SCOTUS hearings: Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson responds to CRT question | USA TODAY

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson responds to Sen. Ted Cruz on critical race theory
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Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson responded to Sen. Ted Cruz on critical race theory during her confirmation hearings.

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    1. @deplorable federalist Coming from the guy typing in caps about Jackson being a affirmative action hire, that’s not a meaningful response.

    2. Again, the libs missed the important part…where creepy Joe flat out said on video that he is specifically nominating a black woman for the position, gender and race was his criteria. It’s too hard for some people to look it up I guess. I don’t like her for several reasons, she has a history of being super lenient on perverts.

  2. Did anyone explain to this dark
    airhead that she can’t “legislate”
    from the bench ???….👈🤔…

  3. In United States v. Cooper, in which the criminal had more than 600 images and videos and posted many on a public blog, the Guidelines called for a sentence of 151-188 months. Judge Jackson settled on 60 months, the lowest possible sentence allowed by law.

    1. Allowed by law!!!!! You have an issue with the law not the judge. She sentenced based on the Law!!!

  4. SO let me get this straight! Just because child porn is easily accesible thru the INTERNET,kbj thinks the sentence doesn’t match the CRIME because its not the creeps fault that its available to him/it!!!!!WOW!WTF!

  5. Show the picture the Senator showed from K -3 education from school she is trustee. Your editing changes everything.

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