Sask. Premier Scott Moe on his meeting with PM Trudeau: ‘More of the same’

Sask. Premier Scott Moe on his meeting with PM Trudeau: 'More of the same' 1


Sask. Premier Scott Moe says, when it comes to working on his priorities, he 'did not hear a willingness' from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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71 Comments on "Sask. Premier Scott Moe on his meeting with PM Trudeau: ‘More of the same’"

  1. Oh he’s pissed. This is not pretty for a first meeting! NDP and Liberals aren’t going to do anything to make life more affordable with all that deficit spending.

    • Thomas Jefferson | November 12, 2019 at 2:55 PM | Reply

      to Heaven Seeker- nobody talked about the national debt in the 2019 election, or the trillion dollar rise in personal debt in Canada since 2007. This federal election was about the federal government interfering in areas of constitutionally mandated areas of provincial jurisdiction, e.g. dental care, natural resource development, child care, etc. or just taking them over.

    • Thomas Jefferson Yes I agree. Everyone in Ontario overextended themselves buying overvalued condos and smartphones and now are too indebted that they are relying on “government” for handouts. Now the rest of the country will pay the price. Perhaps they don’t realize the carbon tax is going to make things unaffordable year after year. Once it does, watch for yellow vest protests in Ottawa!

    • @Heaven Seeker give them long enough paying their bills and soon in the next election they will be smart enough to vote conservative and we will get our majority and sanity will be brought back into Canada

  2. We need a tax revolt.

    • You bring the torches, I’ll round up some pitchforks!

    • DUMBMERICA WAS NEVER GREAT!! | November 13, 2019 at 9:10 AM | Reply

      Oh my goodness all the welfare collectors are coming up. Upset Folks that your welfare checks are going up? I bet most of you don’t even have payroll taxes.

    • SpywareEverywhere | November 13, 2019 at 9:18 AM | Reply

      I live in BC. Of my last natural gas bill, over 22% of THE TOTAL was “carbon tax”. It’s outrageous! Keep resisting Sask.!!!!!!!

    • @SpywareEverywhere What level tax $30/tonne..? What will it cost you at $300/tonne? Worth changing politicians?

    • Ian O'Callaghan | November 13, 2019 at 10:32 PM | Reply

      @Mark PerreaultI agree. listen to The Dubliners, Luke Kelly, At The Rising Of The Moon.
      Might help your motivation. Slainte. (basically, Cheers)


  4. Respect for Moe…but he’s got a HUGE Liberal ego to deal with.

  5. At least he is taking wexit seriously.

    • Angry Beaver Canada will only take it seriously when it happens

    • @11MHK I will be so happy if it takes place. Canada can survive without Alberta, Alberta cannot survive without Canada. This will be especially true in the future when Alberta will be needing money when its primary source of GDP crashes.

    • Lucas Bowman hahaha that’s what you think. Look at how much of Canada’s gdp is due solely to the oilsands, now look at how much petroleum you use in your day to day life.

    • @11MHK What, no reply? Let’s debate my dude.

  6. Alberta here , keep speaking up your voice can’t be ignored. You have reasonable requests. The solution is accountability to our environment they need not money off the backs of farmers in hard hard times. The cattle industry is getting a kick too. Keep strong , speak up and join with Alberta to stand up for the west .

    • Kathy Smith ugh, Kathy, I want to agree with you. But I do hate livestock farming, it’s a sad industry. I love animals too much. I’m sorry. I love my province, I love my oil, but I also love my cows. ❤️

    • J Baldwin I love your cows too, when are we barbecuing them?!

    • Tribal Typhoon | November 13, 2019 at 9:14 AM | Reply

      J Baldwin speaking as a rancher I can tell ya most Livestock farms are dairy farms so we don’t kill for the meat….often. as for me I’m a horse rancher who’s going to lose alot of horses this winter since I can only get 5 bales a load instead of 12 bales( a full load) thanks to the PMs descions.

    • DAVE ADAM I knew someone would say that haha. They’re just like dogs! It’s unfortunate because not only is the meat bad for your health, but they could have been your best friend! Give the cute guys a chance!

    • Meat is not bad for you, your body needs the protein…

  7. Dominic D'Urzo | November 12, 2019 at 3:21 PM | Reply

    forget Trudeau; he does not understand his job, no less execute it

  8. Trudeau is a bag of trash

  9. Quebec has never become part of the federation they have never signed the constitution of Canada they cry separation cause they know it hurts Canada as a whole the squeaky wheel gets the grease !!! Reporters are corrupt !!!

    • @Ted Bryer We are not french we are ethnic Canadian we helped libereting europe as well google Léo Major.

    • Karen Dschaak We’re better off without them.

    • @Sage North Just remember Pierre Trudeau rode around Montreal wearing a Prussian hat when other Quebecers were fighting in World War 2. Father and son Justin have showed their disdain for Canada’s military many times even though Pierre called out the military during the Quebec crisis I believe.

    • Quebec has been taking tax dollars since then til now to remain a part of Canada, they’re a part of stealing Canadian wealth

    • .they should not be allowed to vote unless they sign the constitution

  10. The Boy King has been crowned yet again and I predict that his insufferable arrogance will become much worse, making him impossible to reason with. The pending cabinet selection will be entertaining, producing I would guess,a solid phalanx of diversity hires and bobble heads.

  11. I like this guy ,he is no BS and seems to call it how he sees it straight up, I am glad he is running the province of our neighbors to the east

    • @Lucas Bowman You just posted about the matter concerning Canadian politics, now you are saying has nothing to do with PC culture, witch the SJW Liberal leader runs on and his PC ways affect Canadian policies. You actually truly believe, that the word neighbour if not spelled neighbour disqualifies the op from stating his viewpoint in politics. Yeah, you must have some real authority in the subject. LOL!

    • SpywareEverywhere | November 13, 2019 at 9:15 AM | Reply

      Stand strong SASK and western Canada @!!!!!!!!

    • @Lucas Bowman I guess you aren’t literate enough to pick up on the fact he/she CHOSE to write the AMERICAN way of spelling “neighbour” which IS “NEIGHBOR”, not SMART enough either to pick up on the fact he/she is from ALBERTA. Can you put that info together and figure it out smartypants?

    • @Lucas Bowman Strawman argument? I smell a Liberal—you got defensive when the made up word of Turdeau’s “peoplekind” was mentioned. Here we have you talking semantics. The person got their point across so STUFF YOUR OPINION about errors. Before you get triggered again, I can spell Justin’s last name, I just like the more accurate description.

    • ttryyipp Eh allegedly | November 14, 2019 at 3:58 AM | Reply

      K Stewart PM Aladdin? if that is the accurate description… then ……. YOU JUST WON A BRAND … NEW….. CAR …….!!!!!

  12. Excellent comments Mr. Premier. Stand your ground!

  13. Love this guy, hes a straight shooter tells it like it is.

  14. Don’t call Premier Kenney or Premier Moe divisive when Prime Minister Trudeau started an economic war with Alberta and Saskatchewan. AB & SK have every right to protect their economies and fight the unfair equalization payments.

    • Kenney helped draft the current system;)

    • Trevor Thomas how did he do all this policy making when we literally just elected him….

    • By the way, I love your logo! thinking of getting a buddy to tat it on my back. Alberta bred and raised here to buddy….. time for a first tatoo, and I can think of nothing better.

    • Greg Kral lol one of the wisest pieces of advice I ever heard.

      “If you’re getting a piece of ink, make sure it’s something you’ll always be able to look at and smile”

  15. We will never get past the fact Trudeau believes Quebec owns Canada.

  16. Scott Moe is a no nonsense leader. Tells it like it really is , a rare quality in Canadian Politics.

  17. Until Trudeau and his gang are gone our country will continue to suffer .

  18. Trudeau is not a leader that will bring this country together

  19. Walter Schwartz | November 12, 2019 at 8:58 PM | Reply

    The end of canada is well in motion say what you want . it’s happening .

    • Walter Schwartz it’s sad hey

    • Looking at the Brexit debacle and how the inner circle has frustrated the will of the majority, how do you think the power brokers in Ontario are going to react to Wexit? Chopping off bits of a existing entity (Canada) to form separate and independent country would take more political will, fiscal clout and dedication than could be mustered. Sorry I just cannot see it happening.

  20. G. C. Joseph Seiler | November 12, 2019 at 9:36 PM | Reply

    Trudeau’s government is charging GST on top of their Carbon Tax. They are taxing the tax. Insanity.

    • Yeah some say it’s not enough have you seen the graph how high the tax will be year after year doubling tripling the tax until driving is a unaffordable luxury and the country they are trying to collapse it!

    • not the first time they have tax on tax

    • I just calculated the GST on the carbon tax. It’s a whopping 0.22 cents (a little more than a fifth of cent) per litre. Those darn feds are collecting an extra nickel on every 25 litres of gas we purchase. Can you believe it? The scoundrels! The theives! Don’t they know we all had big plans for that nickel?

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