Schools in Peel Region are closing to in-person learning, Toronto reportedly considering the same


  1. Why are they waiting until the last minute to announce this, we’re in for a long haul and they’re not giving teachers time to prepare at all.

    1. You can thank DOUG FORD for NOT choosing wisely. He should of announced a shut down of schools with the rest of the shutdowns.

    2. I agree, online is not easy. Parents get no time to prepare either. When kids stay hkme, oarents do too. Some families are essential workers and have to make childcare arrangements. CERB doesn’t kick in right away. This approach was inconsiderate.

  2. How are they closing to in person learning?

    They meant there closing in person learning to go online

  3. I don’t remember voting for any of these health bureaucrats which appear to be running the province now

    1. Still not allowed to see my mom. It’s been since November and I had to fight tooth and nail to bring her to my house for a visit. The nursing home called the cops on me and everything. Luckily the police were on my side and assisted me in fighting legally.

  4. How long before teachers realize their job is being digitalized, they will end up on universal basic income alongside low income workers?! The job of the teacher is the easiest to move online, it already has, if I were a teacher, I’ll be fighting to go back to work!

    1. I guess but as a student, reading info from a textbook is no where near as close as a teacher delivering a lesson themselves

  5. This is sick… poor kids, they will suffer for this nonsense for life. Kids need to socialize, there is no treat from this flu for kids or parents or grandparents. Only ppl with compromise immunity, other way you and your kids are safe. All those lockdowns causing much more damage than this flu

    1. They’re not doing it for the sake of your health. They’re doing it to gain more control over your life. They want you to be their slave.

    1. It’s okay though. Scientists funded by big box stores say that viruses can’t spread at box stores. If you don’t believe the scientists, you’re an anti-science conspiracy theorist.

  6. It’s ridiculous, i am a student. We should have had day to organize our things and bring it home, this is going to be a tough 2 weeks. Thanks a lot.

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