Saudi Arabia sentences five to death for Khashoggi murder

Saudi Arabia sentences five to death for Khashoggi murder 1


Saudi Arabia has sentenced five people to death for the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi but cleared a former top adviser to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, a public prosecutor said.

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  1. im pretty sure these people are innocent and just scapegoats for the saudi monarchy’s crime. and of course trump will eat it up like the gullible trollop he is.

  2. MBS sent Trump a bonesaw for Christmas.

  3. Probably not one of them were the real culprits who tortured, murdered, and cut-up Kashoggi.

    • Spearhand, he was an American citizen too. You are showing your Anglo Saxon Protestant privilege. It would have mattered more, if it was one your family members? Saudi Arabia is buying tons of real estate in the US, which is currently owned by the Prince. They are buying banks, big buildings in big cities and even land on the trailer parks that you might or your family member is currently living. And lastly, thank you for your two cent Hubba-Bubba gum wrapper on the floor comment, Khashoggi, was a human being. He had a family that they loved him very much. Find some compassion and read your Bible a little more. Especially in the New Testament. What would Jesus do?

    • Probably them

    • @Kung Fu Kid What would Jesus do ? He probably wouldn’t care since Khashoggi wasn’t one of his people

    • @Kung Fu Kid He was not an America citizen! He was a citizen of Saudi Arabia where he and his future bride were on the way too. Play Sharia games, win Sharia prizes

    • Spearhand, at last, of course. Yes, he was on the “o” visa and applying for a green card. His kids are American citizens. I’m not a law expert, but according the international law, US, was suppose to investigate and act on the violent crime. Do you think all Muslims practicing the sharia law? Just like, all Christians practice polygamy? Thank you again, for your callus and caustic answer. May you have a peaceful day. Your soul needs it.

  4. Until 1998, killing a swan was a treasonable offence. Jail for animal cruelty has gone up to 7 years. But in Saudi Arabia, human lives are worthless. 5 more lives for 1… 😶

  5. Mohamad bin Salman is worst than a bloody animal…

  6. Found some people who probably had nothing to do with it to throw under the guillotine

  7. Five innocent people no doubt. They won’t kill those actually responsible.

  8. Were they the five that carried off the deed? Did the surgeon and men present in the room as they dismembered the man get convicted? Very stupid of them to participate. And they need to pay the price. It should not end there. Eventually, I believe all those responsible will pay. MBS may not pay but he will have to somehow get rid of loose ends. Anyone who knows anything about this will disappear, have an accident, etc. MBS only will not pay for the crime. I would not be surprised if MBS eventually gets taken down by the other princes. He has consolidated power but he has made a lot of enemies. I don’t think the other princes will stand for his rule much longer.

    • MBS wouldn’t have done this if he didn’t already have a very good idea — if not an explicit guarantee — the Trump administration didn’t care. Everything that’s happened since the murder says they got that right.

  9. Mosquito In your ears | December 23, 2019 at 11:40 AM | Reply

    Bunch of murderers. I shouldn’t be having this conversation.

  10. Are we sure?? Hell these guys possibly are innocent all together!! MBS is the murderer and trump is gonna stay silent! Another reason why he shouldn’t be president,trump knows MBS had this done but declines to do anything!!!

  11. This is the closest ALLY of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA , INC. Who sell them weapons of mass destruction . And help murder in YEMEN , and PALESTINE .

  12. Is anyone surprised tho, they are the richest family in the world, they export the most oil and are pretty much the most power family on earth. They can do whatever they want and no one will ever care

  13. Any country that can’t take criticism is unstable.

  14. MAGA = Saudi Arabia

  15. Room156 Drone Vids | December 23, 2019 at 12:00 PM | Reply

    Very Sick! The Dictator probably says if they believe what their president says they will believe anything.

  16. We should probably just scrap the Saudi royal family. They killed khashoggi so we kill them. I mean the qaran did say eye for an eye. We shouldn’t be selling weapons and giving support to such a backwards country.

    • @Margaret Gust

      I can’t even begin to unpack all of that bs. While I think the guy you responded to comment was dumb, what you sad is even more dumb.

    • Esaul Viramontes | December 23, 2019 at 7:30 PM | Reply

      Anyone remember The Saudi Arabian connection to 9/11?!? Funny how most of the terrorists were Saudi nationals, and were even financed by Saudi Royals…..and yet, miraculously were never mentioned as part of the ” Axis of Evil ” ….. the corruption runs deep!

    • mohammed algunaisy | December 23, 2019 at 10:29 PM | Reply

      Are you restarted!

  17. Saudi Arabia is the epicenter for Islam. We are at war with Islam, if you know it or not. It is not compatible with western civilizations.

  18. Saudi Arabia is very corrupt and a disgrace, it will stay this way if we keep allowing those in charge to get away with murder and total control of their citizens. awful

  19. Probably 5 dissidents that MBS is using as a scapegoat. But hey, let’s keep selling these guys weapons-they seem great!

  20. blazzingsaddles4 | December 23, 2019 at 6:20 PM | Reply

    This could happen in the U.S if Trump gets re-elected………if I get away corruption, your sure as hell I’m gonna do it again..

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