Scheer, Trudeau need to 'solidify their base' with debate performance 1

Scheer, Trudeau need to ‘solidify their base’ with debate performance


From CTV News Channel: Dalhousie University's Lori Turnbull discusses tonight's federal leaders' debate and the stakes for the party leaders. #cdnpoli #elxn43 #CanadaDebates2019

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  1. Go to ‘ell, Trudeau. Your skeletons in your walkin closet are rattling so loud they’re about to bust open.

  2. I’ll be disappointed whatever happens but my degree of disappointment if Trudeau forms another government will be severe. If the PPC won I might be happy but that isn’t going to happen.

    1. He’s leading the polls, mate. The reason why he’s in the lead is because his only competitor is a professional waiter.

    2. @Rata 4U You do realize the polls are set up in the Liberals favour, especially considering the bought and paid for msm.

  3. Since 49 % of Conservatives wanted Maxime to be their Party Leader why would the Left thinkers try to keep him out of the election debates?

    1. I guess that means that 51 % of Conservatives wanted Scheer to be the Party Leader. Fair and Square. I must admit the PPC would be my second choice. Canada does not need any more leftist governments.

  4. I watch political shows on TV but I’m not watching the debate. It will turn into a complete yelling match like in the last ones where Trudeau talked over top of everyone else when it was their turn to speak. That’s a really aggravating thing to watch. I don’t watch Jerry Springer and I won’t watch this.

  5. I would say I’m very conservative but we need to start being serious about the environment! Tough choice here.

    1. Vote conservative! Saskatchewan is a vary conservative province and we built the first carbon recapture power plant. It captures 85% of the carbon it produces. We did this all without a carbon tax.

      That is the technology a

  6. What about Trudeaus dismissal from his academy teaching job because of his inappropriate relationship with a 17 year old student?! I don’t understand why a News outlet wouldn’t be investigating and reporting on this?!

  7. Scheer won the debate. Trudeau lost badly. Elizabeth May did better than Trudeau, and she came across as a total loon.

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