1. Gotta love Canada’s justice… or rather injustice system that this guy is NOT behind bars for his entire life! He has at least 50 convictions against him, and is a known violent offender particularly when drugs snd alcohol are involved. It’s disgusting.

    1. Yeah the PM personally decides individual convictions in the eyes of the conspiracy theorists LOL he must just jet from city to city, court to court, all day long 😉🤣

    1. ikr they need to upgrade the system just like the ps5 it has a heatsink and other hightech upgrades unlike the ps4 which is so outdated.

  2. Well they could not of bought legal fire arms with a Criminal record that’s for sure but 1 of those victim with a legal gun could of saved a lot of lives. 4th time saying it, my Condolences to the families!

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