1. Grain silos are not military installations. Putin’s troops are systematically targeting not just the civilians but the civilian infrastructure as well.

    1. @Stuart a minion In second ww you said Russia didnt have nuclear bomb to bomb Germany. I hope that Russia make use of their nuclear bomb to wipeout any country interfere with Russia military operation .🤣😅😂😂

  2. Special Operation is really a very special operation.
    It seems, from the looks of it, meant less to gain anything worthwhile but more to destroy everything worthwhile that the declared enemy possesses.
    A semi suicidal assault amplified by hate and manical tantrums of a raging child, whose frenzy can be pacified, only after he has torn everything to shreds.

    1. @Issei I know there are many good Russians out there, hang in there friend, you will overcome this too.

    2. @Stefan I will give you points. I did do my own research about this. Although not named Azov at the time, they basically formed in 1982. They started dealing with separatists during 2014, originally a policing type.
      I had not compared the soldiers in Azov as nazis/neo-nazis (Although Mariupol controversy). I only criticized the flag of it. Russia ain’t the only one doing war crimes as well.

  3. Love to Ukraine. My heart breaks for you. I wish you great victory and quick recovery.

    1. I think we get our wheat from them or some type of grain food so this will affect the u.s as well

    2. Lol. Sounds like you need to read some books. I know its easier for the media tell you what to think.

  4. Oh, yeah, actual witnesses on the ground said Russian soldiers dug trenches in the radioactive soil and used it for sandbags at check points and even slept on top of it. Some of them have burns already.

    1. @Glenn Cordova Yup, I wonder if they just used 5.45×39 or if they used Dragonovs in 7.62x54R because with FMJ bullets the 5.45 is gonna be none too reliable.

    2. @Rhaspun Yeah and no one has ever, like, heard of Chernobyl and it’s not at all puzzling that the whole area seems to be totally abandoned for some reason.

    3. @miss ano It looks like the soldiers weren’t thinking about Chernobyl. They obviously had their thoughts on other things.

  5. Think about this, they cannot show humanitarian missions, meaning Russia is targeting humanitarian aid

    1. @cyberash3000 I have a friend in the SAS ranked Colonel. And I trust him a lot more than the jokes you tell 😊😊😊

    2. @cyberash3000 Whats the hold up here??? I am dying to know this 38 minute war the UK had, which only killed 500 people. When was this?????

  6. If the destruction of agriculture is an international problem. Then, the international community is duty bound to protect its interests.

    1. @John Smith Ironically, what you’ve just said is the most constructive prediction ever.

  7. I was thoroughly creeped out and heart broken when they said they couldn’t zoom in on Marioupol because it was “too sensitive for t.v”…damn you Putin.

    1. It’s not just for that, it’s also that they don’t want to expose positions of defenders in Mariupol too.

    2. @Dixie Duggan. If that is the case I’ll repeat what I said the public has the right to know everything going on there especially since the tax payers got 40 billion of their hard earned money invested over there.

  8. Imagine conducting trench warfare in a highly radioactive battlefield.

    Military incompetence at its finest …

    1. When cleaning up after the explosion, they scraped the contaminated topsoil, complete with chunks of insanely ‘hot’ reactor core material, and buried it in trenches and pits. Later, the Orcs come along and prefer to dig in the disturbed soil.
      Instant Karma ensues!

    2. @Brad Thompson beneath the top layer of soil it is still very radioactive, churning up that land can cause a problem. ive seen videos of people in the red forest with devices showing it is very much still dangerously radioactive.

    1. @Carrie Jamrogowicz No, you see that I am another person who is telling the TRUTH and you just dont like hearing it. Corrected it for ya

    2. @jim lewis what truth? All I see is you calling everyone a liar. Not a great way to make any sort of point.

    3. @Carrie Jamrogowicz You claimed that someone here was making too many pro Russian comments. Is that not right?????…Well, I pointed out how the other side does the exact same thing and you have no problem whatsoever with it. I exposed your HYPOCRISY….Got my point now???

    4. @jim lewis I don’t think I ever picked a side so I don’t know why you’re directing your rage at me, I just pointed out that that particular commenter seemed to be on some sort of mission. Have a nice day! Maybe get off the internet for a bit.

  9. “…We do not fight for honour, riches, or glory, but solely for freedom which no true man gives up but with his life…”. The words from 1320 in the Declaration of Arbroath seem as applicable today as they were then. Slava Ukraine!

    1. @Han Solo maybe if Russians ate better food , say from Ukraine, the mothers could produce usable breast milk and feed their babies how they should.

  10. The horrific moves by the Russians is beyond anything I ever thought I’d see in my lifetime.

    1. @Ha Mish — pozhal’sta, I will debate you anytime anywhere on ‘the full picture’. In the immediate term however, please support a Cease-Fire of the truly evil illegal barbaric destruction war at any cost against Ukraine as being the little puny grotesque strategy of current day Fascist imperial Kre’mlin-k g b command. ✌ Spacibo i God bless all Rossiya 🗯🔛

    2. @Merril R
      You are like those who judged Johnny Depp after hearing Amber Heards allegations!
      But once people got to hear both sides watch the evidence, listen to experts etc the truth showed to be the opposite!
      That’s why you always hear all sides before casting judgment!
      If ain’t intrested in listening to all sides look at the evidence, listen to independent experts etc
      Then don’t cast judgment either, because you should know you don’t have all the facts to do so. That’s what any sensible person should do..

    3. @XerXes All it took me to understand what Russians are really like was the videos of Mariupol. The people with their hands bound behind their backs and executed, women telling of drunken Russian soldier’s raping them and their children, mass graves, and looting. Also the intercepted conversations with Russian soldier’s and their families in Russia telling them to kill all the Ukrainian’s. That’s all I need to know and no open mind is needed because there’s absolutely no excuse.

    1. @Billy Cole II And they’ve got a NATO member in 100km from 2nd biggest city.
      Great plan. Reliable as Swiss watch.

    2. @Billy Cole II I have about 20 replies in this thread. You’re gonna have to be specific.

    3. @jim lewis gosh… stop 😅🇷🇺🤡
      This one gave me a good laugh. Unexpected twist came out of nowhere 🤣

  11. “The world is in more peril from those who tolerate evil or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it.” -Dr. Albert Einstein, 3/30 1953

    1. Well, if Zelensky had given the big guy 10%, then we would not be here.

    2. %@David Foster who, Einstein? He wasn’t involved with making atom bombs. He was a scientist who figured out the mass/energy equation that was later used by nuclear scientist. He was not happy about that. At all.

  12. As anyone who studied geology knows, in addition to everyone who worked in Military Intelligence and looked at satellite images, the pictures are taken in series and when viewed with a stereoscope are enhanced dramatically, leaving little doubt as to what is being seen, in contrast to the vague, blurry images we’ve been getting on the news. It shouldn’t be too much effort to digitally enhance the images already seen to give us literally a better picture.

    1. @james mays well, if only all that money from the weapons industry could be re-channeled to the “right” industries…the world would be a different place…abundance is not an envious enemy maker, scarcity is

    2. @John Wick – “this has nothing to do with CNN not paying for the images.“

      Probably not.

      – “The man said that the company are supplying the images to Ukrainian government.”

      No, he didn’t. He said “I have no doubt that our data can and is used today around the world in Ukraine and well beyond it’s borders to help support humanitarian efforts to reduce suffering, to save lives. There’s no question of that.”

      – “He also said that they were sensitive images.”

      No, he didn’t say “they are”. He said that only about one particular image, the one taken of Mariupol. They for example did zoom into the image taken of the silos, both before and after the silos were destroyed.

      – “Therefore the better quality ones are top secret at the moment.”

      Top secret? Isn’t just “secret” secret enough :-). Watch the video again. Several images are zoomed in much more than the image of Mariupol.

      – “Stop looking for things that aren’t there”

      Could you be more specific. What “things” am I looking for that aren’t there?

      – “and comprehend the video you just watched (I assume)”

      In all friendliness, I direct that comment back to you…

  13. As ex-KGB, if Putin can’t love his own military, if he knows no loyalty to even a brother, then his time in command should be numbered by any one leader in his circle who values his own above pawns.

  14. Attacking the agricultural sector of Ukraine is akin to attacking the food security of every single nation that depends on imports to feed it’s citizens.

    1. @darknightoftroy That doesn’t matter. Under the religion of free market capitalism, raising the price anywhere raises the price everywhere. If there’s shortages anywhere raising prices, US food companies will ship overseas to chase the holy profit.

    2. @Agantuk Supply and demand. The most basic principle when it comes to the prices we pay. What do you think will happen to the price of _Your_ food when these countries bid for the same food your country is trying to buy? Hmm? This is just one aspect of global trade being affected here. The cost of living for everyone will go up because of this.

    3. This war did not have to go on if the Us did not have push for it it is so sad that Ukraine people allow the NATO war to fight at the cost of the life’s of it’s people I feel so sad to see this all US did just pump more weapons in and watch people died on both sides they have nothing to loose their weapons on display for sale

  15. This is fascinating. Horrific, but the technology is wondrous! Images too sensitive to zoom in on. At least you can’t smell digital imaging. Heartbreaking. Mindbreaking. The modern world thought this kind of depravity was a thing of the distant past.

  16. The war crimes these Russians have committed are so sickening that it’s hard to believe they are even human for what they have done to innocent people.

  17. Only the Russians would roll into Chornobyl – which most of the young recruits had likely never heard of, or were too drunk to remember – and start digging protective trenches in some of the most radioactive soil on Earth. The captive workers they kept as prisoners in the facility’s basement (the only safe place there), told them they should “dig deeper, and hide their tanks and all their gear in the trenches” – and they did. Their higher-level commanding officers, of course, called in their orders – but thousands of Russian soldiers spent month after slow month absorbing lethal levels of radiation, resting and sleeping on sandbags filled with the radioactive soil which they had dug to make the trenches. Lethal levels of radioactivity were also coming out of the soil, wood, and rocks of their trench-tunnel walls, which is where the soil that filled their sandbag “beds” and “protection” had come from, and in the wood they were making their nice, “toasty” fires with. Also, their water supplies, canteens, personal possessions and uniforms, helmets, hand-guns, boots… the list goes on and on and on.
    What’s strangest of all, though, is that no attack by Ukrainian soldiers ever came.
    Odd, isn’t it? The Ukrainians must have been laughing their asses off – and I can’t blame them. Watching them, from miles off, drinking, trashing the place, hunting for three-eyed dogs to eat… But I keep forgetting that their Commanders LEFT them there, and didn’t tell them what was dangerous about their location.
    They must have thought they were in the safest place on earth, and absolute geniuses at camouflage in what is called “the Yellow Forest of Chornobyl” – because leaves can’t absorb enough sunlight to perform photosynthesis, there.
    They finally left the place, after absorbing enough radiation to kill themselves, and everyone they came into contact with on their return. Hundreds upon hundreds of highly radioactive tanks, personnel carriers, rocket launchers, vehicles of all types, ammunition, mortars, and launchers, and millions of rounds that will be dispersed widely across the battlefields of the Russian forces in Ukraine, spent months soaking up deadly radiation, and will remain lethally radioactive until they are all destroyed, after being used by redistribution from one dead soldier after another, because of a shortage of clothing, rations, arms, and heavy Ordinance. All of their rations, and – most tragically, in the eyes of the Russians when they begin to die – is all of their Vodka is highly radioactive as well – but you can’t taste it, so what the hell, I guess.

    This “invasion” is like watching a real-life episode of “the Keystone Cops,” or the “Putin Stooges.”

    I’m sorry, but I can’t take a country that invades its neighbor, murders civilians because they are easier to kill than soldiers, and then sends its troops and billions of dollars worth of equipment to one of the top 3 Nuclear Meltdown sites in the world to “attack an d hold.”
    I just can’t. What will history record about Putin and this “Military Invasion?”

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