Scheer grills Freeland over WE Charity controversy and Trudeau’s absence from question period


  1. Deputy Prime Minister Freeland needs to stop throwing the public service under the bus and start taking responsibility.

    1. Saying the recco came from them is hardly throwing them under the bus.. just ask the public service, because they’ve confirmed that point already.

  2. A privilege to answer questions, Ms Freeland? I may try to believe that when you actually answer one!

    1. Gives a long winded reply on how honoured she is to answer questions instead of actually answering them.

  3. Ms. Freelander says the non-partisan public servants “chose” this charity to supply their service? When was that..?

    1. This can’t be the first you’re hearing of this.. that came out weeks ago. They didn’t choose the charity to supply THEIR service. They didn’t have the resources to take it on so they recommended the WE charity. Cheaper, more efficient and would have worked well if they didn’t back out 🙁 So now the public service will have to expand, spend even more money in staff and equipment to administer this program, and do it more slowly. Shame, since as the PM said, this is going to delay the support that students really need. But it will get done.

    2. @cmactoronto this conflict of interest oversight that caused the delay; do you as a Canadian think “PM’s family” should be responsible for being the source of the delay and added expense. All payments they receive should be forfeited (including salary from WE).

    3. They’re all saying it now – her, Chagger, etc. Notice that at the time this story first broke, none of the inner circle immediately came to his defence. And why would the public service recommend going with WEwhen it means their own jobs are on the line? The Libs just prove that the best way to defend is to blame whoever is not there – in this case the public service.

    4. @cmactoronto …We was going to get 43 million….thats not cheap…I guess you are just another corrupt Liberal.

  4. Why would Freeland tarnish her own position in the eyes of the electorate to cover for the misdoings of a purely corrupt ceremonial Prime Minister. No answer just further denial of the obvious guilt.

    1. Freeland tarnishes her position with the electorate every time she opens her mouth to make statements in that annoying condescending and patronizing manner she has perfected and repeatedly demonstrates in this video.

  5. I can’t stand Chrystia Freeland.
    What an arrogant woman.
    Interesting how aggressively she’s defending JT.

    1. @Charles Reece …strong and capable?? She is the Wicked Witch of Ottawa…not answering questions and lying don’t make one strong and capable.

    2. Brillant at covering up for JT….she can’t even answer questions without reading a prepared statement ….and this is our second in command? Joke!

    3. @ Charles Reece

      Are you for real?
      She’s not a strong woman, she’s an evil, arrogant treasonous snake.
      That’s what she is and all of you who support this circus of so called government are nothing else but useful idiots.
      Think about it.

  6. To Ms Freeland and Slime Minister Trudeau, please stop. Stop embarrassing yourselves and Canada. We deserve honesty.

  7. Take away the prewritten script and they are incapable of speaking. What answers does she have on that cute 2″x3″ sheet of paper?

  8. The Liberals never give a straight answer. So they have to be forced, and produce evidence that they are innocent. If they have nothing to hide they would do so. But they cannot . because they know they are guilty stealing from Canada

  9. Her voice is like fingernails on a chalk board,liberals never answer a question! Sock boy is scared!

  10. As long as she’s “being clear” try answering the question with a tiny bit of truth! 🤬 hopefully she won’t burst into flame!

  11. Does any Canadian believe anything the corrupt liberals ever say? Please respond with a thumbs up 👍 if you DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING THE CORRUPT LIBERALS SAY

    1. Doesn’t matter if your liberal or conservative, both are corrupt but liberals takes the win for most most corrupt and big spenders. I’m glad I don’t have kids with the amount of debt liberals gave to the next generations. But it’s just fiat backed by iou, I meant words.

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