Schumer Says Greed Structure For Trump's Impeachment Trial Is 'Eminently Fair'' | MSNBC 1

Schumer Says Greed Structure For Trump’s Impeachment Trial Is ‘Eminently Fair” | MSNBC


Sen. Chuck Schumer spoke on the Senate floor to discuss the structure for the impeachment trial of former President Trump. He said that the structure was "eminently fair" and assured that the proceedings were constitutional despite Republican objections. Aired on 2/8/2021.
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Schumer Says Greed Structure For Trump's Impeachment Trial Is 'Eminently Fair'' | MSNBC


  1. First they claimed he couldn’t be tried while he was in-office and now they say he can’t be tried out of office. Which is it??? GOP = Greed Over People

  2. Gee, he was tweeting what a coward Pence was and his mob was yelling to hang Pence. I wonder if he had any influence over the insurrection?

    1. @brushcreek42 Showing us how the US education system works? Other countries have free speech child. And yes thank you I am enjoying my peaceful life. Put down the guns and pick up a book.

    1. Well I am above the law so what??, Cutting my arms is my right bleeding daily is my right cops and doctors are not the law, of my health nor my life, I will never obey to system of Justice

  3. “Must be truth and accountability If we are going to move foreword, heal and bring our country together once again.” Amen, pray for justice!

    1. You meant forward/s, which means going ahead, foreword, is a short introductory essay preceding the text in a book………
      I hope that you will take this in the spirit of honest help, in which it’s given, and not as a put down, because everyone makes mistakes sometimes, and I definitely do it myself, which is why I proof read most of my comments before I hit the send button/arrow at the bottom right…………….

    2. @brushcreek42 I fell exactly the opposite. It is not unconstitutional and he must be held responsible, other wise politicians after him will use this to get away with their crimes. Accountability will let the nation heal.

  4. Again, he committed the Crime while still being president, the impeachment started before he left office. The trial is a continuation of the impeachment process.

    1. interesting point but either way the disqualification clause says he can be tried and if found guilty, disqualified from future office. don’t remember the clause number anymore been out of school too long ago, but the disqualification clause is quite clear. in fact, it took an act of Congress to reinstate all of the confeds who led the original insurrection. don’t you hate history teachers, we never shut up.

    2. @Trey Black Your logic makes no sense. Its like saying a person murdered someone, but then became a president and that person can’t be tried for the murder because they’re now in office and no longer a citizen. It’s not political, it’s about holding a person responsible for the deaths that occurred that January

    3. @Nceb Trump told someone to murder ? When ? Who? You can’t make crap up and twist someone’s words which is what you’re doing!

    4. @Nceb There are no words of incitement! What are they? I don’t get how liberals are making lies up from something he did not say! Is it that you hate him so bad you’re willing to lie and prove that YOU lack character?

  5. Responsibility has consequences. Leadership has consequences. Holding a political office, its responsibilities and leadership, has consequences. Abuse the responsibilities and suffer the consequences – imagine that.

    1. And elections have consequences – mitch mcconnell. If the Dems do not wield the power they have now, they will lose it and be voted out in 2022 and 2024. Do something Chuck, do something Nancy and do something Joe, be something more than the “do nothing” Democrats

  6. If doctors were in charge they might remove the infection first.
    If you are going to expect healing, that is.

  7. Enough of the lies, the blaming others, and deflecting. It is time that our government officials do the right thing according to the constitution. Enough is enough.

  8. Republicans may feel they have a need to ignore reality, to “save” their party- at any cost- which is NO DIFFERENT than trump ignoring reality, trying to “steal” the election- at any cost.

  9. In their eyes: it is constitutional when impeaching a democrat, it is not constitutional when impeaching a republican. Thus, the laws only apply to democrats, republicans are above the law.

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