Schiff: House Managers Anticipated Trump Defense, Showed This Isn’t Just ‘One Speech’ ​| All In


    1. Sadly Trump won’t be convicted the GOP puts party over the American people… if Republican’s don’t Convict Trump they won’t ever win the House, Senate or Presidency again.

    2. @GO GATORS Cruz and Hawley are lost causes. They both see themselves as replacing Messiah Trump when he’s out of the picture. In other words, they’re aspiring dictators.

  1. Where is the SCOTUS tax fraud case at? If tRump wants to use the ‘I’m a public citizen’ card, then do what was done with Capone and prosecute him at proctology level.

    1. The legal argument is that he couldn’t be prosecuted because he was president. Now he can’t be prosecuted because he isn’t president. I’m betting Rudy came up with that one.

  2. Don’t hold your breath, I have no confidence in the GOP. I hope their careers are over in their next elections. It’s a sad reality for the USA

    1. the only way to fulfill this is to make sure we dont forget and make sure we vote them out. they are all copiable they need to go. we voted trump out but we are not done yet. we need to take our country back or we will deserve the results. we are americans. we are better then this. united we stand divided we fall

    1. The future of our country is at stake. Just like a chemical company that dumps its waste into the river, it’s pointless to clean up the river if you don’t do something about the chemical company.

  3. “Oh nooo, there’s video of him before Jan 6th?! Why didn’t anyone tell us that?!? Ohhh, this is gonna be bad.” – his lawyers.

    1. Ro G — Andrew Weissman, who has prosecuted Mafiosi, said that if this were a criminal trial, today would be the point at which the defendant’s attorneys would be going over to the prosecutors and saying, “OK, let’s cut a deal.”

  4. Trump also managed to somehow keep the police and military away, even though they were aware of all the emails and text messaging and insider invitations, premeditating and preparing for the horrible event.

    1. I am in Utah. These people are nuts. Too many of these people still support Mike Lee over Mitt Romney and I just don’t get it. I don’t really care for either but at least I have some respect for Romney.

  5. It isn’t about just that one speech. Why are certain people pretending that this has only to do with that speech?

    1. The Impeachment managers today did an excellent job of showing that the speech on Jan 6th was simply the culmination of a huge and lengthy campaign by Trump to retain the Presidency at any cost. No-one who saw that could be in any doubt that Trump and his administration were deeply involved in arranging the whole thing, and the speech was just the climax, the final match to light the bonfire that he’d been building for months.

    2. Because they believe that if they keep repeating “Trump didn’t use those specific words in that one specific speech”, they will have a thinly-plausible basis to fool themselves into believing he’s not guilty. It’s nonsense of course. It’s a common tactic used by people trying to avoid the truth. It’s called ‘motivated reasoning”.

    3. @AC Ricucci
      It was about grooming:
      Grooming is the slow, methodical, and intentional process of manipulating a person to a point where they can be victimized.
      Now, these folks who were groomed are adults and the fact they were groomed does not exculpate them, but it goes a long way in explaining _how_ this happened.

  6. The families whose Capitol police officer sons and husbands who were killed or injured by Trump’s insurrection should sue Trump for liability.

    1. All the personnel shifts performed in December and early January, at key positions in the Pentagon and his cabinet was the tip off that the fix was in. The fact that @45 called for a rally, in DC, on January for the 6th was the other. After a whole term of promoting divisive actions, and ignoring COVID 19’s spread – even after he caught it; what occurred at his dog whistled event is also no surprise.

      The man can not take that he was soundly trashed during the election. His poor Ego could not taken it. He had to lash out. He had to sure us that he was still in charge—by fermenting an Insurrection like no other since the War of 1812.

      In spite of the evidence presented, I still hang on to my fearless prediction: @45 WILL NOT BE FOUND GUILTY.

      That is how screwed up our current Congress is: The House which represent all American, the Senate full of men over 70 and with attitudes formed during their stone-aged, non-black and Native American and other immigrants whose contributions to the our country’s stature. People, unless we get new faces, younger faces in Congress – and some women and people of color as well; nothing will change. The GOP is the QGOP/Right Wing Party. They have no balls and now courage to do the fight them. I am not a Bot, and I vote. I am out.

    2. We should expect a civil complaint (or complaints) for wrongful death against Trump, Tootie Ghouliani, and possibly Don Jr. We can hope for criminal charges against Trump and co for same. Wetre this any regular citizen doing what Trump and his team of thugs did, there’s no question they’d be arrested and held without bail for the those criminal acts.

    3. I’m guessing that they will be getting in the long line with everyone else who is either suing the orange menance or criminally charging him. I believe the number of open cases are at 31 and counting at the moment 👍👏👏

    4. @Dawn Kuzio seriously how do you remember to do the most basic of things in your day while having such an awful brain injury???!

  7. The impeachment managers are doing a great job. But I would love to see Adam Schiff have another shot at this. The man is brilliant, eloquent, and impassioned.
    I still remember most of his closing speech. He was right in all his predictions :”Not now. Not ever”

    1. JAMES DUNN — Obama did a good job of choosing his last song before leaving the Oval Office on Inauguration Day 2017. “Send in the Clowns” (1973)

  8. House managers did a great job presenting their case. Unfortunately, logic, facts and reason is nonsense for the Q-GOP and QAnonense.

    1. 100% Correct. Most of them have already shown their hand – they had 4 years to clean up their act, and did nothing to make things better for our country.

  9. The managers presentation has been outstanding, anyone who doesn’t convict Trump on this evidence needs to go!

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