Schumer Speaks After Jan. 6th Commission Vote Fails In Senate 1

Schumer Speaks After Jan. 6th Commission Vote Fails In Senate


Moments after Senate Republicans blocked legislation that would have formed an independent commission to investigate the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said that the minority stopped American people from learning the "full truth" about the attack.
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    1. Manchin is to the Republicans what Trump was to the Kremlin. Maybe not actually employed by them, but doing the job as if he literally was.

    2. Joe Manshit doesn’t really care about bipartisanship. It’s just what he tells himself and others. He just wants to keep his seat. And the only way he knows how, is to play both sides.

  1. “When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.” The beautiful soul Maya Angelou.

    1. Yup the Democratic Party showed us all summer long Burning and looting our cities… still going on in Portland,

    2. So the Republicans have blocked the investigation into the terrorist act of January 6. I remember when the Republicans used to frown upon treason. Way to go, guys.

  2. I’m not sure why the people involved should get a say in whether or not they’re investigated.

    1. @Eric Staples Hey Eric! Those weren’t riots, they were protests. And if you can’t see the difference between people protesting police and systemic racism after some 400 years of extreme abuse and and moronic Trump supporters following a wannabe dictator, you’re more stupid than you thought.

    2. @Eric Staples I understand though. If you didn’t see the January 6th insurrection, maybe you’ve never seen the countless videos documenting police violence/hatred/bias against non-white males that is habitually practiced in this country.
      God bless you

    3. @Eric Staples …and if you’ve ever read a real history book, you would know that the US has a long history of creating/producing false conflicts where we’ve pinned the problem on the “enemy” where it was convenient to sway public opinion – so do you really think we received an accurate account from the press?

    4. @Mike W Mike W…as in an alias for the well known troll Mike Williams? so, troll, who died during the inauguration? are we talking anyone in the country? the world? Say, state your sources, etc…you know the drill. But Trump and his cohorts got people killed by their reckless rhetoric, and many more injured. to say otherwise is a declaration of either stupidity or complicity. go ahead…tell us.

    1. @Debra Shuff Just can’t wait to have John Fetterman be our next senator! He totally deserves it!

    2. Vote in a Democrat, you guys in PA are the bread and butter of what the Democratic Party used to be and still should be, its ‘leadership’ is letting down people like you with its overtures to the extreme social liberals but we can fix that by putting the right people in office… certainly not by electing clowns from the other ‘side’

    3. @awakeningspirit20 I’ve been a resident of PA for most of my life & I never realized how many white supremacist there are in the North/Western part of the state along with the littler hick towns. That part of the state kind of reminds me of the banjo playing part of the movie “Deliverance”.

  3. People that may have been complicit in the attack voting on whether to investigate it or not?

    Conflict of interest much?

    What a joke

    1. @Brihaspati Dattatreya trump controls the national gaurd in DC the governor and mayor have no control except local police

    2. Kevin Jenkins
      They keep saying we need two major political parties, but I disagree. We do not need the Republican Party. Republicans are the people who are hindering this country from becoming a Democracy.

    3. Anybody that runs for political office more than 2 terms is a wanna be tyrant. Anybody who has been in office for 30+ years is a tyrant. People who for tyrants can gtfo.

    4. @Ulysses Grant 40+ year politicians. Sure. That’s some democracy. Ask the Bernie bros what they think about democrats. They got a taste of the DNC voter fraud before republicans did.

  4. They need to do an independent inquest like you would do with any crime. They had plenty of time and money for BENGHAZI.

    1. @Foca Seal there is a Grand Jury in Fulton county, Georgia investigating that for a while now

    2. @Debby He Education matters in life, without a Education you beleave things that are false, stop watching Fake Fox News


    4. @lga Brac you should actully learn more before commenting, or maybe you don’t speak english very well, there are over 500 cases, in federal courts, investigations are being done by the FBI, and the US Department of Justice as well, but that’s the actual charges, the commission would have gotten more evidence a out the people who were in Government that were involved, and the Republicans want to his that as much atls they can, because of 2022, senate and congress voting

  5. I mean, in all actuality, why would those responsible for the insurrection want to investigate it tho?

  6. *Then scrap the bipartisan commission and hold your own hearings, with an empty chair present for each Republican missing from what would have been a bipartisan commission. USE YOUR MAJORITY POWER!*

    1. The problem with a Democrat only hearing is that half the country won’t believe it. Half the country believes the election was rigged and 1 in 5 people (20% of Americans) actually believe the government is made up of Satan worshipping pedophiles and President Biden is the leader. They will NEVER believe a Democrat investigation was truthful.

    2. @Alstroemeria227 if I can multi-task at work, so can they. The problem is, Republicans can only do 1 task… block absolutely everything the Democrats try to do so in 4 years they can say “Biden didn’t accomplish anything”. The same thing happens when there’s a Republican in the White House. Nothing ever gets done.

    3. @Nancy Willaby We’ll see what happens in the years to come. You never know what could happen. Like for example, imagine you’re back in 2019. If I were to tell you that in 2020 the whole world would be locked down during the spring for two months because of a novel virus, that people were going to be forced to wear masks when they left their homes, that Trump would act like there wasn’t a virus and that the economy would tank due to his ineptitude to control said virus, that *Joe Biden* would chosen out of all the Democratic nominees and then actually *win* against Trump after one of the craziest elections in US history and then that Trump would pretty much tell his supporters to stage a coup against the US government so Biden wouldn’t be president, *you probably wouldn’t believe me.* Whatever kind of magic was in the air in 2020 seems to still be around. We have a year and (since it’s technically June now) 5 months until the 2022 primaries. A lot can happen to change minds between now and then, that change will only be apparent then(if they don’t *audit* it or something)

    4. @Nancy Willaby Republicans no longer have any real ideals or agenda which is why they’re bowing to Trump. No one would vote Republican if they knew what was really going on; all Republicans want us to do is take us backwards(climate change, voting rights, wars, etc.)

    1. In the end the only way to fix them is like how we did it in 1861. “Oh but those were dEmOcRaTz!!!” In name only. That party no longer exists under the D, it now wears the R and has gotten a lot stupider and uncultured. You literally can’t change people like this until a war of attrition occurs and you completely annihilate them and rebuild from the ashes.

    2. @Jackson Willbert yes, locking up political opponents. But locking up convicted criminals is justice.

  7. “Republican state legislators, seizing on the big lie, are conducting the greatest assault on voting right since Jim Crow…” Remember those words.

    1. Remember this: Bipartisanship is dead. Long live partisan ship. It was inevitable, but now clear. Carpe diem Dems.

    2. Don the Con has managed to destroy the GOP and he is still planning on destroying the Country.He must not be allowed to hold any more rallies where he will continue to rile his base and he must not be allowed to re run for office.Time to put the Criminal behind bars and throw away the key.

  8. Why do possible criminals get to determine if they would like to be investigated for possible crimes.

    1. @WildTurkey_24 pretty much have to have Evidence of a crime, and present it in court, you know like what happened to all Trump’s Çampain staff in 2016, federal crimes

    2. @Sherry Russo the criminal investigation, only includes the people the FBI arrested at the capitol, it does not include the senators and members of congress who were involved, that’s why they don’t want a investigation, they were part of the plan, serriously

    3. @Tradeladder you mean the most powerful country in the world, biggest and best Military, biggest and Best world wide Economy, what is your amazing country, because I garantee that they are not #1 in the world, the USA is and always will be

    4. @Russ K very well put, Treason happened in the 2016 Election, and then 4 years of Trump trying to destroy Americia, I’m guessing but probably the money he owes, Putin was and still is his buddy, China as well

    5. @Sherry Russo then you should move to Russia, because Trump should be charged with Treason in 2016, Russian interference In our election, but you being very uneducated , you beleave a guy who has not told the Truth in over 50 years, Trump did not just become a crook, he’s been one since the 70’s, BUT NOW HE WILL GO TO PRISON, AS WELL AS HIS FAMILY

  9. This guy needs to get a whole lot angrier, otherwise I’m thinking he and all the Dems in Washington are in on the whole goings on. Handwringing ain’t gonna do anything.

  10. They always say they speak for the unborn. Well we’re speaking for the victims of Jan 6th. Not the Dems or repubs that were in the capitol building that day. But the regular workers and capital officers, who were there just doing their jobs.

    Mitch McConnell and his personal favor request of republicans. Shame.

    1. You are correct and nobody recognizes those innocent people who had NO IDEA that they where in danger

    2. How about for the ONE person killed, murdered that day? The only one. An unarmed citizen. A veteran.

  11. I support a full, and complete investigation of the events leading up to, surrounding, and contributing to January 6th. Let the chips fall where they may. Truth or consequences.

    1. When Pelosi announces the new, Democrat-controlled Commission. Republicans are f**king themselves over.

  12. For every action — there is an equal and opposite reaction . The paty of “no ” has to go . We will meet them at the voting both .

  13. Weren’t they blaming “Antifa” for the insurrection?
    Answer: YES!
    Then why wouldn’t republicans want the commission to happen?
    Answer: Because they knew who was also involved and it’s GOP, and Trump’s base.

  14. Joe Manchin: “We need to keep the filibuster to allow and enable bipartisanship between parties”
    Mitch Micconnel (senate minority leader): “100% of my focus is on stopping and voting against all of the Biden Administration’s and Democrats legislation and plans”
    Joe Manchin: “Bipartisanship and cooperation is possible, don’t tell me it’s not possible. We need to keep the filibuster even though Mitch is using it to stop debate on most policies and prevent progress.”

    1. @chabber close your ears America to the lies on both sides,these politicians on both sides sew the seeds of separation, while advertising fast food,,see the big picture, may peace be with us all,the American people

    2. How does Joe Manchin dare to call himself a democrat when he won’t stand up to save our democracy?

  15. We need a senate with a lot more courage and a lot less “being afraid of their own shadow”.

  16. “The party of Law & Order” what a joke… Good luck on future elections GOP, you have doomed yourself.

    1. @ryan hayes
      Good gawd, save some koolaide for the other Quanon kooks instead of hogging it all for yourself.

    2. @joyce roberts u think i wanna type that more than once? Does the fact that i copied and pasted it make it less true?

    3. @Robert Way you resort to snark comments and stupid jokes because u cant debate and u dont actually know anything. Debunk 1 thing i just said i beg u…

    4. @ryan hayes A couple of people were caught with guns and another had his pickup loaded with Molotov cocktails. So much for that narrative

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