Schumer Speaks Out At Anti-Hate rally: 'Hate Against One Is Hate Against All’ | MSNBC 1

Schumer Speaks Out At Anti-Hate rally: ‘Hate Against One Is Hate Against All’ | MSNBC


Sen. Chuck Schumer spoke out against Asian-hate at rally in New York City. The senator said, “we will not tolerate” hate crimes.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Schumer Speaks Out At Anti-Hate rally: 'Hate Against One Is Hate Against All’ | MSNBC


  1. “The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.”
    ― John F. Kennedy

    1. You tell us not to hate. But you must give the victims of the China virus bioweapon attack justice instead of trying to hide it all with lies.
      Justice will help cure the hate.
      Give the People Justice against the Communist China!

    2. @Shiro Ishii well that’s a little extreme. How about we just nuke their narrative and sue them for damages. Money hurts worse than war.

    3. CasinoVa Beach 560,000 Americans and the natural reaction to that – if those are your friends and family, is ALOT of rage. 560,000 rightfully angry families is a time bomb which we must diffuse.
      But ignoring and suppressing that China murdered them is not the way.

  2. In the words of Marvin Gaye

    Mother, mother
    There’s too many of you crying
    Brother, brother, brother
    There’s far too many of you dying
    You know we’ve got to find a way
    To bring some loving here today, yeah

    [Verse 2]
    Father, father
    We don’t need to escalate
    You see, war is not the answer
    For only love can conquer hate
    You know we’ve got to find a way
    To bring some loving here today, oh (Oh)
    cket lines (Sister) and picket signs (Sister)
    Don’t punish me (Sister) with brutality (Sister)
    Talk to me (Sister), so you can see (Sister)
    Oh, what’s going on (What’s going on)
    What’s going on (What’s going on)
    Yeah, what’s going on (What’s going on)
    Oh, what’s going on

  3. Then stop allowing domestic terrorists acting as if “All Lives Matter” is hate speech.
    ….when it’s statement of the obvious.

  4. People committed crime needs to be punished and put in jail. Stop the revolving door policy. If you do the crime, you do the time.

  5. Trump’s racism is like COVID: just because he doesn’t admit it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

    1. @NBK …. no Trump takes no.1 place for that !!! He is the winner on this one ! (LOSER most other times … )

    1. Amen, my friend. Honestly though? Someone needs to speak to the police liaison officers who talk to the press? When a minority commits an atrocity, they are rightly labelled as a, “monster.” When a white guy does the same thing, “he’s just having a bad day.” Funny how no one even talks about the motives of a minority shooter? We think we already know it? If that isn’t institutional racism, what is? And, if it’s allowed to go unremarked upon, we’re allowing its insidious, egregious effects to contaminate us all.

  6. i just hope no one messes with these protests,this is democracy working,love it,hope you all keep it up

    1. BLM are supporting them, and they’re famously peaceful, and known for policing their own protestors. That’s why they have a New York city square named after them, and the Fascist movement doesn’t. So, it will stay peaceful, unless some Alt-Wrong police chief tries to create trouble, by tear gassing and rushing them all?

  7. We have to push back on #45’s malicious intent for “The Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave”. Courage!

    1. @Ash Roskell go back and watch that in slow mo. Biden was fumbling multiple time and as soon as he was back on his feet he went right back to stomping up the stairs.

      Beyond that we have a glaring contradiction. CNN already posted February that biden’s foot fracture was completely healed, his broken foot was also a year ago.
      Election integrity was called into question by half the states making this the divided states of america and youd do well to stop touting your victory without knowing your battle.

      So yes his cognitive abilities are in decline, such as when I also “discredited” him when I bring up how he has called the Kamala harris the president of the United States twice and made no attempt to change his mind to say that was a mistake. Or believing diplomacy was telling the russian world superpower that it’s leader is a killer with no soul who will be getting consequences soon but tell the chinese dictator that his concentration camps won’t be bothered.

    2. @Walter Kai Yuen Pang I’m sorry Walter I didn’t see you reply to me yesterday.

      Walter stay with me. If we’re talking about why Biden is mentally not functioning you can’t bring up Trump or anything about Trump. That doesn’t matter, he’s not your president and when I say that to you that’s a reason why it doesn’t matter because we’re talking about Trump. No one is taking away your freedom of speech, that is a horrible argument.

    3. @Gage King … no probs. Thanks for communicating. You seem to be writing because that’s how you feel & that’s your opinion.( which is fine ) …

      However , there are MANY like Judy & Shiro Ishii…. who ARE 100% TROLL accounts who most likely are getting payed to Troll by someone ( so it’s NOT there personal beliefs / opinions ) , and everything they comment IS to praise Trump & rubbish Biden !!!

      As I said , i don’t support either ….

    4. @Walter Kai Yuen Pang Yeah I don’t support the constant supporting being done either. No problem Walter.

    5. @Gage King …. Sorry if I came across a bit arsey , been coming across too many TROLLS saying the most outrageous / ridiculous things, and lumped you in with them.

      ( good to be able to disagree without EXTREME abuse )

  8. This kind of visibility among the people really elevates a leading politician into a caring individual.

  9. Thank you Senate Majority Leader Schumer. The Senate hasn’t had real leadership since Senator Harry Reid was the majority leader.

    1. @J Groovy Not ridiculous at all. Democrats paved the way to the racism we know today. If it wasn’t for them putting on white bed sheets and Burning lower case tees while chasing run away slaves, racism today could’ve turned out completely different. Maybe the bed sheets would’ve been rainbow colored. Lol

    2. @Chris Young That makes no sense. The parties simply don’t claim the same issues as they used to. Are you really trying to say the hate groups can’t stop because Dems started it?

    3. @Chris Young yes, back in the days democrats where shitheads who formed KKK. Nowadays the republicans have the title of being the party of racists and KKK.

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