Schiff On Seating GOP Reps Who Joined Trump Stunt: ‘We Don’t Want To Become Them’ | All In | MSNBC 1

Schiff On Seating GOP Reps Who Joined Trump Stunt: ‘We Don’t Want To Become Them’ | All In | MSNBC


“I don’t think—when the President of the United States and some of my Republican colleagues are trying to burn the house down around us—that we want to set a new fire,” says Rep. Adam Schiff on excluding GOP House members who went along with Trump plot to overturn the election. Aired on 12/11/2020.
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Schiff On Seating GOP Reps Who Joined Trump Stunt: ‘We Don’t Want To Become Them’ | All In | MSNBC


    1. @Mark Gibson You are not the first person to tell me this. I will say.. that Trump is fixing up his place in FL, his wife has been in FL looking for schools for Baron… and Russia said Trump needs to file for political asylum. Those make me think.. .maybe that won’t happen… but, you are not alone in your thinking

    2. It’s a test to see how far they can go with the scam. They will continue to sell sedition until they pay a heavy penalty. Cancer surgery; nobody likes it, but the alternative is death.

    3. @Dee Cee Big problem on that….Rank and file military personal are STILL PEOPLE, and would flat out refuse such orders…Trump does not have the backing of them.

    4. @mike mann songs Revocation of these Republican AGs’ and House Representatives’ citizenship is a great idea. Confiscate their properties then expel them outside of Trump’s wall but allow them to seek asylum. Lock them up in the refugee camps for 18 months first.

    1. @Tech ti so what? Antifa isn’t in power, if they break the law or destroy they should be charged and prosecuted. Antifa doing destructive things isn’t supported by any democrat, yet you try to tie them to that. Their right to protest democrats do protect. Unmarked agents of the government beating protesters sitting down and beating camera men is documented and as soon as they cleared them, trump walked out with a Bible in hand. An antifa person saying something is at completely different level than when a president says things, and he is instigating people to commit violence both for him and against him. It is sickening to watch and I find it shocking that you are blind to that. Heck even the Republican Party of Arizona retweeted a guy who said he was willing to die supporting trump and the Republican Party added, “are you”. Sigh.

    2. @Tech ti what excuses? I gave zero excuses. Please go back to school and concentrate on critical thinking skills. I can tell it that this is hard for you. Math and English/communication classes will help.

    1. @Steven Karnisky You don’t get a do over when people die because you say preventing the coronavirus is xenophobic like Dementia Joe Kid Touch said!

    2. @Frail Bones Biden Who was Epstien’s friend for decades and invited to many of his parties?

      Shouldn’t throw stones in a glass house.

    3. @Frail Bones Biden
      Go leave your ignorant comments on some fart lighting videos. You’ll get plenty of thumbs up there.

    4. @Frail Bones Biden funny how Europe decriminalized drugs decades ago and moved away from prosecution and persecution to treatment… even funnier, is that hard core drug abuse almost Immediately plummeted once these measures were enacted… most funny of all, is how you snowflake peasants love being controlled and jailed by the ruling elite classes.

    5. @Frail Bones Biden the proud boys, boogaloo boys and similar “organization” have been charged in a hilariously high number of the “burnings” your referring to.

    1. That’s the root of the problem, in fact, they can’t stand Trump, it is his supporters they are afraid of losing.

    2. @Tech ti – The Supreme Court has spoken. Republicans are the liars. What can you expect when you follow a proven liar like Trump? You lose. Now quit being babies and accept reality.

    3. @William H – The Supreme Court has spoken. Republicans are the liars. What can you expect when you follow a proven liar like Trump? You lose. Now quit being babies and accept reality.

    1. @Sweet Potato it’s historical fact not daily news by the way who refused 1,8 T bipartisan agreement 3 months ago when it was urgent then cause could not get 2,2T, I am just staying true to facts regardless lol You can’t change past facts it’s became history, that’s the great things about facts they are indisputable lol

    2. @Sweet Potato If it was just 2 guys on the news then we wouldn’t be 292K deaths into an originally controllable trump virus mega spread. This is multiple decades worth of Democrat’s sitting on their thumbs.

    3. @The Mean Arena Well there is more peace in the world, we didn’t get dragged into wars during the past 4 years, and the economy is better than it has ever been. Also unemployment was at record lows during most of the past 4 years, there is peace in a lot of the middle east for the first time in many decades, the middle class grew for the first time in 40 years, the child tax credit was doubled, business had incentives to return to the US and offer jobs that help out mostly lower and middle class families of which are mostly POC. Other then those things not much I guess.

    1. @Oh Really don’t believe that! Democracy will survive and we’re the beacon of light! We dodged a bullet though, absolutely

    1. And next time they might even prevail. Nip it in the bud and make sure – through the appropriate punishments – there isn’t a next time.

    2. we all love respect and uphold the constitution but what rrump and retrumpblicans are doing is raping thenvery fabroc of he constitution.. not because he is donal trump and they are retrumpblicans then they can just make false claims sow division .. they are talking now of.certain trump states for secession.. what is gping on.. ???? this is getting qorst by the days.. and democrats strategy is calm and reaching tonthe other side..

  1. Keep the bums out!!!!! They practically committed treason.
    AND by protesting, they forfeited their own election.

    1. If they don’t go after Donald once he’s out of the tax payers house. You can bet your life he will be back in 2024. He’s committed every crime in the book.

    2. True! We have seen what a government with no oversight can do to a nation. We need serious and civilian oversight of OUR government. It is a no brainer.

    1. @Toasty McGrath Personally I am torn between the electoral college being abolished or having a place. America is a fairly large place in land mass with a diverse amount of incomes, peoples, and beliefs. Having lived in many states, there are large differences and each state should have some say in its governance. If there was a situation where the electoral college was abolished, many states opinions would not matter on the national scale. I am not sure California, and NY state should be point of reference used for governance of the entire nation even if they are the most populated regions, and the ability to impose federal regulation on a state level is something that could become a real problem. On the other hand, the will smaller low populated states also has little to no bearing on the west coast, NY, etc. and the electoral college in some ways gives them more power than they should have. The only way I can see abolishing the electoral college as being fair to both sides is also abolishing the house of representatives- or removing that it is based on state population. It would be too stacked against the majority of interior states to have little say in the executive branch, and the legislative branch, which both in turn means they have little say in the judicial branch.

    2. @harmmany214 No there’s not. Every court in the land says otherwise. There is zero : Z.E.R.O significant evidence. And no it means the votes are more spread out, combined with the fact that more people voted for Dump than last time as well, which accounts for why more counties went for Hilary than Biden. You only have to get a bare plurality to win a county— it doesn’t mean there was that much of a difference, it was just more diluted because there were more votes in general this year.

    3. @Joseph Norm I am sorry that you have been misled. The courts have not absolved the election, because they have not actually gone over any evidence presented to them. You can’t simply say “debunked” “conspiracy theory” when evidence is submitted then not go over any of the evidence submitted and not have a hearing, if no one actually looks into it and says “see its okay because x y z” they are basically just ignoring the claim. Which is not the same as their being no evidence. It would be much like if someone burned down your house with you inside it during which you lost your arm, and you had a picture of their car driving off as well as a witness signed affidavit under oath that they saw the same car and its license plate was “FIRELVR69” and when presenting it to the court for a civil suit the judge told you there was no evidence and dismissed the case without anyone looking to see if said car with such license plate existed or not. It doesn’t mean a crime didn’t occur and there was zero evidence, it means the court did not take your case.

    4. @harmmany214 There is zero evidence. Dump and his cronies are trying to find fraud where there is none. In their minds, people voting against him are fraudulent. He prejudiced himself. He said it was rigged before anyone ever voted. They decided the conclusion and then tried to fabricate fake evidence. You are absolutely insane in your conspiracy theories to think that this country is engaging in mass fraud because you can’t accept that that clown is despised all over this country and around the world and more people voted for Biden than him and you are trying to deny the voice of millions of people because you can’t accept that an incompetent, know-nothing reality show criminal who never won the popular vote to begin with, got voted against AGAIN! Smh smh

    1. Exactly. They don’t care and will spit in your face again if given half a chance.
      All an incoming administration need do is appoint an Attorney General, and tell them to go do their job. Simple.

    1. @Lindsey Costa Exactly and that has infuriated me since forever! The GOP is incorrigible and they need to be DEALT WITH appropriately.

    1. Sedition is a serious felony punishable by fines and up to 20 years in prison and it refers to the act of inciting revolt or violence against a lawful authority with the goal of destroying or overthrowing it.

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