1. I think the schools closing for the summer holidays is a big thing. Our schools were infested.

    1. Well, schools are congregate settings where social distancing is difficult if not impossible, very little effort have been made at the expensive improvements in ventilation needed and children do not yet qualify for vaccinations so of course schooling would be a major vector. However, encouraging all parents and staff to be vaccinated should help contain outbreaks to the given schools, basically a large cohort bubble. Measures such as dividing the students and alternating at home online study with in person study with the teachers vaccinated and wearing PPE halves the cohort size as well as allow some minimal social distancing. It wouldn’t just be the schools but the lack of action to reduce the risks of schools.

    2. @Bow Yes, but for most diseases, the children need to be exposed to diseases in congregate settings such as schools so they do develop immunity. There are too many diseases for us to produce vaccines for everything though the mRNA vaccine technology does promise to make a general vaccine possible, I’m uncertain how that would work but it has been one of the promises of the technology for several years now.

      There will be a balance point between isolating the children and allowing them to develop their immune systems naturally. A balance point we can not determine in advance so hopefully the trials with children will soon allow the vaccination of school age children so that we would have a clear obvious path.

    3. @Blue Lagoon Their actually are autopsies of those who died if COVID and the autopsies confirms the existence of the disease as well as show how extreme the damages are not your false presumption of it being a scam. You are basically pointing out evidence that proves yourself wrong.

    4. @mark two Has tuberculosis been overwhelming hospitals lately, has it been growing exponentially or has it been at least controlled. Yes there are many diseases that cause us a great deal of harm but we have developed means to limit them so they are not comparable to COVID. However, people’s fears over COVID have been reducing vaccination for other diseases so though those diseases may not be comparable to COVID, COVID is increasing their risks indirectly.

  2. The school holidays started a week or so ago: school children were tested daily at school.
    Fewer tests = fewer confirmed cases.
    It’s not rocket science.

    1. @Brass Tacks The lateral flow tests have only a 1 in 1,000 chance of a positive being false and every positive test is followed up with a more reliable PCR test. The danger is in the false negatives with these tests but I guess logic has never been your forte.

    2. @John Wang Wrong and even Fauci admits it during a July 16th podcast that the PCR test is useless and misleading when the test is ran at 35 cycles or higher. “…If you get a cycle threshold of 35 or more…the chances of it being replication-competent are miniscule…you almost never can culture virus from a 37 threshold cycle…So, I think if somebody does come in with 37, 38, even 36, you got to say, you know, it’s just dead nucleotides, period.”

      What Fauci failed to say on the video is: the FDA, which authorizes the test for public use, recommends the test should be run up to 40 cycles. Not 35. Therefore, false positives.

    3. Ya for sure! It wouldn’t have any correlation whatsoever with the vaccination rates right? it’s pretty sad when a person can’t just be happy for good things all in the name of facts coming out to prove they were wrong and didn’t coincide with their half baked paranoid notions.

  3. Summer helped and school being off has helped being vaccinated helps !! sending lots of love from Scotland!!

    1. Scotland has imo done better than England.
      But you can correct me, Jim. You know it first hand.

    2. @Maja-Danmark Well *obviously*. Take a look at Scotland’s population density, and then take a look at England’s. Why do you think Scotland has “done better”…?

    1. @David Bourne all vaccines are experimental…… science has obviously advanced but morons jus stay stupid……. Or scared……the older generations didn’t whine like we do…..when told to do something for there fellow man as well as themselves they didn’t complain….they put on their big boy pants and got the polio or flu or whatever the sickness was. The excuse if it’s rushed is simply a cop out. So in other words stop being a WUSS like the rest of the anti American anti vaxxers

    2. @Non sibi sed patriae scripted propaganda from a brainless account….I laugh at it every time I see your post

    3. @David Turnbull  can you point me to that one time in history where the people that were demanding censorship, segregation, propaganda, re-education camps, papers to move freely in society, and government forces going door to door to demand compliance were the good guys?

  4. Easy answer, people are not getting tested because now lockdown is lifted. They dont want to mess their vacation with a “nonsense” of self isolating. It’s very unfortunate

    1. @Chris Parnham nope you’re so wrong. Facts are facts. Guess what changed from one week to the huge plunge a week later?
      A literal 44% REDUCTION IN TESTS!! Sooooo THAT would be what’s causing this……

    2. @Hannah Dyson Sorry Hannah yes of course you’re right. Nobody is happy about what is going on and it has been very hard for some people especially those on low wages. It was a poor choice of words on my part. My point is that we virtually all do follow the health and scientific advice given to prevent the spread of Covid19. Some have very difficult choices and some, with the best will, simply can’t follow the advice.

    3. @Chris Parnham Johnson has been patchy on following the medical advice . He could and should have helped the self employed

    4. @Hannah Dyson His whole action during this pandemic with the resulting consequences have been derisory, contradictory, and fallen way short of leadership. I couldn’t agree with you more about the self-employed. They were forgotten in the beginning when employed workers were given support and when he finally got around to assist the self-employed there was little or no help to large numbers of them. More like an afterthought that has still not been addressed. I hope you and yours are bearing up well Hannah despite all this turmoil and trouble. As for Boris Johnson, I hope he disappears along with the virus as soon as possible.

  5. This is very mis leading.
    Actually, they are talking about what they call the ‘pingdemic’ – so many people are being ‘pinged’ by the health system app and having to quarantine that many businesses are closing as they have no staff.
    Contact tracing and quarantine is going up very fast.

    1. Which is a very effective and necessary measure to curb the spread. Stop whining about getting proper protection, it’s too annoying now.

  6. “Slow the testing down” if you have no test then you have no cases said impostor dufus.

    1. Pfizer just said Vaccines wane after 6 months…

      That’s WHAT WE WERE WARNING YOU!!!! You’re “drinking bleach” lmao remember when they laughed at that?!?

      You mandate Vaccines, and you’ll might an enemy much stronger than you!!!!

    2. @aarqa Pfizer just said Vaccines wane after 6 months…

      That’s WHAT WE WERE WARNING YOU!!!! You’re “drinking bleach” lmao remember when they laughed at that?!?

      You mandate Vaccines, and you’ll might an enemy much stronger than you!!!!

    3. @Kyle Johnson And? Are you implying people should not get or even want six months of immunity? No, we should not mandate vaccines…just mandate them for anyone who wants to do certain things, like work or go to school.

    4. @aarqa no if you look at the data you will see we didn’t have any more deaths than previous years. They were classified as covid deaths mostly for kick backs and false positives due to the now not fda approved pcr tests.

    5. @tony perlia Yes, if you look at the data you will see we did have more deaths than previous years, and looking at it through the alternative ‘excess deaths’ perspective verifies that they are covid deaths and not ‘kickbacks and false positives’. Statisticians verify data by looking at it in more than one way, you need better sources.

  7. This is similar to what’s happening in Florida.
    Except in Florida, they’ve just stopped counting the dead.

    1. @Imaginary Person so apparently you don’t need a link when you talk your bs. But when you need to go provide your own link instead of being spoon fed, your fingers don’t work. Hmm ok, got it!

    1. He goes for that blown away look daily. He probably pays a huge fee in a make up artists. To have this look consistently everyday means he is trying planing a”head” lol

    2. @Lesley Edgley , Yes but I don’t think “over-educated” is a good way to describe it.
      I have described Theresa May as having a “Enid Blyton” education, perhaps Boris has one in Latin phrases, just a bit more posh.

    1. People don’t want to self isolate that’s why. They’re deleting the test and trace app in their droves.

    2. @Rachel Elliott The reason is pretty much everyone has either had the virus or the vaccine at this stage

    1. The most logical answer is natural immunity is stronger than the media and government want to admit.

    2. @Sophia Prescott wondering if you all relaxed on the masking, social distancing, etc. after you got the shots?

    3. @My classmate The problem isn’t that natural immunity is or isn’t strong. The problem is that you have to infect the country to find out, potentially killing hundreds of thousands of people in the process.

    4. @HobbsO of course having a vaccine at the beginning would have been the best case scenario but we aren’t living in that world anymore. We are living in a world where many people have had it and are still being told to get a vaccine.

  8. “No one knows why” actually, anyone who has seen the testing statistic and can do basic maths knows why…

    We did 44% less tests last week than the previous week.

    1. To a certain extent, the people who voluntarily seek testing have reasons to believe they should be tested whether that be symptoms or suspected exposures. You would think that reduced cases due to reduced testing should also show as rising positivity rates. Ultimately we need involuntary measures such as randomized surveillance testing which Western governments would never do. However we do have one indirect involuntary measure, sewage testing, how applicable they are have yet to be determined but what do the sewage tests say? Also, why are governments not renewing funding for sewage testing. As academic programs, they are seeking other funding sources but why would governments not want to support sewage testing…

    2. @John Wang sewage testing is not capable of identifying viral pockets. At best you can narrow it down to a neighborhood but at what cost? Take every km of roadway in a city and count the sewer manholes, that’s tens of thousands of samples that have to be collected, traffic stopped, those samples have to be cultured and then you only know that at least 1 person has it anywhere in the sewer run. You’re more accurate using street cameras to identify people coughing.

    3. @d3m0n54in7 The point is that the only testing that we have which does not require voluntary consent to be tested is sewage testing and I did say it’s indirect and it’s applicability isn’t really known but I guess reading before whining never came to mind to you. Sure, sewage testing has it’s limitations but it doesn’t have the problem of people deciding not to be tested.

    4. Let’s say, for example, you’re testing 50% of the population and only 5% is coming back positive, you can reduce testing by 44% and still catch all the positives. What I’m saying is, it is only natural for the amount of testing to fall as cases fall. A Government is not going to continually waste money to test areas of the population where covid-19 isn’t present.

  9. That’s because they are paying attention and are getting vaccinated so that they don’t have another shut down. This kind of news sends a mix message to the US people whom, the majority, lack common sense.

    1. 2:48 under reported cases where young people more likely to recover quick or be assympto vs increased hospitalizations.

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