1. They are experiencing a stronger-than-planned resistance to the jabs. They upped the game to ridiculous levels. IT aint gonna stop either.

    1. @Anti-Ahriman You mean if you were more intelligent like Norwegians we wouldn’t be dealing with such a bad crisis, but sure, no one can tell you what to do no matter what because your ego can’t handle it…You’re not free thinkers, you’re contrarians, and that’s laughably stupid

    2. @Keatrith Amakiir Well you said it so you should be smart enough to know you can’t fix stupid so why even try? Oh sorry I’m being contrarian again, basically I have no choice but to agree otherwise I’ll be called a stupid contrarian.

    3. I’ve already set myself up years ago for this scenario . You can restrict everything I dont use any of it . Learn too survive on your own and never depend on society and nothing will change….look at the amish …think they are worried about food ?

    4. @Keatrith Amakiir What’s the crisis again? I can’t hear you over my echoing voice in our empty hospitals.

    1. @Mikey255 Maybe they don’t have family. It is not easy for a family to take care a disabled person. We should be able to help others who are less fortunate. That is the Canadian way.

    2. @Randy M but it’s a largely not the norm In my area atleast. This is also Italy and others got hit hard early on however

    3. @Randy M that actually isn’t oir history at all. We were always a self reliant nation. Welfare is a very new concept

  2. It’s sad but what’s another matter is all those suffering from cancer, respiratory diseases, diabetes, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, heart disease , strokes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, mental disorders,….seriously l need to ask others to add to a growing list…someone pass me the Kleenex too.☹🙏😥

    1. @Thedandelions grandpa dying of sickness isn’t a tragedy, it just isn’t.

      Kids self ending at incredible rates is a tragedy. Maybe you should care a little more about the kids and less about yourself

  3. Quite pathetic really. The 1940s called, they say you can borrow some testosterone

  4. Why doesn’t a group of specialists from both sides of the debate and have a debate to help Canadians make informed decisions before they get jabbed.

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