Schumer: Trump Admin Prolonging Nation's Agony, Avoiding Science | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Schumer: Trump Admin Prolonging Nation’s Agony, Avoiding Science | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Senator Chuck Schumer talks with Rachel Maddow the Trump administration's decision to limit the freedom of the coronavirus task force members to testify before Congress, and accuses the administration of prolonging the hardships from the coronavirus by avoiding scientific truth. Aired on 05/04/2020.
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Schumer: Trump Admin Prolonging Nation's Agony, Avoiding Science | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. This is what psychopaths always do…..the worst possible decisions and the worst possible consequences.

    1. That’s pseudo-intellectual gibberish. You’re just making up something that sounds smart to MSNBC viewers.

    2. @Jon Doe
      Sure which all failed. How do you bankrupt a casino? Stupidity and ignorance. Daddy gave him 1/2 billion dollars.

    3. Annamaria, I’m not sure who you are referring too, but Chuck Schumer is playing games with our Constitution.

    1. @j welsh Funny … what for? I am the healthiest man on the planet. Never been to a doctor and not plan to do so… you can have that if you like, I never did, and don’t use pharma drugs now, why change that?

    2. david bellamy you are not thinking for yourself – if you did – meaning if you actually watched his meetings, press conferences – actually took the time to watch them – you could not conclude this – logically speaking. Would be impossible. You are revealing yourself. Shill? Larp?

    3. VladI Why are you describing this video and all of the people in this comment thread?

  2. The republicans are creating the “LIVING DEAD” FOR REAL! Great job Putin! you own Mitch and have your thumb on Trump

    1. @Richard Christianson Man you did eat the whole thing? Dem’s have some dirt on their hands but do I have to say it. The GOP has blood on their hands.
      Regardless of what you think. if this government had it’s sht together Trump would be in jail period.
      When is the last time we’ve seen this level of Corruption without someone going to jail?
      The only reason anyone feels like you do and people say what they say about Dems, amounts to race. Dem’s are multi racial, you and others don’t like it and it’s sad this country will never be the shinning City on the Hill until we can overcome that fact and move on.
      But if not, rest assured that there will be a Payday someday for the sins of this Nation, I’m sure of it.
      Any Nation without God is doomed.
      Doomed and has continued in its mistakes of the past. America is blind lost and confused.

    2. @Ron Mayb I love it when you lefties expose your ignorance. The last time I saw this level of corruption was right now, in the democrat party, but justice is coming. God will see to it.
      It’s the dems who have blood on their hands. Let’s start with slavery…

      Go ahead and use the race card, so happens my wife is Latina and knows exactly what happens when socialists/communists take over a country. People come here seeking freedom, except the foolish ones get sucked into the dem’s lies of free stuff etc. Trump’s reason for being president is to drain the swamp of corruption, but the dems in positions of power hate it and will do ANYTHING to try to stop him — yet ever effort has failed thus far. Ask yourself why?
      I’m not surprised you pulled out the religion card either, except the dems are hypocrites and their evil prayers/desires fall on deaf ears. God rules and ultimately righteousness will prevail, and it won’t be with the anti Christian lefties in charge. (or maybe it will and they’ll be destroyed)

    3. @Ron Mayb enlighten me. How many should i have? 50 cal magazine clips for my ar 14 seems to be enough yes?

  3. As expected, Moscow Mitch is doing another railroading of getting the GOP-held Senate to approve their GOP candidate saying that it was an urgent Senate meeting about the virus. What a flimsy excuse of wasting tax payers money to hold an imaginary Senate meeting. Get Moscow Mitch’s goat out of the Senate!

    1. Ahhhhhhhhh. Mitch is continuing to approve nominees and PACKING the courts with conservatives. This is what I voted for!!!!!!!##

    2. joy bernardo Moscow M. Knows Trump is on the way out so he is stuffing Judges into the system while he can.

    3. A THIRD WITCH HUNT! Sigh…me thinks the democrats love failing. A third fail will look good on their record I guess. Will show how stupid they are.

  4. America & I’am in agony after 3 1/2 long years of tRump & can’t wait for November 3rd to roll around fast enough to ease the pain we all feel.

    1. @Carlos Carlos The Spanish Flu happened during Wilson’s second term, not his first like Trump. Your history stinks.

    2. We’re going to make you see red in Nov. Back to your parents basement with your blanky. Trump for 4 more.

    3. Ricky Onward Evangelical Christianson Cockroach : Back to the cage or rock from whence ye sprang.

    4. @Baby drumphf Funny, preacher talk coming from the Godless. Hypocrite. And, no, I’m not an evangelical.

  5. Trump should not continue to lie to the innocent citizens, and lie about his lies said. Trump acts with the mentality that he is alway right and rejects to take any blame for his actions. Election or not, he was voted for the support that citizens could can trust in a leader that care us , as well as well as not to embarrass us to the UN. Like gov. Coumo said the “US is not red or blue, but RED WHITE AND BLUE”. WE NEED TO care about your neighbor, more than yourselves!

    1. I’m not a Trump supporter, but Pelosi called for coronavirus treatment to be “affordable” while Trump signed for it to be covered at no additional cost.  Trump closed travel from China in January when the media, Biden, and the WHO called him xenophobic for doing so.  LOOK IT UP.  So, you are ok with someone dumping on you, as long as they do it while speaking nicely to you.

    2. @Jim Burig , says the epitome of ignorance. I’m not the one with my head up my donkey, foolish lefty.

  6. “There is nothing on the floor that is about COVID” That is very telling about how much Mitch and the republicans really care about average Americans. Pushing through a judge nomination and ignoring the people who really need help right now.

    1. @The Insane Shecklador Trump doesn’t repeat himself. Doctors used the chloroquine around the world with great success. Just in the US, a lot of doctors put politics before lives.. sad

    2. @mrprosale A Dr. Phil show producer and long time anti vaxxer is who you trust over actual medical studies? Also have you ever actually listened to Trump speak. He repeats himself all the time. Still going off about the “witch hunt” and “largest inauguration in history” lies as recently as two weeks ago along with many other talking points he pushes. The fact that even he is dropping his miracle HC cure should tell you something.

    3. @The Insane Shecklador What media studies? Did you actually see the study? Experts already pick it to pieces right now as we speak..

    1. @indylloyd That’s how a lot Republicans think, Just watch ben shapiro video about old people and coronavirus.

    2. @Dave Schultz Would you rather have more deaths right now,or open back up the economy during this time? The first wave isn’t even done,which leads to a resurgence before the 2nd wave will even start–..leading to more deaths….Sooo many people dying that there won’t be people to lift it back up…That’s your logic–….Keep being stupid.

    3. @Dave Schultz From unemployment comes poverty, suicide, drug abuse, and starvation. The government is the biggest killer of humanity yet, this time, the sheep think “daddy gubbament” is going to make us safe. It is almost funny …except it is not.

  7. I miss the 15 minute Rachel videos. I barely get my coffee cup in my hand and it’s over.

  8. You can’t come back if you never left.
    There can’t be a second wave if the initial wave never passes.
    All you will have is an exponential increase.

    1. Bo 2. 4 U,

      Whether from school or from life, I know what a wave is so I know that the designation of any number of waves is not determined by a change or a mutation within a single wave. A wave is a unit of a physical process, not a characteristic within the units.

    2. @Djehuti Sundaka sounds good but this virus has the ability to hide behind any of your body organs and not show it to and then attacked that organ, this might be the epitome of what a mutation is!

    3. Bo 2. 4 U,

      Viruses constantly mutate. That’s why the common cold is constantly around and new flus arise annually. COVID-19 is no different in this respect. Even it’s deadliness is not all that unique in comparison to other deadly viruses. What is unique is the series of circumstances that allowed it to spread virtually unnoticed around the world before most countries could provide an adequate response to contain it. Having it without symptoms and modern travel technology combined with political irresponsibility allowed the virus to spread far and wide. Two of those factors can be controlled with widespread testing and social distancing but political irresponsibility could be the death of us all.

  9. The first step in the scientific method of problem solving is to recognize and acknowledge the problem(s) that needs to be solved. You can never move forward with solutions if the problems are swept under the rug.

    1. You’re numb because you keep filling your mind with socialist B.S. Get out of the dark.

  10. I think the American experiment has failed miserably. How can you allow people to have so much power. The #TheGrimReaper has the power to stop democracy in it’s steps cause he can’t be bothered and help the American people in need. Yours is a failed system and it’s about time you realise it before more people die because of incompetence in your leadership..

  11. So, this is now the Trump-Virus, right?
    I mean, if one uses Trumps logic, there is no other option, right?

  12. The virus was spread by people with no healthcare plan. Think about that and globalism. With no healthcare for all, it’s pandemics forever.

    1. Interesting how did the rich Hollywood stars and athletes get and spread it. They have better healthcare then both of us combine.

    2. The opposite is true. Check out Dr Mikovits. The pandemics are driven by the vaccinations.. you need to dig way deeper to get the picture

  13. “Supposing we hit the body with a tremendous, whether it’s ultraviolet or just very powerful light, and I think you said that hasn’t been checked but you’re going to test it. Supposing you brought the light inside of the body, which you can do either through the skin or in some other way. And I think you said you’re going to test that too. Sounds interesting. And then I see the disinfectant where it knocks it out in a minute. And is there a way we can do something, by an injection inside or almost a cleaning of the lungs? It would be interesting to check that. That you’re gonna have to use medical doctors with that.”

    The President of the United States and” leader” of the free world while an expected 100,000 American citizens are going to perish. Congratulations, you are now the stupidest country on the planet.

  14. “Communist/fascist governors and politicians prolonging nations agony, avoiding science” There fixed it for you.

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