Schools Caught Between Protecting Against Covid And DeSantis' Political Pandering 1

Schools Caught Between Protecting Against Covid And DeSantis’ Political Pandering

Carlee Simon, superintendent of Alachua County, Florida public schools, talks about keeping kids and school staff safe in the face of Florida's runaway Covid surge heading into the new school year as Governor Ron DeSantis makes a difficult situation harder with political grandstanding. 
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  1. My daughter going to first grade, she will wear mask is the safest wait. This Run De Trump Junior, he don’t care how many more get sick.

    1. @Peanut Butter I know you won’t understand. but its called filtration. Or at your level… Big thing no fit small hole

    2. @Peanut Butter they help, but mainly if everyone is wearing them. But vaccines for everyone are the actual solution.

    1. Democrats are slaughtering their children at an alarming rate.Over 900 a day. Mostly African American.

    2. @Bradley Estabrook You can’t walk into a 7-11 or a Dunkin Donuts without having a slight Indian accent.- Joe Biden,Democrat

    3. @Wark Mahlberg your smart! everyone that dies is black and democratic. That’s like saying Republicans are American! how dumb can you be! How about those 500k from COVID let’s me guess it’s a conspiracy? More like republicans screwing up big time!

  2. Education in the states is so poor to begin with, it’s heartwarming to see her courage in the face of political idiocy

    1. Opening the border to millions of COVID positive illegal immigrants is what we call “political pandering”.

    2. @James Loughlin someone with an Irish surname choosing not to mention illegal Irish in the states, or hundreds of thousands of illegal Europeans. Hmmm, if only I could understand why you’re attacking Latinos. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…

    1. Jeremiah Bell DeSatan is WRONG the same way trump k:lled over half million ppl. This is Our Country working for the common good.
      Leave if you don’t like the menu.

    2. Peanut Butter Don’t know if you can wrap your head around this. READ THE SCIENCE! It’s not hard. If you don’t understand the big words like virus & de@th, ask someone to explain it to you.

  3. Shocker: Educators are pitted against uneducated Republicans. Ron Desatan is literally killing his constituents for his own benefit. Shocker.

    1. @B dubs Parents should and are deciding what’s best for their kids after looking at the facts instead of badong their decision on partisan politics of the left.

    2. @Bob Stone I’ve been doing it that for many months and continue to do what I know is right. Meanwhile in the world of perpetually fearful, obedient and compliant: wear masks everywhere!, 6 feet apart too, wear 2 masks, take the 2 jabs, get ready for boosters, still wear a mask, because you, the jabbed are creating the the “variant” and yes, attack those who choose to not get jabbed.
      Yes, what you continue to fall for oozes genius and logical thinking to me!

    3. ​@J Morris you think fascism began with exterminating the “undesirables”?. No. It began with taking over media and pushing a one-sided agenda, offering solutions to “problems” (virus, bad economy etc), blaming a group, requesting “compliance”, blaming and attacking those who don’t, labeling them, restricting their travel and freedoms, pitting ppl against them until they build up so much hate and desperation that once reasonable ppl agreed to the atrocities they wouldn’t have before! Lack of knowledge, perception and foresight is a huge problem!

    4. @funknfritter Viruses weaken as they get passed along they don’t get stronger. I don’t believe the numbers, they are pulled out of thin air! There is NO reliable test for covid or the so-called variant. If this is even true about the children, I want to know what specifically is wrong with them, whether they got the jab and age. Here in Oregon, more children are in hospitals because of depression, attempted suicides or in the morgues because they succeed. Biden and those that work with him don’t care about children. DeSantis is being attacked because he is not following that horrible agenda!

  4. DeSantis-“Thank you for sacrificing your grandparents to save the economy last year. Now I’m asking you to sacrifice your kids. Money is more valuable than your worthless lives.”

    1. You should have added – now I’m asking you to sacrifice your kids for not only money, but for my future as president, money and my political career are both more important than your worthless lives.

      You are correct nonetheless….

  5. There once was a dunce called Ron
    He was so far right he was wrong
    He banned masks in schools
    And got cheers from his fools
    But now all his voters are gone

    1. @Wark Mahlberg Its ok because Democrats believe in Science and are vaccinated. Do us a favor and do not get vaccinated nor wear a mask.

    2. @MightyZocalo I identify as Covid immune.If you don’t respect that then you are an intolerant hater.

    1. Obviously your not one who has to be put in this position.
      Can’t you see in her face that what she’s doing is terrifying but she is doing it for the kids! I’m sure these are not easy decisions risking her job and reputation.

    2. I wonder if @Dave d even knows the data regarding the risk of COVID-19 to school age children? Gallup did a survey and democrats vastly overestimated this risk.

  6. If it’s parents choice, I’d like to see the polls, surveys or whatever on what the parents really think not just the hysterical few egged on by desantis.

    1. They say yes we are glad our kids can breathe. Order a pack of masks and you will see it says it does not stop the spread. Without a sterile environment, goggles, scrubs, and gloves, nothing will. Grow up and worry about wearing your own petri dish.

    2. @Godislove Godislife wearing a mask reduces the chance that the virus will spread. the more people wearing them, the less likelihood of high levels of contamination. it is not 100% protection and has never been advertised as such.

  7. He said he’ll give the parents vouchers to go to another school or district, instead change his rules. How convenient of him… smh

  8. That woman looks like she gets up every day and cries. I’d say give her a hug but with the current surge, maybe just a thumbs up from 6 feet away.

  9. Why hasn’t Ron DeathSantis still not been tossed into prison on charges varying from high treason to multiple culpable homicide???

  10. Unfortunately it’s gonna take a couple of dead kids for them to “get it”.
    They can consult with experts all they want, many of the residents in Florida don’t care what they have to say.

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