Schumer Discusses Letter Dems Sent To FBI Over ‘Foreign Interference Campaign’ | All In | MSNBC

“If people don’t want that to happen, they’re playing with the wellspring of our democracy.” Sen. Schumer says top Dems have demanded FBI Director Wray brief Congress on “foreign interference campaign.” Aired on 7/20/2020.
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Schumer Discusses Letter Dems Sent To FBI Over ‘Foreign Interference Campaign’ | All In | MSNBC


    1. @Ann van de Kew: He also forgot to say “again” at the end. For all this southern talk going on, I’m not hearing a lot about iced lemonade and mint juleps.

    2. @Bob Hope , A racist, an adulterer, and a criminal walk into a McDonald’s …
      The cashier asks, “What can I get you Mr. Trump?”

    1. How is McConnell working for Russia? By sanctioning/bombing Russia’s allies: Iran Syria and Venezuela? Mitch is being blackmailed by Epstein/Z l 0 Mafia (per a former member of intel) and the Collusion to get Trump elected was done by freakin’ l s r a e I. You all HAVE to start figuring this out soon

  1. Putin is loving this chaos and corruption in the good old USA Trump should move to Russia where he belongs.

  2. The GOP has a political alliance with Putin and the Russia United Party. That’s why GOP members are regularly visiting Moscow.

  3. One positive aspect of this pandemic is that it has removed the glossy/shiny layer of American exceptionalism and exposed a disgusting rotten core.
    A rotten core that consists of massive wealth inequality, millions without medical insurance (before the pandemic), flat wages for working-class, failed trickle-down economics, police brutality, never-ending wars, homelessness crisis, millions unemployed, high suicide rate for veterans, opioid crisis, millions in prison for non-violent crimes, etc.

  4. I’ll vote for t’rump if he goes on live television and counts back from 100 by 7. Without help. And without messing up.
    That said, I think California can consider my Biden vote in the bag. 😉

  5. Thank- You Chuck Schumer for your perseverance to quell this covert diabolical activity that is being accepted and supported against our country. God Bless🇺🇸

  6. I encounter many Russian tRolls day in day out every day on Social Media here trying to interfere & misinform & outright lie.1, 2, 3, bingo incoming as they are working overtime & into feverish hyper-drive the closer we get to The Election!

    1. @CShield Exactly. There’s a direct relationship between the frequency of their posts and how much they know they are losing. They’ve been very frantic lately.

  7. Thank you chuck for rigging McConnell’s reelection endorsing a pro trump democrat to run against him.

  8. Facebook and Twitter revealed evidence suggesting that Russian efforts to interfere in our elections are getting more sophisticated and harder to detect. The companies said they have removed dozens of fake accounts and pages from their services.

    Facebook said the network of accounts it removed was in the “early stages” of building an audience. It was operated by people in Ghana and Nigeria on behalf of individuals in Russia. The accounts posted about topics such as black history, celebrity gossip and fashion.

    Twitter, meanwhile, said the accounts it removed tried to sow discord by emphasizing social issues such as race and civil rights without favoring any particular candidate or ideology.

    Russian efforts to manipulate American social media have grown more sophisticated since the summer of 2016, when they were often easy to spot. One study discovered that on Twitter alone, for five weeks in September and October 2016, about 400,000 bots made nearly 19% of all tweets about the presidential election.

    The accounts Facebook took down focused on stoking racial divisions. Some posed as legitimate non-governmental organizations in order to deceive people.

    FBI Director Christopher Wray warned that Russia was still waging “information warfare” with an army of fictional social media personas and bots that spread disinformation.

    Your stereotypical trolls do exist on social media, but the amateurs aren’t a threat to Western democracy. Professional trolls, on the other hand, are the tip of the spear in the new digital, ideological battleground. To combat the threat they pose, we must first understand them — and take them seriously.

    On August 22, 2019, @IamTyraJackson received almost 290,000 likes on Twitter for a single tweet. The account turned out to be a fake Russian troll account. Put in perspective, the typical tweet President Trump sends to his 67 million followers gets about 100,000 likes. That viral tweet by @IamTyraJackson was innocent: an uplifting pair of images of former pro football player Warrick Dunn and a description of his inspiring charity work building houses for single mothers. For an anonymous account that had only existed for only a few months, “Tyra” knew her audience well. Warrick’s former coach, Tony Dungy, retweeted it, as did the rapper/producer Chuck D. Hundreds of thousands of real users viewed Tyra’s tweet and connected with its message. For “Tyra,” however, inspiring messages like this were a tool for a very different purpose.

    The purpose of the Tyra account was not to spread heartwarming messages to Americans. Rather, the tweet about Warrick Dunn was really a Trojan horse to gain followers in a larger plan by a foreign adversary. @IamTyraJackson was an account operated by the successors to Russia’s Internet Research Agency (IRA). Mueller indicted the IRA for waging a massive information war during the 2016 election. Since then, the IRA seems to have been subsumed into Russia’s Federal News Agency, but its work continues. In the case of that fake account, the IRA’s goal was two-fold: Grow an audience in part through heartwarming, inspiring messages, and use that following to spread messages promoting division, distrust, and doubt.

    The quality of Russia’s work has been honed over several years and millions of social media posts. They have appeared on Instagram, Stitcher, Reddit, Google+, Tumblr, Medium, Vine, Meetup, and even Pokémon Go, demonstrating not only a nihilistic creativity, but also a ruthless efficiency in volume of production. The IRA has been called a “troll farm,” but they are undoubtedly a factory..

  9. The FBI’s  “Operation Ghost Stories”  was a counter-espionage operation against Andrey Bezrukov and Yelena Vavilova, a Russian spy couple who were part of the Illegals Program, a network of Russian sleeper agents who were arrested in 2010.

    Donald Heathfield and Tracy Lee Ann Foley had been living for two decades in Canada and then in Europe before they ever set foot in the U.S. to start spying for Russia here. We now know that the FBI was on to them as spies as soon as they got here. In the 80s, these two Russian spies stole their new names and identities from deceased Canadian kids from the 1960s, and under those identities, they started a fake life in Toronto. 

    Although their spy life started in Canada, ultimately, the goal of this spy operation, the reason they were deployed by Russian intelligence in the first place was not to spy on Canada, but instead, to spy on the America.

    The couple lived in Toronto through the ’80s and ’90s. In the ’90s, Donald 
    Heathfield and Tracy Lee Ann Foley had two sons. The spy couple  spoke both French and English at home with their boys. They didn’t speak Russian at home with their boys even though they were from Russia and were native Russian speakers. Their sons had no idea that their parents were Russian at all.

    In 2010, when a federal indictment against these spies was unsealed, the details of what this spy couple was assigned to do here in the U.S. by their handlers in Russia was revealed. The FBI’s investigation has revealed that a network of illegals is now living and operating in the U.S. in the service of one primary long-term goal, to become sufficiently Americanized such that they can gather information about the U.S. for Russia, and can successfully recruit sources 
    who are in or are able to infiltrate U.S. policy making circles.

    They were getting information out of specific individuals in America, and reporting back to Moscow, individuals like a person who had worked in Congress as a legislative counsel, an economics professor who had contacts in Congress and with Washington policymakers. Donald Heathfield reported to Moscow that he had established contact with a former high ranking U.S. government national security official. Heathfield also made contact with a U.S. official working on nuclear weapons at a U.S. government research facility. 

    The FBI was watching them and collecting intel on their operations for that whole 10 year period. The FBI during that time had also put microphones inside the spy’s house. The Russian spies had no clue how much the FBI was on to them, and that their house was bugged. The FBI had secretly gone inside their house on multiple occasions. They had photographed their notes and letters. The FBI also got into a safe deposit box they used to send encrypted messages.

    The lead case agent for Donald Heathfield and Tracy Lee Ann Foley at the FBI, the FBI agent who led this covert FBI operation that monitored those two Russian spies for years, all the surveillance these trained Russian spies were unable to detect, all the intelligence collected on them from right under their noses, and breaking their codes, was an FBI agent named Peter Strzok.

    Strzok, who served 4 years in the 101st Airborne, won a medal for his work on that case. He also worked on other Russian spy rings in the U.S. and Chinese spy rings in the U.S. Over more than 20 years at the FBI, he rose to become the senior agent on all espionage cases at the Washington field office at the FBI. Ultimately, he rose from there to become the head of the counterintelligence division for the whole FBI.

    It makes perfect sense why Trump would attack Peter Strzok, and eventually have him fired from the FBI. Strzok was the senior FBI agents responsible for catching Putin’s spies here in America. Putin helped get Trump elected, and Trump returned the favor by going after the FBI and getting some of their most experienced and best qualified agents removed.  I’m sure Putin was very pleased. And like a loyal Russian asset, Trump continues to attack America’s intelligence agencies.

  10. Is l s r a e I’s influence being checked because their evil Likud is who put Trump in office: same people connected to Epstein Maxwell Wexner Lauder Bronfman Silverstein Adelson etc etc etc

  11. Must be the Russian collusion evidence he’s been saving up and didn’t use for the impeachment…….

  12. And what are the republicans doing?
    Saying it is not happening. Claiming it is all political …and cashing their payoff checks.

    VOTE! Anything but republican in 2020, 2022 and 2024.

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