Scaramucci: If Trump continues, he’d lose my support

During an interview with CNN's Alisyn Camerota, former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci reacts to President Donald Trump's tweets about four Democratic congresswomen of color, saying that if Trump continues down the current path, he would lose his support.


  1. Please CNN, how long are you going to let this con on air? Do you have nobody else to interview?
    He’s not an elected official and never has been.

    1. YES please CNN how long are you going to be on the air. The sooner you stop broadcasting the better for this nation and the world.

    2. @Jeff Harder yes he does…trump just dis-invited him from a fundraiser in florida …trump and his sycophant cult members are pissed at him for daring to speak out against their messiah …

    1. ..i probably don’t see things your way,but still i give you props for , “cuteness comment” of the day award! ☺

    1. @Robert Clawson that funny i didn’t see the dems as losers in the midterms when they kicked republiscums assholes all over the place….
      thanks to the sexual predator-rapist-racist-bigot trump , he energized the dem voters and he is doing that again for 2020.

    2. trump is so pissed that he has just been disinvited to a gop fundraiser in florida….how dare anyone speak ill our our cult messiah!

    3. @socal rocks Yup! can’t wait until we take back the Oval office. Talk about Executive orders galore. We’re going to get climate change, Gun control, Stack the courts with Progressive judges. Its going to be great times to watch all of the Trumptards committing suicide live on Gab. I don’t have an account there, but when he loses in 2020 I will make a B line to that site with popcorn in hand

    1. Maybe, but people do have limits. Plus I think he is looking to become Hollywood famous and you know you can’t be a Nazi and make it out there.

  2. Scaramucci’s Italian immigrant grandparents are probably rolling in their graves right now. 🤦🏼‍♀️

    1. Cooking with TSS 👈😂 This clown displays the standard kind of loose relationship with the English language of the average trump worshipper,very #sad to see #bigly.

  3. Anthony Scaramucci we don’t need you. You irrelevant in this revolution. You don’t have any idea of what going on

  4. This guy is obviously sore about something. Probably got rejected for a job in the Whitehouse recently 🙄🙄

  5. Alisyn should try actually listening to Anthony instead of just relentlessly hammering her CNN agenda at him.

    1. The funny thing is he doesn’t care about anything but himself. He’s just playing is followers and they falling for it lol

    2. @M C I love how Trump is ABSOLUTELY playing the Democrats. And…they’re too stupid to realize it.

    3. M C the funny thing is you still haven’t said where he was racist? nobody cares about how you feel we care about facts. You can’t trust the way an ignorant perceives life so I could careless about your opinion.. where are the facts

    4. @firestream93 say whatever u want…The WHOLE WORLD knows that Trump is a racist…EVERY decent human being on this world knows that! He is willing to burn Americas values to the ground to keep power! You r on the wrong side doesnt matter what comes out of your hate spitting mouth…

    5. When you tell 4 Americans of color to go back to where they came from that sums it up that hes racist lol we all know he wanted to say go back to Africa

  6. The fact that Scara still supports trump shows how small a man he really is… It is a proven fact that trump is a complete fraud, a daily liar,. The first 3 or 4 meetings w putin where done in secret, we only learned of them when reported on russian tv.. for the first time ever no transcript during the meetings were kept, except for the first meeting in which trump ripped up the transcript, and also no advisers present !! putin has said publicly he talks w trump regularly on the phone… and we only learn of this from RT… Hes not going to shoot someone on the street as he said he could get away wi doing Scara, stop playin stu11d.


    1. Scaramucci just doesn’t want to get cut off.
      Remember when Omerossa said she and others where offered stipends mostly from small money donors to keep their mouths shut and say nice things about trump.

    2. It’s not being a racist. Doesn’t matter what color you are.doesn’t matter what religion you are. If you don’t like the United States go home.
      If you can’t see how they’re doing this you’re all freaking idiots. Women of color disrespecting the president. So he defends him self and you claim he’s being racist.
      WARNING ⚠️. Sometimes you see the true enemy to late.

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