1. The minute the Will Smith thing happened at the Oscars – the movie Jerry McGuire passed through my thoughts, and I wondered how many days until he is fired. Dave Chappellle talked about “leverage” when he smoked on stage at the Kennedy Centre receiving his “Mark Twain Award. The Will Smith moment was “leverage” too. It’s hard to kick him out when you know you are presenting him with an award in a few minutes. I love stand-up. I love Dave Chappelle and Hannah Gadsby. I love them both because they are both deep thinkers who share what they think and how they feel – even if others disagree. I want to live in a world where everybody gets to do that, without being hit, hurt or killed. People with power become so isolated they believe the sycophants around them. Just look at Putin. I love Russel Brand’s take on all of this – “what does it say about us? What does it say about our society? I feel badly for everyone involved. Everyone. But I do hope, in time, we can all have a bigger and deeper conversation about it that helps us all. xoxo

  2. Chris Rock, you may not want to press charges, but you “NEED” to sue Will Smith for hundreds of millions!

    I know you are wealthy and don’t need the money, but I have never in my life seen a lawsuit better gift-wrapped than what we saw on Sunday night.

    The money you “WILL” win from suing Will Smith can be donated to legitimate charities of victims of bullying.

    Sue him, Chris!

  3. Will Smith forever lost a fan.

    I will no longer stream any of his movies, read his memoir, nor any thing he is involved in!

    He is a bully…a selective-bully, as if 50 Cent, The Rock, Michael Strahan or Shannon Sharpe had made those remarks, he wouldn’t have dared rush on stage and did what he did.

  4. I hope people realize that all those people are actors and actors act. They live their lives living in a world of fantasy and have no idea what normal life is all about. Having an actor as a role model is as ridiculous as having nemo as a role model. Same with most athletes, they are human just like everyone else but they just work harder.

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