Satellite images show changes Russia are making to occupied nuclear plant

Russia is making changes to the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant it has occupied for almost a year. Experts from Ukraine and the IAEA are voicing their concerns for nuclear safety as fighting in the plant's vicinity continues. CNN's Clare Sebastian reports. #CNN #News


    1. @Jezballz  I don’t see anybody trying to pass a bill dealing with immigration. Asylum seekers will arrive regardless. Some will be accepted, and others sent back. The corporate overlords need the labor they provide and it seems both parties are on board. You getting upset about it doesn’t mean much.

    2. No one in the places where they end up usually are upset.. There are lots of Mexicanos in georgia.. and hispanicos in general.. we don’t complain about it.. because there is no reason to complain..

  1. Some things never change. Russia was in alliance with Hitler until June 1941. Together they invaded Poland in September 1939. Earlier Russia invided Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. Russia provided Hitler with resources and trained his military. Nazi stays nazi.

    1. One of them were going to stab one another in the back. Both of the knew it. It was just a matter of time. Thankfully, Hitler was never a great military strategist and had 3 war fronts going on at the same time. It was inevitable what was to come.

  2. Are those who were working at the plant, still being held hostage by the Russian occupiers? That’s seriously messed up if they are.

    1. @Pavel Vasilevich The designer and manager Vuktor Bryuhkanov a Russian was officially held responsible. It was a flawed Soviet design and manned by badly trained personnel.
      Bryuhkanov also mismanaged the disaster.
      It was in Ukraine but managed by Russians.

    2. ​@Pavel Vasilevich it was in USSR, managed from Moscow, Ukraine gained independence in 1991. Chernobyl USSR disaster happened in 1986

    1. @The New Nazis Which one? there are two there, not that this is relevant, says what your pushing though!!

  3. the latest Taiwanese defense act – has the legal rights to place youth above 16+
    to the front line , as medical aid or combat militant

    1. Just as in any war, or where conflict may be likely. Russia and the USSR did the same thing, and even worse

    1. You’ve got to be kidding. Get off Mainstream Media now, for your sake and the sake of the Planet!

    2. @Marjen Demhare I saw that! why did they put the reporter on the kill list, because he reported in russian territory?? seem a tad bit extreme.

    3. Not me, they sound more formal and serious, I’m not scared to death. But they do seem like good professionals

  4. it sounds crazy and ironic – the pulling out of american troops
    has made Afghanistan the safest place on the planet right now

    1. There’s no way Afghanistan is a safe place right now. Didn’t the taliban take it over again?

  5. when you have a six years old first grade boy – who shoots his teacher in class
    you know how sick and mental the country is

  6. Why are men forcibly sent to the front to defend their homeland, but not women? Not equal rights. Journalists – do not be silent.

    1. @Mr Rey Then you’ll be exempt from conscription. I did say *main* carers. Obviously people have different circumstances

  7. One thing about that both Russian military and Ukrainian Troops agree on .
    Things in that plant don’t react well to bullets.

  8. I wondered when this would come up again. nuclear plants are fun to bomb i guess. may the wind be from the southwest.

  9. Pootin: We’ll take Kiev in two weeks.
    A year later: We are THIS close to taking a village.

    1. Got a video of him saying that Russia doesn’t put timelines on things they been fighting since 2014

    2. yeah. but here is the issue. they are adapting and this is still going on. many people will die. the good guys don’t always win either. they will for a while, but the longer it takes, the less the chances.

  10. Ukraine could have defended that area even from before..but, capturing back the surrounding areas of that power plant can create unrest within those militaries working from within

  11. What the Russians are doing would be like a person refusing to return a rental car, and installing tinted windows and new tires.

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