Scott MacFarlane On The Latest In The Capitol Riot Investigation 1

Scott MacFarlane On The Latest In The Capitol Riot Investigation


Scott MacFarlane reports on the latest in the ongoing investigation of the Jan. 6th Capitol riot.

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  1. They’re like the bored teen-agers who film themselves vandalizing a vacant house, and then
    post it on Facebook. Suddenly, life gets a lot less boring.

    1. @Scientific Methodologist
      Gramps, Trump lied every day.
      Not convincingly either.
      Yet you and your comrades lapped up his lies and turned to Fox for more lies.

    1. Rev Fester BesterTester – Sensible people don’t accuse EVERYONE of cheating EVERYWHERE with ZERO proof.

      WHO committed this “fraud”? HOW? WHERE?
      Who recruited operatives, stole many identities from many different places, counterfeited ballots – unique to each polling location and its machines, smuggled them in, bankrolled it, abd laundered the money?

      Think, McFly.

    2. @Bruce Smith So you are a believer in the BS (LIES) that Tucker Carlson is spewing?
      WTF !
      Are you completely unaware that Fox News’ own lawyers have claimed, in a defamation suit against Tucker, that no “REASONABLE VIEWER” would believe what Tucker Carlson says is FACTUAL.
      BTW – The judge agreed and the defamation lawsuit was dismissed!
      WAKE UP !

  2. “Knock, knock! FBI! Open the door!”

    Words that every magat hears at least once in his/her life.

    1. @Bruce Smith Thankfully there has been utterly no credible evidence of any mass election fraud found. Keep dreaming! And even better, most instances of the normal small-time election fraud were caused by Trump supporters trying to vote multiple times because told to by their failed wannabe dictator.

    2. @Bruce Smith Quite the fantasy (magat) land you live in their Bruce. The videos posted by magat terrorists show differently. You, Brue, are a citizen who wants to spread the big Lie so why not lie about the Capitol insurrection by magat terrorists, also.

    3. Funny how the MAGA crowd thinks a few FBI agents could incite a riot on the spot, but that Trump, Giuliani, and Stone couldn’t possibly incite one with months of inflammatory rhetoric.

    4. @J Groovy And it’s entirely self-explanatory why they’re now blaming the FBI, now that the FBI is investigating the members of congress who were involved in and have since been working to cover up or dismiss the January 6th terrorist attack. Getting closer to the organizers and supporters in power, so must smear the investigators and the investigation!

    1. @Sleepy Joe When an ex president who DELIBERATELY began a false mass voter fraud lie just to try and win AND who then incited and encouraged his flock to storm our capital. AND he then continues the rhetoric and has the stones to claim he will be re-instated this august…ya we rational folk will tend to get a bit defensive. Any questions, dip ?

  3. I can’t wait for the names of the gqp to come out!!!!!! Trumpty in front of the fireing
    Squad!!!!! Yes!!!!!

  4. With the crowd violently attacking the police and yelling that they were going to lynch the VP, why did the police not shoot the rioters?

    1. They are LUCKY that only one person got shot- if it were BLM doing that, it would have been a different outcome..

  5. Are these the Tourist the GOP are talking about, yeah they just strolling about leisurely I see it now!

    1. Frail Bones Biden – What Democrats? Dude, your screen name says a lot about you.

      You spend lots of time online commenting abd zero time learning the subject matter, which doesn’t matter to you because of your OBVIOUS bias. Grow up.

    2. @J Groovy You don’t support Dementia Joe! Fake news is telling you that you support Dementia Joe Teleprompter!!!

    3. @Shadow Guard I love it when a Trumplican parrots, “fake news”! It’s the first chant, when you have no defense. Your safe word. Trump has certainly groomed your well, falling right in line with the wanna be dictator. Always remember little shadow, Trump thinks your very special, he loves the uneducated.

    1. Actually, he is *’Agolf Twittler’,* aka *’The Lyin King’* and he is followed by his cesspool of obsequious minions and ReTrumplican cultists/QNutjob wingnut sycophants who are propelled by his overconfident drivel

    1. It’s called ‘the attack’, ‘the riot’, ‘the insurrection’, ‘Jan 6 terrorist attack’, etc…

    2. “They” can call it whatever they want. “We” call it an insurrection and now we can even term it T’rr’r’sm (per charges currently being sought against some key insurrectionists). Go Justice! Exercise Free Speech!

    1. Are talking about Communist BLM/Antifa murderous arsonist mayhem who did
      $2,000,000,000.00 damage to Police Stations, City Halls, Government Vehicles, Public equipment, Private Businesses, Private Property Death & Destruction?
      In an Election year?

  6. ‘Stand back and stand by’ … how else could that be interpreted FBI? There were plenty of indications long before 1/6.

    1. You bet there were.,from day 1 the low life wanted to Destory America.Trump had all his Repub followers lined up with him before hand.

    1. God bless our heroes and patriots I hope they find all of those murderers in the domestic terrorist group BLM

    2. @Liberal Dumbfuck
      The Electoral Ballot Certification. They hindered Congress from carrying out the law and provisions of The US Constitution.

      They Obstructed Congress and they Conspired to do it. You didn’t have to be there to go to prison under Code 18; Section 2384. All you had to do is conspire about January 6th On-line and The FBI will have a record of it. Because nothing on the Internet is ever deleted.

  7. I want to see the instigators in Congress investigated and punished. Make the old canard ‘nobody is above the law’ true for once.

  8. So here’s the evidence, prosecute him and lock him up; bet he won’t call himself a “Proud Boy” once he’s in a prison cell where he belongs with his buddy Trump…..

  9. Hmmm…”two tiers of Capitol rioters?” That would be upper prison bunk or lower prison bunk ? VOTE BLUE, FOLKS. Just vote BLUE. BA-LOOOOOOOOOOOO.

    1. Or be smart and vote for neither. If Americans were smart and understood that there’s more than two candidates it would make a change for the better.

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