Schools Under Threat | Safe Place for Criminals? | TVJ Midday News - Sept 8 2021 1

Schools Under Threat | Safe Place for Criminals? | TVJ Midday News – Sept 8 2021


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  1. I think the decline in the registration is due to parents inability to pay school fees and fund a school year, also most payed for school last year and their kids barely got any REAL schooling, so unless concessions are made in school fees and helps is there with lunch money, it’s a rough call.

    1. @Carol Calaum Same ppl them who don’t have it, refuse to get vaccinated, wash their hands, wear a mask and continue to spread the virus.

  2. The government real don’t wah them a do while the yutes did out of school the government should have expanding the schools or rebuild schools, the schools and hospitals are too small.

    1. @mark green not in this time, this has nothing to do with being an adult. It the reckless and irresponsible after an of those in the public eye and the safety of the country.

    1. All the issues they are highlighting now existed long long before covid ,covid just add the iceing on the cake…..I have experience these issue first hand with my mother who unfortunately passed away…

    2. @Littishara McLeish Anderson sorry about your lost.the government both party has being promising people for years a better hospital and nothing happen year in year out and I visit and use to work at khp hospital 10 years ago and see people on the ground waiting for medical care so its nothing new about that

    3. @JAMERICAN FUNNIEST VIDEOS so true,it is really sad.whenever they get sick they are flown to hospitals in Miami…Thank God for Shagging and his initiative in building Bustamate Children Hospitol….


    1. Thank you. This is the MAIN REASON most students are not concerned with school. Look at the way nurses are treated after studying so long and attaining a degree… Only to earn less than the call center workers…

      How are you going to convince the students that education is the key to success when all of us who are educated are still poor (except for a few).
      This makes no damn sense. These kids can reason and they see no point. Many gone to look a work so they xan ease the financial burden at home.

      Yes it’s an issue but people keep placing a Band-Aid over a big gunshot wound

      Goodluck convincing the children that education has a point, when scammers driving nice car and building nice house and the educated people working at school taking taxi and renting house.

    2. @ricaldo ritchie of course. People trying to get out of poverty. They want nice things and clearly hard-working educated people cannot buy nice things either… So why waste thier time on something that is shown to be ineffective on eradicating poverty?.

      We need a different angle. We can’t keep telling them education helps you out of poverty when it clearly does not

    1. You can get a skill as back up plan. I lost my job during covid and my skill helped me to be able to cover my expenses.

  4. The government need to let the public get the mask free because the people will buy food first because it’s not easy

    1. Do you seriously believe what you just said. You can get 6 masks for $100. You can’t force Jamaicans to wear a mask. THEY DON’T CARE.

  5. So the family can not get any help from the relevant authorities because everyone is too busy wanting to vaccinate the world.

  6. We love to follow America so do what they are doing for the school children.Let ALL the children go to school with their mask on they can learn and have a future

  7. The government needs to put a dent on crime….it cant be that criminals are having their own way…put the fight to the criminals left right and center

  8. The opposition is getting on my nerves. All countries are struggling. The situation is new to all countries in the world so there will never be the perfect solution. It trial and error. Even first world countries are struggling with find workable solutions and they get it wrong as well.. consultation rather than criticism.

  9. They can wear a mask it’s is a great help, and teach them to wash their hands. And keep their distance it’s is a key good help until they get the vaccine

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