Scott Gottlieb: 'I'd Be Very Surprised To See Businesses Require A Third Dose' 1

Scott Gottlieb: ‘I’d Be Very Surprised To See Businesses Require A Third Dose’


Former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb and Broward County Public Schools Interim Superintendent, Dr. Vickie Cartwright, joined Stephanie Ruhle to discuss coronavirus booster shots, rising cases driven by the delta variant, and mask-wearing in schools. Plus, NBC's Ellison Barber and Jacob Ward report from across the country with breaking coverage on Covid hospitalizations, vaccines, and restrictions.

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Scott Gottlieb: 'I'd Be Very Surprised To See Businesses Require A Third Dose'


  1. Oh really Scott, do you now? Why does Canada have options for 100M doses through 2024? Makes me wonder what you’re really doing.

    1. Based on recent data there will be no need for yearly boosters, following the 1st. Just depends on how many years it takes for the unvaccinated to die or have an awakening.

    2. @Eljan Rimsa its said when they shake you, something rattles in your skull, but most doubt it is a brain. Your comment supports this conclusion.

    3. @Eljan Rimsa learn to read and understand what you read… the more people that get vaccinate the less there are to be infected… it might seem like rocket science to you …but in reality it’s just common sense … read the whole comment and think about it …. I’ll bet you have never been mistaken for a smart person… man why is it people like you come here fell the need to prove to everyone that your shoe size is greater than your IQ???

    1. @GypsyLis My original comment speaks for itself. The vaccine has not been tested long enough to determine the long term effects.

    2. @Nicola Anderson I will bet OrcaBOb4337 is sitting all alone in his RUSSIAN BASEMENT collecting his can of tuna and a pint of Vodka!

    3. @OrcaBob 4337 what we do know, is that covid can damage lungs, heart, brain and DEATH. What we do know is Vaccines in nearly all cases have saved people’s LIVES. You want to walk around freely spreading death that is a problem

    4. @GypsyLis I still wear my mask, wash my mask (or wear a disposable), sanitize my hands and maintain social distancing. Being treated like a pariah is nothing new in my life. Being treated as such by people who literally say the same things word for word… You begin to wonder what influences them.

      That’s what I don’t trust.

    1. @Bumble Blimfield you’re absolutely right thank you for saying that out loud a lot of people don’t believe in

    2. @MyndGod AndPsyche you skipped history class a lot didn’t you… you missed the second part where the party switch lanes… those old ti8me democrats are now the GOP… man your IQ certainly is smaller than your shoe size isn’t it…. to move ahead in life education is they key…seems you missed the bus to school !!!

    3. @MyndGod AndPsyche funny how as soon as someone points out that your wrong you go into insulting people… true sign of an under educated person… talk about someones balls not dropping…so childish…grow up will ya…. not our fault you don’t know your history… stop projecting your ignorance!!!

    4. @Darrmad no weak is when people believe a big lie and fail to acknowledge facts and proof.. but you know that… that’s why you point your finger at the other guy… project much…. trump has taught you well…

    5. @Lee post up the links to back up your comment …like if what you say is true you should have no problem posting it up… other wise it’s just here say…. but you already know that don’t you…. you’re fighting a losing battle here…. quit before you look too stupid!!! If you believe a grand wizard of the KKK you much more ignorant than I had originally thought.. I bet you believe trump won the election too!!!

  2. let it sink: “INSURANCE COMPANIES ARE NOT COVERING COVID HOSPITALIZATION COSTS” Health insurance in the US is a racket.
    But keep paying your 10-15 thousand a year please

    1. @Jason Boyce You hit the nail on the head! If you are unvaccinated, then you take the risk. Logical.

    2. I’m glad they are not. Imagine how much my premiums would go up, to pay for unvaccinated people getting sick. All unvaccinated people are going to eventually get it, and some percent of them will be hospitalized, why should I have to pay for their choice to not get vaccinated. You drive bad, your car insurance goes up, you don’t pay your bills, your credit goes down. You have freedom, but there has to be consequences.

    3. really…so if you all break a leg and you have no insurance what would the cost be???…. my guess is it would likely be 15 to 20k … so you keep on thinking that it’s a racket…. all the more reason to have healthcare paid for by the government aka universal healthcare…. funny how the US has no problem cutting taxes for the filthy rich…., or putting out billions a year for armed forces.. . that’s a racket… healthcare actually helps the citizens… what and who does warfare help certainly not the citizens of America…. but you can keep calling healthcare a racket… because that is what your narrow mind thinks…

    1. Cons “Look, these simple basic precautions we did everything we could to downplay and undermine didnt completely make the complex problem magically go away!!”

      Obviously the solution is to stick your fingers further into your ears and shout “la la la” even louder.

  3. I would be very surprised to see businesses not require a third dose.. The negative business consequences to have most of their employees be out of work for one to two weeks with a mild or asymptomatic COVID diagnosis will be to much to ignore.

  4. Put them out them out in the parking lot. These people shouldn’t be allowed to deprive others of medical treatment

  5. Everyone I know here in San Francisco is thrilled about the vaccine passport requirement. The bartenders I know are serious about making sure everyone is vaccinated. I feel safer being out and about, knowing that the people around me are vaccinated.

  6. I’m surprised you convinced them to betray people and demand they get this vaccine to begin with

  7. it’s a lose-lose deal for both consumers and businesses to not voluntarily wear masks and for businesses to not require them; consumers lose opportunities in the market at their favorite shops, and businesses lose profit they could have gotten from those consumer purchases.

  8. In the 1980s Reagan gave US support to the Taliban versus the USSR, because Republicans believe all anti-communists are “good guys”. Regan/Bush built the Taliban bases in Pakistan that defeated the Soviets, then the US. There was no Taliban until US $$$ created them.

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