Scheer questioned over claims he was insurance broker

Scheer questioned over claims he was insurance broker 1


Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer was questioned over the length in which he worked in an insurance office and the tasks he performed.

#cdnpoli #elxn43

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33 Comments on "Scheer questioned over claims he was insurance broker"

  1. This is not even a story.

    Meanwhile Mr. Blackface is out and about telling everyone a bag of nonsense.

    • It’s comments like this that made him do it!! 🙂

    • +AD_Greyx…Trudeau dressed up as Aladdin at a Halloween party when he was 29, and he wasn’t even in politics is not a story either, but you Con. hypocrites sure made a big deal out of it!…What’s your excuse?

    • @Damon Tsekos deep down your PM is a racist. And this guy is an insurance salesman so the difference is anger over boredom.

  2. What the liberals really need are photographs of Mr.Scheer wearing blackface and a dress while burning truck tires in a public park

    • no what they need is some guts and brains put back in their party. and what the conservatives need is too get away from Drumpf lite ( day 1 we will cut taxes for you. day 2 we will increase services for you. day 3 but we must balance the books to none of the above and services will definitely be cut ’cause book balancing)

    • @kathy smith you should vote for the Rhinocerous party They’ll have everything you’re looking for

  3. Liberal’s looking for their smoking gun.. Nice try

  4. So he had a job? Trudeau had a “job” too. The news…meh.

  5. And?

  6. It’s not as sexy as blackface, but according to the MSM this is a burning question Canadians need to know. Must have been a slow news day. Trudeau must have taken the day off.

  7. Insurance the “Long Con.”

  8. So he worked in an insurance office for a while 20 years ago, but changed career. He’s probably also got ingrown toenails. What a great news item.

  9. He look like a kid in school who got caught cheating lol

  10. Wtf, this is way bigger than vacationing on the private island of a lobbyist, firing the justice minister to aid a corporation, and dressing in blackface 3x or more.

    • Almighty God George Soros #420 #GetRekd | October 1, 2019 at 12:25 PM | Reply

      Need I remind you about Scheer’s love for mass genocide when he supported the Harper regime’s involvement in foreign wars? That alone makes any of big daddy Trudeau’s issues seem like child’s play.

  11. Who cares?

    • I don’t but if he was doing insurance without a license it’s criminal. It would prove he don’t give 2 fucks about the law.

  12. Why are talking about Scheer? Isn’t JT running against Harper?

  13. Abcs Yhhi3jejej | October 1, 2019 at 12:31 AM | Reply

    Where’s the real news?

    • ZAID Takieddine | October 1, 2019 at 9:36 AM | Reply

      he is a liying ignorant. no education no career, unemployed. who went into politics because he had nothing else to do ..

  14. Wow, so while Scheer was working in an office, Trudeau was dancing around in blackface. Huge story.


    • @bonbon vegabon

      Trudeau is a millionaire and doesn’t actually need to work but he does. But he doesn’t live a lavish lifestyle. He lived just a few blocks from my office in an older apartment. In fact, my condo by comparison is nicer than his was. But why does it matter to you if he needs to work or not? You get dealt the cards you’re dealt and you just need to work with that. Maybe in your next life you’ll become a tycoon….who knows!

  15. This guy is so boring he lies about being an insurance broker.

  16. What’s the point

  17. OMG he had a job before this lol plz say he did not teach drama class plz

  18. Scheer’sTrumplike mentality and his continued public embrace of the racist alt-right.

  19. Bigbabycheez Us | October 1, 2019 at 11:22 AM | Reply

    They keep trying to dig up dirt on the conservative and come back with nothing. Hahahahahaaaaaaa didn’t they docs the blackface whistler blower

  20. truedog could win if he anounces that cocain will be legal along with mushrooms lsd and mdma !

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