1. ​@RDT 205 I don’t think your problems stem from illegal immigration. Your problems actually stem from the non-stop abuse of power, corruption and misdirection of funds (another way of saying: stealing). Sure illegal immigration is wrong. However it’s a bit like saying Nazis are bad, Hitler was bad. And someone replying well Stalin killed more people. …. IT DIDN’T and IT STILL DOESN’T STOP HITLER BEING BAD!

      El Presidente is bad. For all his talk of illegal immigration, why does he hire them for his hotels and golf courses?

    2. @Russell T Actually you’re clueless. Joe Biden != hunter Biden. BTW, there are plenty of unqualified people from the republican side in power, e.g. Betsy Devos. Why is so hard to believe that Hunter Biden might have just gotten the job cos someone liked him? Betsy is a clear case of pay money, get position.

    3. @Lane Kelly HAHAHAHAHAHA Did you notice how Americans are always broke and they need to get a democrat to fix the problem. Then Americans forget how they got there. Obama got you here. Trump is just riding the wave. Just wait till he crashes out.

    1. Show of strength in numbers, we are organizing a reminder of action, not words. Peaceful demonstration! – world wide respect –

  1. They should put up on the screen the video of Donald Trump saying “We have all of the material. They have none of it.” Then ask for a vote on allowing more evidence and testimonies and then subpoena the Whithouse for all of the material. It is not secured under Executive privilege if it is in relation to a trial of a crime.

  2. “I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death,…… therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live”. Deuteronomy 30 :19.

    1. if you’re gonna come in here and argue against what this man said, which is okay, please don’t be quoting cult transcripts with no real impact on anything

  3. Republicans are like: “Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what you can do for your billionaire donors!”

  4. Well said, sir!

    In the end, no matter the outcome, you can hold your head high, knowing, you tried. You held you integrity, and you spoke your truth regardless of what others may think or say.

    Trump is the blind shepherd leading blind sheep into a dark pit.

    1. We are suffering here. Trump is crap and has to go, but we the people can’t do anything about it because of partisanship. The guy got in with cheating, not qualified to run a country and is mentally unstable, stupid, narcissistic fraud, who was a trust fund baby, who can’t seem to get pass the fact OBAMA made fun of him at the 2011 White House Correspondent’s Dinner. Obama won a Nobel Prize and Trump was Impeached in the House. The guy is a loser and will always be a loser. He’ll be acquitted, but he won’t win a second term, unless he cheats again.

    1. Yes good job Adam Schiff for boring people for putting me to sleep he’s whining like a teenager who got grounded

  5. Adam Schiff and the House Managers did an amazing job. If you have ever been involved in a civil litigation or criminal litigation; the lawyers repeat the main points of the case that is how it is done. Trump has been a danger to this country from the day he put his hand on the Bible and was sworn in as president; for God’s sake he asked Russia to hack a political opponent. He asked Ukraine to investigate a political rival for political purposes and when he got caught he asked China ON TV in front of all of us. I mean is this never ending reality show going to end. This guy is not good for America. The tax cuts and jobs act are not for the middle class and the $20 extra in your paycheck I am sure did not make up for the thousands that your tax return went down. Where is the middle class tax cut he promised after the GOP passed that POS tax cut? Trump is a conman, I have believed that from the day I forced myself to read his book, “The Art of the Deal.” He is a danger to the country and I pray that the GOP will do the right thing before we are all standing on a bread line. Pence needs to go to, not only for what he was complicate with but for calling his wife “mother” I mean WTF is that about, it is nasty, weird, and childish. We have GOP Senators bashing military members, Trump lying about injuries from the Iran bombing that he caused, Trump saying TBI is equivalent to a headache? I mean how is the military loving GOP ok with this, seriously?

    I am also so sick of hearing about what Trump did for the Ukraine by selling them Javelins. Do some research the Javelins are sitting in a warehouse because per the purchase agreement, they can not be used in a combat situation. So okay President Obama gave them blankets and MREs…..well at least the Ukrainians could use that equipment so seriously STFU with this already.

    Focus on the impeachment, the evidence is there, the witnesses are there (yeah the ones that TRUMP blocked), and the documents that we have not seen yet I am 100% sure are there (we just have a taped conversation of Trump bashing the Ambassador released tonight). If Trump is allowed to remain in office people do not think that this guy will call on another foreign government to help him win the election in 2020? He will be on the phone the next day just like he was with Ukraine.

    Please follow the evidence, watch the hearings, listen, and then go out and do your own research. I would also ask the GOP to answer this question, what would you do if President Obama were accused of the same exact impeachable acts as Trump? How would you be acting then?

    1. Trump isn’t great, but he’s really not that bad. I would give him a 5/10. You’re really exaggerating things and the evidence isn’t very good. There have been assertions from questionable people, but mostly its been hearsay. I’m not saying Trump is innocent but impeachment is a waste of time and the fact that he hasn’t even been charged with statutory crimes begs the question of what, constitutionally, he’s done wrong. Impeachment is for high crimes and misdemeanors, but I don’t see which high crime or misdemeanor he is charged with. Overall I certainly think he’s better than bush, and I think Obama did some things that were far worse, such as the uncountable amount of drone strikes in foreign countries and keeping open and lying to the AMerican people about Guantanamo bay. So I don’t see how it makes sense to claim Trump is some bad guy when he’s really just some mediocre guy.

    2. I agree! They have done an excellent job of making a case for impeachment out of thin air. Almost, as impressive as indicting a ham sandwich.

  6. “I think i can, I think i can.” – The little Engine that could.

    3:50 “None of us can, none of us can.” – Adam Schiff

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