Schumer: Republicans Are ‘So Divided’ They Cannot Come Up With A Coronavirus Plan | MSNBC


    1. @A Republic If You Can Keep It. That was last week!!!!! This week Trump likes masks. LOL Trump is going down in flames and he knows it. Now Trump “Likes” Fauci and he now likes masks. Next thing you know Trump will like Obama. What a crazy world.

    2. Gabe Dudley Trump just started wearing a mask after six months as a campaign strategy and everyone knows it but you. And stop politicizing wearing a mask. Left or right has nothing to do with science. Get a clue.

    3. @Gabe Dudley A mask just like the Trump virus doesn’t care what political group us humans are in.

    1. @Eat my Shorts Maybe, but that’s not important. What is important is that he’s where bills go to die just to support Trump.

  1. Several stimulus relief bills and heros act we’re passed by the Democrat house months ago and is sitting on Mitchs desk. Why can’t they just take up those bills?

    1. Senators wanting to get re-elected and their base may be the only thing that tides them over.

    2. *Quite simply, because they make sense and there’s no way for Republicans to steal any of the money!*

    3. Because they had a lot of hidden things in the hero’s act that had nothing to do with corona!!
      The real problem with the republican point of view is they expect everything to open over night! They have agreed on the amount they will pay us (pennies) just not all their big corporations money..

    1. In case nobody has noticed the Government is beyond broke. Printing money is not going to solve our issues.

  2. “If we nominate tRump, we will get destroyed…and we will deserve it.” Senator Lindsey Graham, 3 May 2016

    1. Six months past is all the history you know. Now go burn something like your own neighborhood.

    2. +Patrick Kingfisher Kennedy
      The metaphorical balls of this current incarnation of the GOP can be seen to consist of a withered sack and a couple of tiny dessicated peas.

    3. @Bottlestopper Ok Jethro, remember school starts soon, maybe this time you’ll graduate the 6th grade.

  3. Call your republican senators (actually pick up the phone and call them)! They’re mostly old white men, so they mainly only respond to landline calls and voicemails. (-_-)

    1. Yes that is the only way they listen, I am sure Mitch has already got thousands of calls. Hence the rush by him to pass more stimulus.

  4. They’re driven by religious fundamentalists.
    They can’t MAKE IT SEEM LIKE a biblical plague unless they get EVERYONE infected.

  5. The disjointed response of the Republican senate who, just yesterday, learned the virus might be real. Vote ’em all out!

  6. Trump’s plan from the start was to divide America and grab the money. Now we see the real consequences of this insanity – economic collapse and massive deaths.

  7. 250,000 dead by the election and thousands more until January….
    They all have one thing they agree on,,,,more for them and nothing for the citizenry.

  8. So, now you know how Republicans value American People and their Lifes.
    (For the ones in last row: THEY DON’T CARE IF YOU DIE OR NOT.)

  9. Every time Republicans are in office they prove its all about corruption, power and money…. not American lives

    1. The last 3 republicans have taken us into recession and the last 3 democratic presidents have taken us out of recession

  10. ‘A good tree does not produce bad fruit.’
    For all the “good” people claimed to be Republicans, they sure do produce a lot of “bad” ideas.

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