1. Well he is 100% on the money with his assessment. It’s high time we did something about it!

    1. @Billy SBC Really, then you don’t know young people very well. I have two kids in their 20’s and they are more accepting and understanding than I. These kids are so much more informed then us older folks could ever be!

    2. @James

      Then you have a couple of exceptional kids bro, but what they don’t have is EXPERIENCE, and we ain’t letting them run NOTHING around here, because their nose should be in a book following around and older more experienced adult who will show them the ropes. We’re not turning this country over to KIDS to see what happens, okay?

    3. @Keith Hoss you’re not lol. Don’t humiliate yourself or allow me to do it to you, it won’t end well Derpy.

  2. Congressman Cunningham is a good man and a great American — something current South Carolina leadership is absolutely lacking.

    1. “They said: that’s amazing, how did you do that?” “Because I’m cognitively THERE!” BWAHAHAAHAAA🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. @Cliff Medina “I’ve often said, if Ivanka wasn’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”

  3. Slight problem. Politicians aren’t really the ones running the country. It’s their rich donors who are in charge. Politicians are just there to give the illusion that you have a say in running the country.

    1. I’ve heard this before from republicans in the 90s, and when it was time for them to term limit themselves they balked. Only one member followed through on term limits, while the others were loving the lifestyle, the insider trading and the corporate cash. 😎😌

    2. @Chilkat River What you describe is the immense failure of our government. Our government was for sale and it was bought by corporations. It didn’t start with Citizens United, but they made it legal.

    3. True it is not a democracy but a Plutocracy. However, those of a younger generation just might see it differently. Not the old way of backroom deals. It is up to the population to make it clear about the wealthy buying the country.

  4. I’m behind this guy. How these people questioned Mark Zukerberg was a clear indication of how out of touch these old farts are

    1. @jacqueline schael you miss the point, they didn’t even know how facebook worked…at all. How can you expect them to legislate it?!?!

    2. @Naren LeBaron Yeah, and I “advise” my grandmother on how to make a group text or how to block a friend on Facebook all the time… doesn’t mean she understands most of it. Congress asked Google if iPhone could track their location… and if they don’t know the answer to that and why it’s a stupid question then they shouldn’t vote on it.

    3. @Lawrence Rogers that’s not every 70 year old. I’m 74 and have a FB page and do a lot of Marketplace, Twitter and YouTube. Don’t put us all in the old age home. Please.

    1. @Julius Wolf On the one hand, there sure are a lot of politicians I’m tired of. On the other, “We have term limits. They’re called elections.”
      For Senators and Congress critters, it basically boils down to either “I don’t like that dinosaur!” or “He’s my critter and I like ’em!”
      With a two party system, you may get a vote, but you _never_ get a _choice!_

  5. I have been thinking this for years now. I am a Democrat but I feel he is right. I feel no politician should have a position for life. Heck, we limit the President of this country to two four year terms. Why not limit those in Congress and those on the courts. I am almost 80 years old.

    1. @kay armstrong The problem with that is that the older you get, and I’m not making this up, studies show it, the more stuck in your ways you become.

    2. @kay armstrong – You have to be 35 to run for President. Why would you want an “60-65” year old? We need people in the proper age groups, it’s the only way to actually, represent the people, in this Country. That “Wise Old Leader”, is so, “Dark Ages”… 😉✌🏽

  6. I’m old and in Charleston, South Carolina; and this man has my vote and support all the way down the line.💙💙💙

    1. @James He won’t win. Older people are reliable voters and he just pissed off a lot of them. But he’s cute and might be ok in about 10 years.

    2. I’m from Charleston, left about a decade ago on deployment- but I’ll never not love saying I’m from Charleston, and today strengthens that. So good to see this beautiful city, with a dark and sometimes lingering history, coming into the light of the 21st century. After Mother Emanuel was attacked the city really took a turn for the better. 🌴🍍🌊

  7. And why wouldn’t the older generation pass the torch for future generations? Only in politics they don’t.

  8. As a 76 year old man, I agree that a new generation should step up and do the job. I cannot understand why all these older leaders are not functioning and mentors and advisors for younger folks. Wisdom is a good thing, but so is youthful energy.

    1. @EdOne21 Exactly, people become comfortable, and those in politics or any other career that isn’t physically demanding, feel no need to retire at the age most common people HAVE too! these people have been cushioned from the beating that common workers have endured for CENTURIES!. It’s more than voters turning off from what’s been presented to them as leaders, it’s that the so called leaders have no correlation to the vast majority of the working people. They have no empathy with the current generation in regards to common expenses, educational expenses, job experience, they’ve forgotten the stress of their first houses, first children’s births, if they ever DID HAVE a common man’s /woman’s experience of that. These people of BOTH parties have no clue what it is to work in this era, let alone being of retirement age of their commoner peers. ROFL myself and probably most people commenting on youtube can only imagine what people like those in the elite and political spheres will feel like once they retire,,, hands, knees back aching and spasming? not much money from your retirement funds, terror about how you’ll pay your bills? 😜 a video about a government official or an elite or a star? being “too old?” that’s a freekin fantasy life for most of us!

      For the best way to handle the current age,,see the movie/story “Soylent Green” except adjust the priorities.

    2. @Billy SBC You sound like every generation that has said that erroneously in the past.
      Are Elvis’s hips still offending your delicate sensibilities?

    3. The old people will not vote for young people. They have almost half of the political power! They KEEP voting Mitch McConnell into office! It’s not like there’s no one running against him; he has more power and money.

    1. @Stan Byme That’s a collectivist attitude, which is noble, but a tough sell in a country built on killing folk in the name of freedom and liberty

    2. You’re going to need to LIVE in that world for another 30 or 40 years – maybe you should have some input on the rules. Or find yourself playing a leading role in ‘Soylent Green’.

  9. He’s absolutely right. We need younger minds to rise to the top, not the old guard to hold on to the old ways.

  10. I’m 72 and I’ve been saying this for years. Term limits. The president can only be president two terms. We need younger people taking part in our democracy.

  11. I have to agree with him half of these politicians are too old or bending them seats for years and having done nothing for nobody but theirselves so he is right and you know he right okay

  12. I am 68 living in South Carolina, and I agree with this guy all the way. We need an age limit.

    1. I have been saying that for years – as a young person and as a senior in my 70’s now. I respect only a few of the older elected who have truly spent their lives trying to make things better for the common man. But that we have so many who make this a career for a lifetime of grifting makes me sick.

  13. I’m 67, and I agree with him. Those making laws should be the ones who will have to live with most of the consequences.

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