Schmidt: Trump Has ‘Made Himself America’s Greatest Victim’ | MSNBC

Schmidt: Trump Has 'Made Himself America's Greatest Victim' | MSNBC 1


Fmr. GOP strategist Steve Schmidt discusses the impeachment process, saying that President Donald Trump has "made himself America's greatest victim." Aired on 12/12/19.
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Schmidt: Trump Has 'Made Himself America's Greatest Victim' | MSNBC

50 Comments on "Schmidt: Trump Has ‘Made Himself America’s Greatest Victim’ | MSNBC"

  1. Together with the GOP, mind you all.
    Have been watching the live hearing today.
    The GOP are all just “itching” to turn the US into a dictatorship that they can rule over.
    The majority of their “claims” are all going against the Constitution at every step.

    The GOP seriously needs to be voted out from their seats. For real.

    • @Joy Brautigam politicians are a dime a dozen, with two thrown in for free. Better, if there is any risk, even if slight, to our constitution in that regards, to just rotate them out. Presidents are disposable. Our constitution is not.

      As far as efficacy, any fortune or s&p 500 company would have long ago sacked and replaced trump, but for some reason now, exceedingly lower standards are allowed for POTUS. I hope we can turn that equation right side up again.

    • @LeoPlease see my previous reply to @Joy Brautigam, and keep fighting the good fight, sir!

    • Zachary Scott 😂 🦀
      That’s funny but if anyone has crabs it’s Old Donny Boy. And you know that. STDs were his Vietnam, remember?

    • Marc, you are right, but his dictatorship not only in America, it goes all over the world. It is so amazing. Now there are some countries in Europa asking questions about this behaviour. Germany, France and other countries will not go blind again into America’s enemy thinking or sanctions. Europa has a big answer to make, for example: close all American war bases in Europa. Do not buy any army materials from America, etc. etc. We have to stop very quick this insanity that we created during 70 years in Europa. We have a choice. 🌹

    • Backwards
      .it is the Dems trying to grab power they are not entitled to.
      .This sham is just another part of the coup.
      So sorry you let yourself be faked like this.

  2. That is what bullies do; they make themselves into the victim as part of their denial. they don’t take ownership to be accountable.

    • generationofswine | December 12, 2019 at 4:11 PM | Reply

      They always cry about “bias” as well. When they learned the word “bias” and what it meant, every school bully thought they found their get-out-of-jail-free card.

    • Debra Haley This is a textbook response to make themselves the victim.

  3. Victim???😳😂😂😂 A more accurate statement: “djt is America’s most dangerous DOMESTIC TERRORIST”!!!😡🇺🇸🌊🌀🌊🌀🌊

    • @CornPop Dude What a stupid response, you that serve the orange moron are serving Russia! The economy is smoke and mirrors; only good for the richest 5%, not the average citizens. 44% are making less than $18,000 a year, YOU are failing to see the Forrest for the trees. Get off the orange kookaid!😒🇺🇸

    • Yvonne Myers
      Americas most silly Domestic opinion.

    • A Concerned Dothead | December 12, 2019 at 5:34 PM | Reply

      no, he is a victim Yvonne.. of the mainstream media’s unprecedented attack. They can get anyone except him, and its fun to watch them burn over and over again. It’s true, no matter emoji’s you put.

    • What a beta.
      He’s supposed to keep quiet while the demons brainwash citizens and sell us down he global river?

  4. I’ve been saying for years that trump is the figurehead of the victim class – only that none of them deserves to be considered victims of anything but their own stupidity.

    • Emperor Charlemagne | December 12, 2019 at 9:17 PM | Reply

      Tell me more about the oppressed liberals.

    • Big Bear Hungry | December 13, 2019 at 4:04 PM | Reply

      Your a buch og crap Liberal. Biden did what you are Impeaching the president for. But that’s ok, you and others like you are making Trump stronger. We just picked up more than half of the Blacks vote.

  5. The whole world is laughing at
    Deranged Donny.

    • weburnitatbothends | December 13, 2019 at 4:17 AM | Reply

      Oh I am loving it! Donny is a funny funny child!

    • Kenshannon Jeter | December 13, 2019 at 6:03 PM | Reply

      @CITRUS KNIGHT STFU and go chocked on a pair of donkey’s nuts

    • @LairdDougal
      My nation? Are you American?
      If not, please stay in your lane.This is a family fight.

    • @Mirsada Talovic Congratulations!
      You have been faked along with our citizens
      You’d best ‘stay in your lane’.
      But if you choose to have an need facts.
      Please took at truth based outlets to see HOW and WHY the media and corrupt individuals have made DT into a monster when THEY themselves are the monsters.
      It’s all coming out.

    • @Gray Shus All i want him to do is put America first.
      I think our relationships will improve if nations do the same thing..
      Their homeland first.

  6. 1 2 3 little flushes 4 5 6 little flushes

  7. No Worries Health & Wellness | December 12, 2019 at 1:24 PM | Reply

    Am I really supposed to feel sorry for a 70 year old trust fund man child?

  8. “As a historic matter, this is the clearest case we’ve ever seen in the use of the impeachment power by Congress. This isn’t just using the president’s power to benefit himself. It’s doing that in a way that endangers our national security and that corrupts the electoral process by inviting foreign involvement.

    The second article of impeachment basically says that if the president will not in any way cooperate with the process then we really do have a president who is a dictator; and if this isn’t impeachable, as many have said, then nothing is.

    Abuse of power is what the impeachment clause was all about. The idea of using the power of the presidency not to protect the nation but to benefit one’s self and especially one’s reelection. In fact, in the debates around the framing of the Constitution, the big question about the impeachment power was ‘do we really need it, or is it enough, because the president will have to stand for reelection if it’s going to be ahead of him?’ The answer to that was ‘what if he corrupts the election process? What if he uses his power to reframe the election so that he rigs the system? We can’t afford to wait.’ That was the whole reason not to wait for the quadrennial election to take place.”

    — Laurence Tribe, December 12, 2019

    • ElPocho DelMundo | December 13, 2019 at 8:14 AM | Reply

      +Paul H. It’s always good to listen to Tribe. It’s even better to read him. Best to quote him to fellow citizens. Thanks. P..S. Neal Katyal made the same point regarding why not wait for the election. Double P.S. Apparently, Schiff took some courses from Tribe in law school. I heard Tribe call him his former student.

    • You have truly been faked.
      POTUS has only done his JOB, according to his presidential powers.
      And nothing he did affected security.
      That;s a lie people picked up and ran with.

  9. The IG HOROWITZ is an Obama appointee but he did leave the door wide open for indictments

  10. foxdesignbuild foxdesignbuild | December 12, 2019 at 1:46 PM | Reply

    He summed it up in a nutshell: Republicans make no disputation of the facts and no condemnation of the conduct.

  11. Dems are afraid of trump but they are horrified of You the most.

  12. My Democratic friends will vote for Trump bcuz he will protect their 🔫 2nd. So remember to vote Trump 2020

  13. I am voting for the guy who made 💰 America the number one energy exporter on the planet

  14. Democrat logic: let’s make looking into corruption worse than actual corruption.

  15. Manuela Costa Lima | December 12, 2019 at 4:15 PM | Reply

    Any president who self-impeaches deserves to be impeached.

    • @Andrew Crane Re: “Propensity to it” What does the President’s subjectivity have to do with the separation of powers doctrine? The analysis looks at whether the request is within the scope of Congress’ jurisdiction. /// Withholding of Aid – Again, whether that was justified would have required a court challenge. House Dems did not challenge the matter in the courts so we will never have a ruling. ///Re: “Requests to China and Russia we all heard him shout.” Not sure what you are referring to or how this is connected to obstruction. Can you elaborate?///”His propensity to it is also a well documented pattern of behavior.” What do you mean by “it”?

    • @Hazel McCloy Sure. If the Trump kids did what it appears Hunter pulled off they should also be investigated.

    • @esj8341 Wrong on all counts. Btw, I doubt you have anything but a rudimentary grasp of what you refer to as “corrupt intent”. If you think that charges would be limited to actions surrounding the now famous call transcript memorandum, you would be mistaken. Proof of intent in this case goes all the way back to Nov. 2018 and the actions/role of Giuliani and his henchman, as well as members of the Trump Administration, including OMB, State, and DoJ are damning.

      Trump, had he any real concerns about “corruption”, either in the Ukraine itself or on the part of Crowd Strike and the Bidens could have – SHOULD have – referred it to the DoJ, NOT his personal attorney who has ZERO legal standing in these matters.

      Btw, do you not find it interesting and ironic that Trump developed this sudden interest in corruption so late in his first term, just as Biden was beating him soundly in the polls? Such sudden interest when aid had been given and approved numerous times over the previous two and a half years?

      Such an interest suddenly in corruption from the very guy who had to pay millions of dollars in damages to students because of his corrupt Trump University? Who had to pay millions of dollars in fines and back taxes because of his fraudulent and corrupt management of his “charitable foundation”.

      Suddenly, this same guy, who once got the “deadbeat of the year” award for never paying his employees, contractors or lending institutions for DECADES is now Crusader Rabbit for corruption? Seriously, how stupid do you think people are? Well, other than Trumpturds, that is.

      As an attorney and a former prosecutor, I would LOVE to prosecute this case in a U.S. court of law. I guarantee you I rest my case and have a conviction on this ham bone before lunch.

    • @Hazel McCloy What evidence?

    • @R. McBride *”Trumpturd.”* Excellent burn, Bob. I also was impressed with your fearless repeated use of ALL CAPS and personal insults, and claim on youtube to be a lawyer. Very impressive stuff.

      Given your impressiveness, you must be very angry with House Dems’ decision, in direct contradiction of your feelings, to not include any criminal claims in the Articles of Impeachment against the President. /// Sincerely doubt even you believe you could prove 18 U.S. Code § 201 based on Trump university and the various other inuendo you referenced. Apparently, the House Dems agree as they decided to forego speaking with “Giuliani and his henchman, as well as members of the Trump Administration, including OMB, State, and DoJ”, and then dropped Bribery from the Articles of Impeachment and went with Abuse of Power which is Bribery minus the element of intent and the element of something given of value.

  16. “Dead Pool ” is on…..any and all corrupt Democrats and news media…are on target !! ….GAME ON !!

  17. Republicans hate America.

  18. Bull Crap…Trump Has Made America Greater Than It Ever Was.

  19. “Victimology” is a way to create an autocracy with the support of brownshirts

  20. Hey guys they’re lying to you, just a heads up 😉

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