Schumer: 1M People Called Hotline For Covid Funeral Aid On First Day | All In | MSNBC

Schumer: 1M People Called Hotline For Covid Funeral Aid On First Day | All In | MSNBC 1


  1. All these stupid “yes or no” questions or “in one word” questions these interviewers ask get ignored every time. Ask real people questions.

    1. People’s questions like: who is the better team, Lakers or Clippers? Nuggets, 76’s, Heat, Bucks, Jazz… or other questions- which side do you sleep, right or left? Moderna or Pfizer or Janssen?

    1. Eh, I’m good with no more stimulus checks. Instead let’s repair and improve our infrastructure, make the boosts to child tax credit, earned income tax credit, and healthcare subsidies permanent, lower Medicare eligibility age, and much more.

    1. 1m called. Not applied. A lot of that will just be for info. And yeah. Some will be fraudulent. But there’s no fraud in getting info

  2. SCHUMER: “We will NOT allow our colleagues from the GQP drag their heels, and slow everything down WORSE than they did in ’09-10!”

    Hey! Hey Chuck!! Two words for ya there, pally-o…. “Joe Manchin”

    ‘Nuff said.

    1. At least on the COVID relief bill, Manchin didn’t slow much down at all, and not even close to what happened in ’09-10

    2. This American political circus with BS Republican Party always and invariably putting the spanner in the works is a BIG JOKE.

  3. Today in Stable Genius history: “I couldn’t have done any better a job on the corona response” he said when the US hit 20,000 deaths one year ago today.
    530,000 deaths later….🙄

  4. When the snake eats its tail, then what shall be reborn of the conservative christian evangelical republicans disillusionment, and delusions of grandeur?

  5. The idea that anyone would be afraid of Donald Trump is just mind boggling. It has to be something else.
    Afraid of a guy that can’t pronounce or spell words, afraid of a guy that can’t lift a glass with one hand, afraid of a guy that can’t walk down a ramp, afraid of a guy that can’t win without Russian interference…

    1. What they’re afraid is the trump supporters. They helped create the monsters that now they can’t destroy. They know these monsters will attack them if they even speak down of trump.

  6. The Dems promised us HELP and they Delivered and ARE Delivering !!!
    God Bless them!!!
    Keep up the Great Work and you WILL have my next Vote !!!

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