Scientists are using Arctic sea ice to track climate change from centuries ago 1

Scientists are using Arctic sea ice to track climate change from centuries ago


CTV News' Science & Technology Specialist Dan Riskin on how scientists are using unique sea ice from Canada's Arctic to track global warming.
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    1. @Arkout Arkout So now you don’t believe dinosaurs existed and the earth is only 5,000 years old. Are you a religious person with no science background?

    1. use natural records to tell the story of earth
      not the bib lickable lies of ab rha ham mickey sandwiches

    2. @garrett knecht you do realize the Earth revolves around the Sun on a 23° axis giving the Earth its seasons. I state this to check your overall science literacy, mainly EVERYTHING you stated this far has been utter nonsense or by someone who doesn’t even have an Elementary school student’s grasp on science or scientific facts.

    1. @Bernie McCann China does not have the forward bases to do that…
      it can barely leave the china sea …it needs bases to operate ..USA or Russia has that..
      which base you think they are leasing then?..

    2. Is there going to be Arctic sea ice in the Spring and Summer months when the Sun actually shines on the Arctic ocean???

    1. @davidbrennan5 We both know you’re lying here, why are you bothering with this? Are you trying to convince yourself?

  1. Has anyone been to the Arctic lately to back this Claim up???? NO!!!! Thought not. It’s all BS, Too Tax you into Oblivion

    1. Tony Heller IS NOT a scientist and has been debunked by Peter Hadfield known as potholer54 for years now.

  2. That is a blatant lie. Where is the roman warm period? Where is the medevial warm period? Where are the hottest years in 1930 to 1940.

  3. Yes you know run off dictates temperature. It might indicate precipition…..This fake science. How does aluminum get from the shore to the lake? What a joke.. Do you even consider the validity of what you report. Less and less credibility everyday.

  4. Here’s an idea…tax only the idiots who beleive in climate change…i bet the scientist wouldn’t be saying to much then about it lol

    1. If they abandon the idea then they don’t believe in it. Right now they jump on the idea, because there is money to be made.

    2. No, you just have to remove subsidies for fossil fuels and give it to the renewable and no more taxes than before.
      This is how it will be done.
      Also I do not have problems to pay my taxes.

  5. This is an obvious case that given enough facts you can create any result you wish. 2,000 years is just a tick of the tock.

    1. In science, you do not get to create any result you wish. Others take a look at your work, and others may perform the same or similar work. It’s like AGW, where it is statistically impossible for all agencies, all scientists, all organizations from all types of institutions to come to the same conclusion if they were all “creating any result they wanted.”

  6. last week the same crew were drilling for the lake sediment in the same place
    looking for titanium dust
    It was pointed out to them that the ice prevents a yearly deposit on the lake bottom ,
    so today by a different method we get the same new “proofs”

  7. Great. Another source of LOCAL climate change data that can be cherry-picked and misapplied to further fuel the fear-mongering for GLOBAL climate change. After all if it happened in the Arctic it happened everywhere else across the globe. This is junk science.

    1. no way of knowing when it was warm enough to melt several years or decades of ice into 1 homogeneous sediment line
      corrupted data
      easily questionable at best

  8. DEMOCRAT/LIBERAL’S predictions about climate change doomsday have failed.
    1. Why are the polar ice caps still floating?
    2. Why are the Himalayan glaciers still here.
    3. Where is the 50 million fleeing countries to avoid the rising sea levels?
    4. Why did the United Nations admit there is no correlation between climate change and extreme weather?
    5. The fires? Were proved to out of control because of poor management. The plastics, go to China and India where just one of their countries plastics exceed all others.
    6. Where are the entire nations that were supposedly going to be wiped off the map?
    7. Why are the Netherlands still habitable?
    8. How come California shows no signs of being flooded with inland seas?
    9. Why do the children still know what snow is?
    10. Why does the arctic still glisten with ice in the summer?
    11. Why ban fossil fuels and cut carbon emissions immediately, at the expense of our jobs, likelihood, and liberty?
    12. Why do you believe politician Al Gore and his plethora of gas guzzling vehicles, one private jet, 2 mansions and huge carbon imprint?
    13. Gore spends 34x more on electricity than average human 22,000 in one year.
    14. China produces more carbon than USA in one month.
    15. Al Gore, David Blood, Generation Investment Mgmt. – Spent 650 million Bio mass and Bio fuels
    Pretends to care about rainforest while lobbying Govt for
    Sugar Cane Ethanol industry
    Expanding into the Amazon river basin to produce more Ethanol sugar cane. Why? He says he simply forgot.

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