Sask. teacher shows students how to sign O Canada 1

Sask. teacher shows students how to sign O Canada


CTV Prince Albert’s Jayda Taylor tells us about a teacher who taught her students how to sign O Canada.

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    1. @Peace L Thats fine. So isolate the high risk individuals and let the vast majority of society return to work and school, paying taxes, supporting themselves and otherwise helping to lift and maintain social structures without bottomless debt.

    1. No its not…. Not wearing one is…. Kids are super spreaders… Everyone should wear a Mask….. Covid 19 is spreading another 1,400 cases and 14 deaths in Alberta alone….

    1. What poor kids ?….. These kids look fine to me there just wearing masks to keep safe from Covid 19… You sound like an anti masker Karen.

    1. this isn’t giving fear. I would love to do the o Canada with sign language. This teacher is trying to make the kids stay safe and have fun.

    1. Jailed for what ?….. These politicians are trying to stop the spread of Covid 19 there was another 1,400 cases and 14 deaths in Alberta alone.

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