SCOTUS draft opinion on Roe v. Wade sparks protests around the country | USA TODAY

Protests around the country were ignited by the leaked draft opinion from the Supreme Court on Roe v. Wade.

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Anguish and anger erupted across the country Tuesday as abortion rights advocates began flooding the streets, from the steps of the Supreme Court to New York, Nevada, Texas, and California, protesting the potential decision by the nation's highest court to overturn Roe v. Wade.

While abortion-rights groups have been warning of the pending decision that would permit states to ban abortions without exception, the leak Monday night of a draft opinion supported by a majority of justices galvanized fear and frustration, and protesters raised their voices.

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    1. I know, right? ‘My body, my choice” when it’s killing a man’s child, but someone wants to opt out of putting an experimental substance in their body for the same reason and the crazies lose it.

    2. I completely resemble that remark and I take exception to anyone who wants to agree with me on that!!!

    3. @Casual Python Change THERE to THEIR and change MIND to MINDS and your comment would be the most perfect comment on Youtube today and maybe this entire week!!!!

  1. Be responsible! If you don’t want to get pregnant, use protection! Abortion should not be a form of birth control!

    1. if an American citizen is OBLIGED to donor his organ to save someone’s life, how many organs did you donate during your lifetime?

      if giving birth is a must in any case, even if one does not plan to be his/her parent, how many kids did you adopt in your lifetime?

    2. @The Green Card Show – велкам ту Америка Giving birth is never a must because becoming pregnant isn’t a must. If you don’t want to give birth, then don’t become pregnant. It’s that simple.

  2. Went from calling a mother a “birthing person” to “A woman is more than a womb” in one week……

    1. *Now* they remember what a woman is, because it’s convenient to their argument all of a sudden.

    2. @anastasia I’m so glad people are catching their sudden change-up statements after years. 😆 Rattle those cages!

    3. @anastasia it’s a human life and a clump of cells. They’re not mutually exclusive in this case.

  3. Bruh “A woman is more than a womb” A BABY IN THE WOMB IS LIFE! To me, if you choose to abort thats straight up murder.

  4. “If you are not willing to risk the usual you will have to settle for the ordinary.” –Jim Rohn

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  5. Even Mommy Dearest was pro-life. In her famous words heard by all….. NO WIRE HANGERS !!!!!

    1. @NATALIE KING NO, it wasn’t missed. It just wasn’t worth all the kudos others seem to be giving to the comment.

    2. @Buster Jig well I always read in the good book, The Bible, “Thou shalt not kill”

    3. @Michael Mchill A book is a book is a book….Charles Manson’s book has a different quote. It follows closely along the lines of Ted Bundy’s philosophy. So If you want to quote books, I can find more than you can.

  6. The people who argue that being able to lawfully murder babies is a “right” are usually the same people who rage when they hear about someone abandoning their cat. Hypocrisy at its finest…

    1. @The Green Card Show – велкам ту Америка Donating an organ is an option for a citizen, but not forced. A child being born is an obligation the person made when they decided to not to have protected fuckery.

      Completely flawed argument.

    2. @The Green Card Show – велкам ту Америка “if an American citizen is OBLIGED to donor his organ to save someone’s life, how many organs did you donate during your lifetime?”

      How is this relevant? Straw man much?

      “if giving birth is a must in any case, even if one does not plan to be his/her parent…”

      Then why are you having sex if you don’t plan on having children? That’s pretty asinine if you ask me.

      “…how many kids did you adopt in your lifetime?”

      Why is that you people believe not taking accountability for your own actions and shoveling your responsibility onto others is logical? How about you just don’t have sex? Your body, your choice, right? So, how about you choose not to open your legs if you don’t want to bring a child into the world, instead of all your bs reasoning and mental gymnastics in your effort to legitimize murder?

    3. @The Green Card Show – велкам ту Америка ah you you are spammer as well, nice

    1. @Anders Häggström And this is on top of the coming food crisis and inflationary (soon to be hyperinflationary) crisis…

  7. How do we know this is a woman’s right issue when ketanji jackson said we don’t know what a woman is since we aren’t biologists from the political party that refers to woman as “birthing people” and also says men can get pregnant?

    1. “Clear fact birthing men most affected by bigoted women claiming to be most affected.”
      At least my new headline

    1. Hello Nancy, how are you doing today, hope you’re fine and safe from the Virus??

  8. These Women are so concerned about their lives and comfort.. So, Id love to ask them this… are YOU glad you werent aborted? How would that have affected your life?? humm

  9. So are we back to “my body my choice” again? No longer wanting to force an experiemental drug onto people? Do we no longer need biologists now? Because I thought men could get pregnant just 1 week ago, so this is also a mens issue now? Very confusing times to live in.

    1. Hi Trevor Jennings, yes I m good thanks. This entire nation has woken up I thought they were sleeping. Sad that people only wake up when it concerns themselves and not an innocent baby.

    2. You have my sons first Name. I had my son late in life. There was no thought of Aborting him. Ian, was born when i was 35. And Trevor was born at 42 in the middle of my writing career. Trevor is 29 an in service and Ian was a promising baseball player. He tried out for the SandiAngle Pardreys at 18 . He was sadly killed by a drunk driver at 19. In 2005. Ian and Trevor were my miracle children and I would not change anything for the world. I m sorry for misspelling but I my keyboard is acting crazy tonight. God Bless The children who we fight for Life.

  10. Just saying fellas is it really women’s rights when men can get pregnant?
    Call out the bigots saying only women are affected.

  11. The same group screaming “my body my choice” is the same that said I had to put a mask on mine.

    1. Thats because sitting next to a pregnant woman on the bus could Not cause you to become pregnant too. Get it?

    2. @Anders Häggström that lady who didn’t abort her child probably understands consequences and people shouldn’t speak for her

  12. Today I identify myself as a woman and I am totally against abortion and that’s a woman saying that

    1. @Jason Thomas well sure but those numbers need to go down in the streets. Don’t direct this towards women. Lovely Peaches is a perfect example of a woman who should have gotten an abortion and she didn’t so she takes out her anger on her kid.

  13. Couldn’t have chosen a worse time to spark more unrest. Unrest during this decade was predicted more than a decade ago. Personally, I don’t consider myself left or right anymore.. but I’m def concerned about our nation.

    1. Welcome to the slow burn that is the fall of the Republic, remember, Rome didn’t fall in a day

    2. @ThatPlatypusGuy “Madness will be accepted as normal, and the normal will be punished because they are not mad”

    3. Stop calling it unrest. Unrest is when you have a baby and don’t sleep for 3 days. It’s Called rioting

    4. I told myself this morning while making coffee that things were getting a little too quiet lately on our home front. I really believe that this ‘leak’ was a deliberate plot to keep the stirred pot boiling.

  14. So I hear my body, my choice but when does the child get to scream my body, my choice? When did killing a fetus (its a child at conception) become ok in the human mind? I am so glad I can’t understand that line of thinking.

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