Schumer: Bill Will Help Prevent Those Trying To 'Subvert Our Elections' 1

Schumer: Bill Will Help Prevent Those Trying To ‘Subvert Our Elections’


Sen. Chuck Schumer voiced his support for a federal elections bill as Republican legislatures pass new voting bills in their states. He assured the bill would help protect voting rights and prevent those attempting to "subvert our elections."

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Schumer: Bill Will Help Prevent Those Trying To 'Subvert Our Elections'


    1. @Frail Bones Biden; Why don’t you give out your personal information, I like a one on one with gd ignorant mf fools.

    2. @Frail Bones Biden again and again and again. Republicans don’t want people to vote because they can’t win the vote off the back of sound policies for the people. And what cheating is there proof of? Zero. Your boy lost because he sucked in the role. Plain and simple, and the people spoke.

    3. @Frail Bones Biden why do you need an ID when you have your ballot?, with your name and address on it?, why?, stop fooling yourself or are you on their side?,

  1. Imagine if Hillary supporters stormed the Capitol. Would the GOP demand an independent commission to investigate the insurrection then?

    1. @Bryce Brogan
      Don’t mind Brogan! He’s still trying to figure out what life would of been like if he would of had oxygen at birth. What a Mook!

    2. @Mike De La Torre
      Hey Torre! You can’t spell and you’re not bright enough to use autocorrect. Wow!

    3. @Leah G
      In the last six years there has been the most extensive investigation of a U.S. President and…..Nothing! Zip! Zilch! Nada! I’m betting Trump left with the *goods* on Democrats and they’re scared Schiffless!
      He’ll never see the inside of a jail cell. You Democrat Bolsheviks have been played by the Media for a looooong time! Mozaka jadda!

  2. Start off with term limits.
    That would be best for the American people, but bad for career politicians that are more intrested in self preservation than actual democracy.

    1. Plus it’s not a partisan solution. Term limits effect both sides. This is the one thing Democrats and the GOP most likely agree on…they simply refuse to limit their own power.

  3. Please give me a reason why we can’t vote Sunday morning that ISNT based somehow on religion. DO IT!

  4. If you have to change the rules of the game to make it easier for yourself to win,
    and harder for your opponent to win,
    then maybe you simply don’t deserve to win.
    Republicans should keep that in mind while they’re busy changing election laws to give themselves an unfair advantage.

  5. We are a failing democracy because of 1) the electoral college 2) plurality voting 3) the Senate 4) money in politics 5) gerrymandering

    1. @Heritage Karma –

      We are both a “republic” and a “democracy”.

      *Representative democracy*

      Most people refer to the USA as a democracy.

      A direct (or pure) democracy was rejected by the founding fathers as “mob rule” or “tyranny of the majority”.

      Both the UK and France operate on representative (or western style) democracy, however their specific form of government is described in more detail. Just like the USA.

      *Federal representative democratic republic* (per our constitution)

      People often switch or omit particular words, (or even add the word constitutional), however, republic is the necessary keyword.

      Using a simple analogy, our republic is the computer, and democracy is the operating system that makes the computer work.

    2. @Bat Boy Like i said Constitutional Republic. yours post is childlike word salad with no point.

  6. Republicans inhumanity to man. It is illegal to refuse someone water when they ask for it. Water is a basic human right.

    1. @olecrowey Repubs will bring beer and sugar drinks, and then slowly die of ailments associated with those drinks – their immense fatty weight and beer guts will bring ’em down to slug level.

    2. @Susan Ford christopher michael langon is the most intelligent man on the planet with an iQ of 200 he votes republican and supports trump

    3. @Susan Ford the only fools are the ones who believe cnn and democrats puffing and spin.. cnn already had to pay out the biggest media fine in history for lies and misinformation and thats just one.. and people still believe em lol schumer saying black people that go to church cant vote lololol … same ole dems spin everything about racism for political points, people are waking up.

    1. @grandma k.
      One thing you need to legally purchase a firearm is an ID. You don’t have to have an ID to vote. Pretty simple grandma…

    1. You’re delusional , Look at gas prices, inflation, Children packed in rooms at the border. You Demoncrats are hypocritical beyond belief.

  7. Well put. Republicans want all the focus on “Voter ID laws” because if they can put *that* on the face of their bills, they’re hoping no one will notice everything stacking up behind it. The only votes they’re trying to “secure” are their own. They figure what they do to liberal voters in their own states is none of our business. They’re very, very wrong.

  8. Mail in voting is the way. I’m fine with ID laws as long as they aren’t unreasonable. Mail in voting creates a more informed voter. Everyone who’s ever voted has gone into a booth and seen ballot issues they don’t really know or understand. Also judges and local officials, like school boards and such. If you have your ballot at home for a few days you can look up the issues and people. Everyone has busy lives and doesn’t pay attention to every issue. We get driver’s licenses, SS cards, medical info, prescriptions, and everything else in the mail. There is no mass fraud GTFO with that nonsense. Signatures are matched to registration so people need to just stop with the fake fraud BS! Push your conspiracy culture elsewhere.

    1. Mail in ballots are not safe from forgery, counterfeiting, undue outside influence, ballot harvesting
      or confidentiality, etc, but you make some good points. So how do we get the first signature to confirm?

    2. fine but that decision should be left to your state legislature and not schumer and the bolsheviks

    3. Republican don’t like mail in voting. That’s how Trump lost the 2020 election. A lot of who are lazy won’t stand in line, or who are working. That’s another way to suppressed minority votes, don’t make it a holiday. Poor people need to work, don’t care about voting.

    4. @Renato Feliciano I don’t object to mail in voting, I object to the lack of secure mail in voting.

  9. The state of American politics and especially the big lie is being laughed at around the world. In any civilised democracy people are encouraged to vote and every opportunity is given to allow them to vote without hassle, in America the exact opposite is happening.

  10. The GOP continues to forward nothing. Come election time, the GOP will have no legs to stand on due to outlandish laws producing voter suppression, the coming legal criminalities and the failed catastrophic Insurrection coup attempt performed on US Capitol grounds on 2021 JAN 6th.

  11. So there are two main parties in the US one of which is against everything and has no policy platform and still wants to govern. This is unique.

  12. Great speech to an empty room because spoiled, lazy Republicans just don’t show up to work, because they don’t have to.

  13. Mitch already said ” the era of bipartisanship is over.” Roll over the top of them. Call your senators and congressman. Let Americans Vote on this bill!

  14. Hypothesis: Forget about mail-in voting, increased voter registration, blah blah blah! The bill does NOTHING about state repub legislatures deciding who wins their state & local elections! It’s not the # of votes cast, it’s who gets to count them!

  15. “Easier to own a gun than to vote,” infuriates me, but apparently seems reasonable to

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