Schiff: First Time US Gov’t Publicly Confirms Trump Campaign-Russia Channel | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Schiff: First Time US Gov’t Publicly Confirms Trump Campaign-Russia Channel | The Last Word | MSNBC


Congressman Adam Schiff tells Lawrence O'Donnell that the question remains, when did U.S. intelligence link the Trump campaign to collusion with Russia and was that finding shared with the Trump administration? Aired on 04/16/2021.
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Schiff: First Time US Gov’t Publicly Confirms Trump Campaign-Russia Channel | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. @Facts Matter Because thats what your lefty lunatics want you to believe while they sell us to China one policy at a time.

    2. @Iron-Curtain-ASAP Where were you when the Senate failed to hold a trial with witnesses and subpoened documents?? Miss Lindsey and Moscow Mitch illegally said that they had already made up their minds, BEFORE they both signed an oath to hold a Fair trial.

    3. @Facts Matter Not only Republicans but anyone, politically influential or in power, who they (Russia) can control or would not question any actions of Putin’s Russia, even if those actions are a threat to America’s sovereignty. RUSSIA’S QUEST IS TO FIND A PUPPET, THEN INFILTRATE THE AMERICAN CAMPAIGN/VOTING SYSTEM, THROUGH ALL MEANS, TO HAVE THAT PUPPET ELECTED INTO OFFICE. TRUMP NEVER FOUND ANY PROBLEM WITH PUTIN, BECAUSE HE WAS PUTIN’S PUPPET. I would like to assume that Putin has something on Trump. TIME WILL TELL.

    1. I am not for violence and rioting but that is a point worth being that upset about. Are we not America? What are we that Trump has gotten away with so much crap? How many people are jailed for a millionth of what he did. Thousands died from his lies and America is a much worse place for his being. The stain remains.

  1. Finally we get to investigate this properly. I want to know where that criminal referral by the senate intelligence committee of Don JR went, and why it stayed there.

  2. The Republican party also chose to turn their head the other way on this matter and they need to be held accountable or maybe even investigated themselves.Some Republicans received dark water money from.Russoa via NRA.

    1. @A. Barker Not just that, but drump was also warned and he hired the other traitor, mike flynn right afterwards.

    2. @Aerial Arboreal The cult 45 trolls are pathetic leftovers. I find it hilarious they still think their phony orange messiah is still president because he got a desk made to look just like the real one.

      Talk about desperate. I can’t even read their drivel anymore, I see their name and avoid. Or sometimes, troll them back.

    3. @Dakota App I own guns ! You’re a Liar NRA funneled Russian Money To GOP & Your January 6th friends

    4. @SkyGemini Coming from a spineless coward Libuturd.The only traitors are you spineless unamerican Libuturds.

  3. I wonder if they sent incriminating information about certain Republican Senators. It would explain some of their comments about Trump prior to the 2016 election and their complete flip after the election…

    1. Yep, we still need to know what happened during that Republican lawmakers trip to Russia on July 4, of all dates! Talk about bad optics …

    2. I believe there was a Thanksgiving trip by Republicans to Moscow. I bet they had nice holiday snaps taken!

    3. Trisha, I want you to think really hard, okay? Kamala Harris called Joe Biden a racist during the debates and when it was Joe looking for a vp she flipped her script and said it would be an honor to work under him… What does that say about them?????????????????

    1. @Ray Barnes have a good evening.

      And I understand your PR suggestion, obviously. I just have no concern about negative stereotyping. Things are what they are. Rebranding doesn’t change that.

  4. Conspiracy
    : An agreement between two or more people to commit an illegal act, along with an intent to achieve the agreement’s goal. (Forget the word “collusion”. It has no definition in criminal law.)

    1. that’s why they kept saying “collusion” because it was bs to begin with, how can you not make that connection? how many years? How many intelligence agencies? with how much power to tap into our personal lives? And yet trump still didnt get anything??? sounds like a made up narrative huh? Wake up… the government can legally push propaganda on us through the media

    2. @Scott Mendoza — But not conspiracy with a foreign GOVERNMENT. Just a foreign dude. They couldn’t make a connection between Putin and Trump directly. Oh, there was all kinds of collusion going on… but there wasn’t a strong enough connection between Trump and the Russian Government.

    3. @Jesse Bianchi — Oh yeah, there was a very strong case for Obstruction of Justice. But none of it mattered. The Republicans made the case that a President can do whatever he wants… but now they want to cry about everything Biden does. You idiots set the precedent, now live with it!

    4. @HalfCrazy520 Well, the email said “in Russia AND HER GOVERNMENT’S support of Donald Trump.” I know you folks have trouble connecting the dots, but it’s right there in black and white. And even if some random Russian decided to speak on behalf of the Russian government (and face the wrath of Putin if he’s not actually doing their bidding), the fact that Junior was willing to accept it shows conspiracy.

  5. So patriotic, so American of Trump, to have a foreign country interfere with the election, to help him win. Such a true American. I bet so many Trump supporters feel so proud!

    1. @Tim Kozlowski — Whooosh! That was the sound of the point going by… JUST over your head. Hush now, the grown-ups are talking. What Manafort gave the Russians WAS NOT commonly available, public polling data, it was a study on HOW to TARGET certain people (LIKE YOU) on social media with misinformation/disinformation. The Russians applied it and IT WORKED. Between those efforts and Comey’s announcement just before the election, they put Trump over the top and got him elected.

    2. @Mom With a plan — People keep saying Biden will sell us out to China. Ummm… that ship sailed a long time ago, since China owns most of our national debt. If China wants to screw us, they can simply sell our debt to Russia and Iran.

    3. @Jen Vicinity Really? post a link.
      I’ll be waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting.

    4. @dls951 — When I post a link to anything, the post disappears. Been that way for 3 weeks. I posted a link to the Cummins Diesel Engines website and the post was deleted.

    1. @Dakota App wtf are you talking about. I see vids daily. What, are you watching the wrong side of the tv screen. What liars you guys are. I live at the border. This is part of the tragedy that BEGINS IN SOUTH AMERICA, not here. So if you want to go volunteer and help these people be able to exist, go volunteer in Honduras, Dakota, where you’ll never be seen again.

    2. what you give energy to… E X P A N D S. Think happy thoughts people. Stop giving energy to people like this.

    3. @elizzybec No I watch the live feeds in congress and such during hearings and I read the laws/bills on .gov websites… Also, I’m an American and WE don’t need to go to Honduras and fix their problems, or do you want big brother U.S.A to be the police state of the world??? Maybe they fix their own problems instead of running away from it and leeching off our broken system. How bout we help the poor and homeless in our own country first???? Why make outsiders the priority?

    4. It takes a very long time to drain the Swamp. It is Dark, Smelling, and Growing weeds. Term Limits for the Politicians.

    5. @Missy Moonwillow said _”his tv personality comes across as very predatorial and creepy to be quite frank.”_

      I think he’s creepy as well, but I personally don’t care what he’s like as a personality… only that what he is saying, I can verify.

      If you want to know his agenda… just read his full wiki page and you will get an idea of what controversy (if any) surrounds him.

      With Trump, it’s hard to tell exactly what he wants, because it changes depending on his narcissism and what’s happening to him at the time. Regardless, the top scientists in the world, who created the doomsday clock (einstein helping start the clock) believe that Trump is a danger to the whole world and they laid this out in their last public addresses to mankind.

      When the top scientists in the US move the clock from 2 mins to midnight, to 100 seconds to midnight… we know we are heading in the wrong path.

      When society stops listening to science, we are all doomed.

    1. @Roger hagger THANK YOU!!! So perfectly stated! That’s the one thing I had to agree with that loser on.. When he said, “So has America,” I’m like well , yes, yea it has.. Now that isn’t the media’s fault and that doesn’t make them fake news though.. Think about it. If they reported on that, look how far our corrupt government would shut them down! We all know it’s true hon and we don’t need the media to tell us..

    2. you do know adam schiff is rich and doesn’t care about you in the slightest right??? You know there was a time when being a public servant was a noble thing to do but it’s no longer that time, not since being a politician makes you rich and makes you get behind a podium at a press conference saying $600 dollars is substantial for Americans… That’s how disconnected these “people” are… they couldnt care less if you lived or died just so you know

    3. @Roger hagger If true, then why haven’t any of these “other countries” been complaining about it..?

    1. @blluedragonfly
      I have really thought the same.
      He technically was not the real president, due to the fact Russia was involved and helped him win. There will always be corruption.

    1. @JOHN SERA If they choose not to testify, or defend themselves, then they will be found guilty. When you’re criminally charged, you don’t get the option of not turning up in Court. The trial proceeds with or without your co-operation.

    2. @Brett Nine How about a military tribunal .Traitors that turn on their own deserve a military tribunal not a day in court for these terrorists doing the job for our advisories .They just need to find that paper trail or laundered money they got. Surly was not done for free unless something they did was being held over their heads to support such an agenda to overthrow democracy for a lousy president or commitment to party. Come on these spineless traitors do not even commit to their own oath to support and defend the constitution in their actions. Logic says something big enough to turn.

    3. I say declassify everything in our government right now!!! We have many different intelligence agencies and it took how long for what information to come out??? Seriously like these people have the power to literally see you through your smart devices but they couldn’t convict Trump of collusion or anything after how many YEARS??? Tiffany, you’re ignorant, that’s not an insult it’s just a fact… the information about the power our government has over you is out there but you choose not to look for it. Educate yourself, these people have made it legal for the government to put out propaganda in America in our own media, so have fun drinking the kool-aid while you get your vaccine, i will not be joining you

    1. @Harold Moore Yea? Hows that boder doing? Seen gas prices? Been to the grocery store? Bought any lumber lately?
      Try and find ammo? Ya buddy the O’Biden administration will bankrupt the US in less than 4 years.

    2. @dls951 you morons all have the same talking points. We are not scared of brown people like y’all are and gas prices were rising during the Trump administration moron.

  6. The GOP had the choice of:
    A) Remain in power under the “leadership” of a self-absorbed grifter with aspirations to become a dictator, or
    B) Speak out and lose your power along with all the personal gains that come with your political position because you know your party has zero chance of winning if the truth comes out.
    We know how that turned out. The GOP response: “What about Hunter’s laptop?”

    1. Trump a dictator??? Like Biden Signing how many Executive Orders after how many days in office???? Im asking because i want you to go and read it for yourself. if anyone has made it easier to be a dictator it is democrats under the leadership of Joe Biden so i want you to really think about what a dictatorship looks like because i got news for ya, it ain’t a booming economy and everything we had before the government decided to shut the country down and start handing out 2 trillion dollars every couple of months… if you still think this is about Trump I got some colorful things to say to you that youtube won’t allow buddy

    2. @Dakota App Calm down Karen,…. your Trumpubelikkkan Ignoranium Helmet has shifted enough to reveal your lobotomy scar.

  7. This all came out in the Mueller Report, and that is when I first heard it. This is not news to me, at least. Let’s start by seeing the full unredacted Mueller Report, finally, let the Americans see it, plain & simple!

    1. Where’s the PROOF that Schiff told us for 2 years he had??? You libs are still chasing this ridiculous propaganda.

  8. File new charges against Stone and Manafort and make sure they are distinct from the previous charges. No pardon option THIS TIME!

    1. oh yes, our justice system is the solution bhwhahahaha you people are making me laugh today. Governance is for peasants, they don’t care about us, they care about their own reputations more.

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