Scammy Trump Campaign Repeat Donation Trick Made Even More Predatory On GOP Site | Rachel Maddow


  1. They vote a tax evading real estate scammer with a fake university into the Oval Office and then they act surprised when he drains their bank accounts 😂

    1. @Michaelle Maynard “we the people ” are brainwashed idiots who worship a con man. No Biden isn’t donating his salary, hes also not charging tax payers millions of dollars so he can play golf on his own golf club every weekend. Yes his plan is to raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations, the ones Trump gave trillions of frer tac payers money. No the No the boarder isn’t open and the only policy difference at this point is not separating families. Dtop spreading fox “news” lies.

    2. And the grift goes on with the participation of the ones being defrauded and if not willing, they’re blackmailed into being defrauded. Isn’t that the perfect definition of moral extorsion?

    3. @Michaelle Maynard trump donated his salary in order to hundreds of millions from American tax payers money. He donated it so people like you can spew nonsense for him, while he still millions.

    4. @Michaelle Maynard His salary donation was 400K. Quite cheap for a hunting license of billions. But then it obviously worked to trick you.

  2. So,…let’s all pretend they didn’t deserve it,…or we can wait a few days for Ron Johnsonov to blame BLM.😂

    1. Or what? Being reported to the pussygrabber? He shall come over to me. He will never ever my house alive and in one piece. Thats a promise.

    1. Those rules are only for ordinary people. BTW if people are stupid enough to give money to a con man, then they deserve to get screwed.

  3. Snake sees another snake and says I wonder if he’ll bite me 🤣🤣🤣 They get what they deserve

    1. This is absolutely precious 😂😂. Watched it twice. And since I’m off today Imma watch it two more times😂😂.

    2. @Alisha Holder The only ones I feel bad for all the children of these adults who do such stupid things that might hinder their children success and the help that that money could’ve went to towards maybe their children’s education that’s what upsets me the most

  4. brilliantly said and explained, ty dr maddow. they got played. we need the old-time bunco squad to come back for this one.

  5. That box should have said “Hey, lets help a lying sack of crap out cause he owes Russia and others tons of money, so give up your money to save his worth-less life”.

    1. It’s as if Trump feels entitled to steal money, as if it were his. Look at his Trump University scam, his charities scam where his children were prosecuted and not able to run a charity again.

  6. I… I just can’t muster the sympathy for these people who fed the monster in the first place.
    This is poster boy material for the Leopards Ate My Face subreddit.

    1. Grifters scamming the ignorant isn’t new but with foxy news murkdog demagoguery propaganda machine it becomes something else

    1. Don’t count on banks to be on *our* side.
      Banks have no more morals than the average GOP senator.

    2. The bank’s out is that it’s each person’s responsibility to read what they sign before doing it – not the bank’s. The only thing that the bank may do is help you to cancel the recurring withdrawal. But, in some cases, they will tell you that you have to cancel it with whoever you agreed to give the money to. It’s similar to what was happening with the credit card industry where people were signing up for new cards without reading the application fully. They didn’t realize how high the interest rates would be, the extra fees that they would have to pay, etc. It also happened with payday loans. A great book called, ‘Gotcha Capitalism’ lays it all out. Read everything before you sign – especially if it involves your money.

    3. @Jan H Banks can absolutely block transactions from certain companies if they tend to result in a high number of fraud claims. Don’t forget that each fraud claim takes a fair bit of time to process on the bank’s side.

    4. @Matt Yep. If my Etsy/Ebay PayPal account had thousands (let alone hundreds of millions) worth of fraud claims, I would never be allowed an account again.

    5. If you’re a trump voter you know you support a man who is not honest. You don’t expect integrity. This is a very good scam. You should be proud of him.

  7. She said making donations to 45 and the GOP is akin to “Loaning your credit card to the neighborhood meth dealer” oh my!!! Rachel..!!!

    1. @mike briganti Notice how your best counterpoint to what she said was a personal attack? There is a reason you couldn’t come up with anything substantive.

    2. true, true, true…might as well if they gave 2 “HE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED”‘

    3. That is about the dumbest thing I have ever heard anyone say, besides VOTE FOR BIDEN!!! HA!!

    1. The Petulant Putz suffers from dyslexia and ADD. He never learned how to read and doesn’t have the capacity to concentrate beyond a few sentences. He has developed other strengths including becoming an expert conman and grifter. And of course his followers are too obtuse to see through him.

    2. @John Swo HUGE PROBLEM in our nation is that people like YOU call out Trump followers as “FAILURES”! That’s blanket NAME-CALLING!
      TRUTH is?! 🇺🇸 has had THE WORST EDUCATION policies for GENERATIONS! –The fault of many Administrations.

    3. All he wants is his idiots money and a gold palace to rule from with marines guarding his palace

  8. This was a very entertaining!
    Seriously, only Rachel can perfectly pull off this amazing way she can make a story her own, and the way it comes together.

    1. There’s some sort of comedy in her show and it’s funny when it’s true, like how she called the supporters “marks”

  9. Reminds me of those TV spots where you can “Try supermodel’s beauty products for only $19.99.” Then hide the fact they enrolled you in recurring shipments, and charge you $200 today, and $200 a week or two later.

  10. You won’t see about this scam on Sinclair broadcasting, Fox, NewsMax, or OAN.
    Please forward this video to anyone who only watches those channels.

  11. Joining that ‘can’t stop me stealing’ scheme is as prudent as letting Dracula handle you blood donation.

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