Schools Working To Re-Engage Students Ahead Of Fall, Says Education Sec. 1

Schools Working To Re-Engage Students Ahead Of Fall, Says Education Sec.


School districts across the country are helping vaccinate students ages 12 and up as part of the effort to fully reopen schools in the fall. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona joins Morning Joe to discuss.

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Schools Working To Re-Engage Students Ahead Of Fall, Says Education Sec.


  1. When l had rubbed my bottom with a toiIet paper, wow wow, l noticed the BLM mural there in a brown dye

    1. @sofakings2pid o is that what you feel private schools are, because I know public schools are failures, there are plenty of people who come out of public schools who prove that….

  2. Props to those parents in Seattle vaxing with their children. Seattle has a population of intelligent people.
    Some other places it seems folks egos are bigger than their brains and kids are going to follow the path their parents walk.

    1. Yeah, Helen, that’s why we had to have a covid hate crime law now. These people are insane.

  3. What’s the point since democrats are teaching American kids that 2+2= “racism” anyways, so let the Chinese and kids from India do all the socially archaic math, and just concentrate on memorizing the 137 new non specific genders.

  4. WHY is the CDC sending out data over the covid virus without thinking over the actual facts?? The science and reality of current conditions need to be in agreement before further criteria is disseminated about the covid virus.

    1. That is correct. However, there is a very small portion of the population that have had death related issues that were revived to a living condition.

  5. Remember my grandparents taking my cousins, sister and myself to the County Courthouse to get our polio vaccine on a sugar cube. These people taking the vaccination to students and students taking them is a great thing.

    1. How times have changed. They used to put the material on sugar, now they have to put it on money.

  6. Jesus sometimes leaves you on the floor lost, but I’m sure every time that happens, it’s all for a reason, to better you and bring you closer to Him.

  7. Their plan worked. Your covid membership starts with the vaccine! After that…you’ll need regular drug injections. Goodluck!

  8. I’m sorry to make judgement but in this instance I have to. Education is vital for the students who will carry our future and compete with the world. is just really pathetic that students have lost a will to study? That’s just ludicrous ..I go to work every practicing my chosen field at University. Students have one job and that is to study and further their intellectual and emotional growth in order to b a functioning adult. I don’t get this.. how are we going to cosset our children so that they will study??
    What will they do if they don’t study? Anything creative, or mechanical has to be studied and nurtured…Get the kids vaccinated so that they can go back to school and catch up!! Fir God’s sake..not surprising Americans kids fall way behind in level of education from rest of other OECD countries. US will have the childrens of the super rich who can pay for the elite education their money can buy from prep school to Exclusive colleges. As they do now, they will rule US..then we shouldn’t be complaining that they do..

  9. Kids are a lot more adaptable than we give them credit for. But at the same time, a year-long pandemic where they had to learn about the how a deadly virus can disrupt their lives is something that will have long-term emotional and psychological effects.

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