Schumer Announces Senate Has Reached A Power-Sharing Agreement | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


    1. Ok so there’s over 400 bills sitting on McConnell’s desk. I don’t care how you vote on them but please do the right thing and bring them to the Senate floor for discussion on voting. At least that way I can know what my two Senators stand for. Right now it is just all talk.

    2. @Peege Clarke the left can’t obstruct anything if republicans aren’t in charge anymore you moron

    1. @Mark and Obama/ Biden who is going to bring justice to all the countries they bombed. Or hippocraticy don’t allow it?

    2. @Brian Holmes Welcome to the one party system.
      Democrat and Republican =1 party. No one is fighting for us. They only care for their donors needs.

    1. NO!! He might investigate, arrest and charge America’s greatest President and his minion “America’s Greatest Mayor”

    2. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr Google is a great fact checker. You might want to look into it instead of repeating what the GOP wants you to believe.

    3. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr WOW .. I guess there are more of you left. Go on down to Florida, he may have a ball for you to fetch if you’re a good puppy..

  1. Good, and in two years, hopefully even more Republicans will lose their seats in both houses. Only sad thing is we won’t have the courts barring a miracle for way to long a time. But with luck, this is the beginning of the death of the republican party. Vote them out of all offices, and never let them back.

    1. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr got any proof of that fraud? No, didn’t honk so. There litterally isn’t a single piece of evidence to back up the claim of fraud. That’s why 60+ cases were thrown out. And you can’t say that’s part of the cover up. The cases were thrown out by life long Republicans judges, even hard core Trump supporting judges, and even judges Trump appointed. And on top of all that, your side controlled the government at the time. So that whole idea just don’t make sense.

      I know logic, common sense, reason, facts, these hing’s mean nothing to you people, but still have to try.

    2. Bottom line every state red or blue wants term limits for senate and I say for judges as well. There should be 10 years on the limit for judges and 4 at Max for house and senate members. Also get rid of gerrymadering and the electoral college and go by the full 100% representative. How? By popular vote. That was the percentages can’t lie

    3. @Megan Lowery I’d agree with every hing you said, except about judges. I agree for normal ones. But the supreme court I’m not sure. Changing those judges too often seems like a bad thing. But life long is maybe too much. Maybe a few decade long term? I’m not sure.

      I would also add that there needs to be some kind of basic compatency test to hold any elected position. Just testing basic intelligence and common sense. Doesn’t need to be set to high. I know most Republicans will object to this idea. Mainly because there isn’t a single Republican currently in office that could pass such a test, with the exception of Mitt Romney, even if just set to a level your average middle schooler should pass. It should also contain an ethics section.

      And one last bit. In order to be assigned to a committee, they would have to have some kind of qualification for it, and again, pass a test having to do with the subject of said committee. You know, to make sure they actually have any idea at all what they are doing.

      And if you can’t do this, then you are not allowed in the committee. And as for the compatency test to be allowed to hold office. That is taken before the election. This way a person who wins the vote doesn’t get thrown out. They are stopped before hand.

      Again, I know most Republicans will be against this. It would basically make it so no republican is able to hold any elected office for quite a while. And they wouldn’t be able to be on any committees either. The current pool of Republicans just don’t have the intelligence or ability to do pass these simple requirements. But, something like this is needed, to ensure we never again end up with a complete moron with no ability in to any office again.

  2. I’m not sure why this was so hard to do and why it took so long. It was always a smooth transition in Congress for other Presidencies… why did Republicans drag their feet so long..smh…

    1. they like money above all else and want to protect their grabby old party
      white power structure that seems to be dying off….

    2. A long time ago the Republicans gave up mimicking the government, focusing on cheating elections keeps them in power.

  3. Would the GOP have given this same power sharing courtesy to the Dems, if the situation were reversed? I kinda doubt it.

    1. @i love beans; They are more comfortable with a dominating leader, that way no one ever crosses a particular line. Democracy is messy and uncertain and requires vigilance. When you turn it all over to someone you don’t worry about it. ( I ❤️ beans too!)

    1. 😎 EXACTLY!… When is former president, now-Private-Citizen tRump FINALLY getting arrested?? (e.g.: FBI, IRS, SDNY, looking at YOU!) All those pending charges… When can we _finally_ expect *indictments* ??? 😕
      😏 Still waiting for that perp-walk, BEFORE he’s pushing up dandelions, considering his age…!
      (Just asking for a friend.)

    1. @dragonsangel7777 that had nothing to do with the question. But you said. Yes it will get better.right? I don’t agree with you its gonna get bad like real bad. An you can’t blame Trump no more. It will fall on Biden regardless what the media says. I hope im wrong. But its not looking like that so far. I will admit if I’m wrong though.

    2. @John Doe Biden has been in office for less than a month and you think it’s all his fault? I’ll make you a deal, vote blue from now on and I will admit when the Dems. do something bad.

    3. @Brian Holmes Hi Brian Holmes, Mabey I have enough empathy to understand that every human being on this planet is systemically apprehensive towards others with different views. Every single human being has character flaws. Maybe I am so empathetic that I understand that it takes more than feel-good emotions to solve problems.

    4. @Pat Mahinie Oh, you mean like maybe there are good people on BOTH sides,…is that what you mean?? Are you maybe that em-pathetic?

    5. @Brian Holmes Yes Brian, do you not understand that you have evil parts like everyone else. You also have good parts like everyone else.

    1. Unfortunately, technically there’s no clear majority in current Senate. VP is still needed to break ties 😔.

    1. Love it! Or we say to the Republicans:
      “Do you want us to kick you in the nuts or in the face today? Hurry and decide or we’ll do both”.

  4. Power sharing = Dems decide. GOP does as its told. Jim Jordan. Matt Gaetz and associates crawl back into the toilet bowl.

  5. Why must we be the bigger people when they are so petty evil and divisive? Elections have consequences. They lost lost lost. F em.

    1. They are literally willing to end the Republic if they think it’ll grant them another term in office. They are on the side of the violent insurrectionists and their terrorist leader Trump, not America.

    2. Well.. we have to be bigger than them in order to save their slimy butts.
      …sigh.. it’s ,
      .. kind of like He-Man. We
      ..just… sort of have to.
      That’s why we’re called ,
      The good guys . Oh well .
      We’re all in this together .

    1. @Fefv Ffgscb the American people wouldn’t have given all of government to democrats if they wanted negotiation

    2. @Tommy Easton
      Retired Union man at the age 53. Everything I own, including my house is paid for. Ride my Harley & golf every day. Nope, I’m not se;;ing food stamps because I’m not an indoctrinated, knuckle dragging ignorant hillbilly who rails against welfare while being the primary recipient.

  6. DO NOT HESITATE to wield the power that the American voters have placed into your hands. IT IS TIME TO ACT!!!!

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