1. There is no need for “hot mics” to understand that the midterm elections will not go well for the Dems.

    1. @Felix There is no need for “hot mics” to understand that the midterm elections will not go well for the Dems. Joe Biden and the Dems are not the favourites among the voters at any polls anymore. But nice try that film to divert the attention from the facts anyhow. lol

  2. Wow, I love how she says, “I’m happy we are getting real info…usually dem candidates come out as being more hopeful.”

    But she says it in a very happy, hopeful way like she’s happy and hopeful to be hearing their own party believes GA and PA are lost and AZ isn’t looking good either

    …the irony is amazing, love it

    1. @Christopher Stuart erroneous. Erroneous on all counts. You’re assuming 18-25 year olds are going to turnout like they did for Obama. It’s more likely going to be like hawks and doves during Vietnam War

      40% of Hispanic voters have moved to republican, 20% of black voters, and you’re going to see probably 50/50 split with young voters (essentially a wash, correct?)

    2. @John W It was a speculation on my part. My question is. . .why did you get so emotional in your response about a mere speculation? It’s as if you comb the data to support your contention.

      There are reports (antedocal yes) of young people voting more this midterm. I follow 538. . .it does have (R)’s with a 86% chance of winning hte house. The Senate. . .pretty much a tie. Either way,j that’s hardly the usual shellacking the opposite party gets in midterms.

      I do agree (D)’s have to focus on Hispanics more. I said that last election. . .it can’t be ALL about the black voting block. I think Roe V Wade has already had an effect. . .how far it will carry, I don’t know.

      My lecture to Conservatives like you is. . .don’t pay attention too much to the polls. You should have learned that by now.

    3. @Christopher Stuart I’m not trying to be a jerk but I don’t know where this magical group of new abortion voters are coming from

      If you place abortion as a critical issue you already show up every election to vote blue.

    4. @Phoenix Blanco Fair enough. . .but women seem to mobilize as voters more. THat has always been the way. Men sit around with their hand in their pants scratching themselves.

      I actually DON”T place abortion at ALL critical. I vote on Constitutijonal issues first (do you want to be a democratic Republic? Republicans don’t, or it’s optional, then economic (do you believe Reaganomics is a panacea? Republicans do) and then cultural issues. . .illusionary CRT in schools, abortion, guns, transgender bathrooms. Republicans tend to vote in reverse.

  3. When I saw hot Mic I was expecting something, well…… Illegal? Everybody talks about the debates, (people who actually care for the country would actually read the policies in full detail) nothing that was said was new information.
    Pathetic reporting.

  4. CNN has been wrong before on their political analysis. So I’m going to take what these commentators say with a grain of salt.

    1. Why did the handlers of Dominion over play their hand?
      Why did any person counting the votes decide to commit fraud?


      SEIU Union members?

      Democrat Poll Watchers?

      USPS UNION members?

      When a man or woman makes decisions out fear; they usually make the wrong choice.


      To Cover Up Pedophilia?
      Crimes Against Humanity !

      Today worldwide, 10 million children are enslaved.       Links near the end.

      Children have no voice.

      Sex is used like a drug. It’s starts with child pornography, then to multiple sexual experiences.

      Worldwide, every 30 seconds a child is snatched for organ harvesting, for slave labor, or for sex slavery.

      In Chinese Peoples Republic’s airports there are even a special boarding lines for couriers
      of human organs.

      Xi Jinping’s, their Don, power is owing to 200 plus gang families, Captains, in China and a many international gang families.

      It is estimated that 60,000 to 100,000 organ transplants take place in China each year. A organ donor may be found in as little less than two weeks.

      Leading to a practice called Transplant Transportation. So many foreigners are flying into China to have an organ transplant operation.

      This means there 60,000 to 100,000 planned killings taking place each year. Who are the victims?

      Political prisoners, jailed practitioners of Falun Gong, and imprisoned Uyghurs, a religious (Muslim) and ethic minority.

      Adult men and women are placed into slavery (housekeepers)for sex slavery, slave labor.

      Each year in America 800,000 children are reported as missing.

      In the UK 300 children go missing every day. That’s 109,000 children per year who go missing in the United Kingdom.

      The average age of an American trafficked child is 12 years of age. Children, even new borns are used for sex, used for food and for satanic rituals.

      Children are born without a birth certificate. Why and how?
      Children are produced on a birthing farm. Without a birth certificate a child is not a registered person; the child is property and may be sold or traded without a trace.

      The average user of child porn and pedophilia, is a male 30 years of age or older and a father of two children.

      Children are being sex trafficked while living in their parents’ home.
      Why and how?
      By threatening the trafficked child, the trafficker will kill their parents and or threaten to traffick their brothers and sisters.

      Each child will bring the trafficker $250,000 + – because the trafficker is able to rent the child (prostitute) over and over.

      The Democrats and Republicans In Name Only (RINOs) are in the process of protecting and promoting another worldwide slavery/pedophilia market; even larger and more horrific than the worldwide slave markets of the 16th through the 19th Centuries.

      Who is involved in child slavery??
      Business people to politicians, journalists, bureaucrats, teachers, family men, construction workers, priests, churchmen, who are actively seeking; or they are compromised under the satanic jackboot of one or more worldwide gangster families and or under the thumb of a gangster government.

      A cottage industry
      There has been an huge home business built around this model. Farms, snatching, selling children for snuff parties or renting out children for sex parties. Some very prominent people are involved in the parties.

      We used to put pictures of missing children on milk containers, but then there began to be too many missing children.

      Besides, it became too disturbing and worrisome for the average American family to see dead, or exploited children for sex slavery, or for grueling menial labor or for organ harvesting.

      Remember: Only the best gangsters go to Congress

    2. Most hot mic reveals are people being honest. That’s kind of the point. It’s the stuff they aren’t saying publicly.

    3. Yeah anyone would say the same thing. Walker should win Georgia by a landslide – it’s Georgia. The fact that it’s even close reflects how much of a dumba$$ Walker really is.

    1. The exception was Republicans listening during the impeachment trials as they watched animal porn. They did not hear one fkn word.
      When Trump is ever in front of a jury defending one of his crimes, the jury needs to do the same thing.
      As soon as Trump lawyer starts talking. Get on their phones.

  5. That’s not a hot mic. He was talking normal saying something normal and real. Not like he was hiding something.

    1. @kkHonestly, people on both sides are shallow and gullible, though one group is statistically more well-read, media-literate, college educated, affluent, and better at discerning misinformation from verifiable sources.

      (Hint: it’s not the Trump followers).

  6. “Make sure of two things. Be careful – microphones are always hot, and understand that in Washington, D.C., a gaffe is when you tell the truth. So, be careful”.~ Joe Biden

    1. @Oscuro Brando Hope you enjoy chaos, lies, and people back stabbing you for money, power and greed. This won’t affect me because we are leaving.

    2. What is coming? The insurrectionist, law breaking, fascist party called the GOP is going to lose again? The same people that have no respect for the rules of law who now wants to be called lawmakers? What an irony!!

  7. Shumer : “we’re in trouble in Georgia and ” …. Biden : ” who are you ? Who took my ice cream ” .

  8. Mr. President, our tactic of finding anonymous accusers towards Mr. Walker wanting women to remove a clump of cells is not working.

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