in the field ever again.

  3. I, I, I I just did what the wealthy and anti-Christ Evangelicals told me to do.
    Don’t blame me, Kenney next door is doing the same.

    1. Our Lord is coming soon brother. Things will get worse before though. Remember 1/4 of the worlds population will soon expire from war, beasts, disease and famine.

  4. eight ICU beds.. and they are overwhelmed. Add less doctors and nurses because they quit and you have your news for the night.

  5. Hmm how about those powers to take any property or land and modify it indefinitely during any emergency… hmmm sounds convenient.

    1. Yep it’s a failure of the healthcare system, NOT because of covid itself. Alberta health services last year in April drew up different scenario’s and how they would deal with them, and their “probable” scenario, ie. the likely scenario, was 240 ICU cases. They said they would easily be able to handle that, and have a surge capacity up to 1,000 ICU beds if needed, along with adequate staffing. Nothing of the sort happened until Sept, more than a full year later, and suddenly, they can’t handle 240 ICU cases, which was their probable scenario last year? With claims that the healthcare system is about to “collapse”? When they said they could have a surge capacity to 1,000 beds, no problem? Something is very very wrong with the healthcare system in Canada.

  6. i would be totally enamored with a politician who actually owns their failures. i have yet to witness this. and i’m old. it’s insulting that so many think that the general population is that stupid.

  7. Moe really needs to be removed from his position! He majorly is a problem, especially as he has not the courage to admit his errors. He will not change his ways.

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