SCOTUS Is Driving A Conservative Car In First Gear, Says Analyst 1

SCOTUS Is Driving A Conservative Car In First Gear, Says Analyst


NPR Legal Affairs correspondent Nina Totenberg weighs in on the major decisions made by the Supreme Court this term and says the court is currently driving a conservative car in first gear.

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SCOTUS Is Driving A Conservative Car In First Gear, Says Analyst


  1. Even though justices are suppose to be without bias, how many actually are when they are chosen for their right or left leaning views.

    1. @Matt Russillo Fair? Decisions made in accordance with your ideas are fair, otherwise unfair? Supreme court’s ruling now to stop Ballot Harvest is fair, and it should be done before 2020 so that the Dems couldn’t steal the election for a dementia candidate.

    2. @Joke Biden “Decisions made in accordance with your ideas are fair, otherwise unfair?” Sounds like your orange cheetus doesn’t it hahaha

    3. @Mick why Supreme court’s ruling now to stop Ballot Harvest is fair, and it should be done before 2020 so that the Dems couldn’t steal the election for a dementia candidate.

  2. No surprise with unqualified far right picks like Coney Barrett. Expand the Supreme Court or the US will be under the Christian equivalent of Sharia law within a few years.

    1. And what happens if in 2024 Republicans control the Senate and White House and expand further with their nominees? It could end up being a ridiculous unwieldy court of scores of judges.
      There is no easy solution, but term limits would be a good starting point.

  3. “SCOTUS Is Driving A Conservative Car in First Gear, Says Analyst”

    Just wait…. That “SCOTUS Conservative Car” is going to slam America right into a tree…..
    And, America’s air-bags aren’t working…

    1. @FactsarenotdirtyFwords Don’t try to change the topic of the argument. It’s kind of hard for Biden to be a fascist in and of himself because he is half dead.

    2. @FactsarenotdirtyFwords I see that Bradyn has been stalking you lol tRumpturds trying to get his warped point across must not be working hahaha

    3. @Bradyn Lotterman 2. Human Rights ignored. Trump and the GQP HATE when anyone protests for their rights, especially if they are black and are being harassed and murdered by cops at a high rate. Remember when trump cleared away peaceful protesters so he could have a photo op with a bible he never reads? That’s an act of FASCISM. In this country people are ALLOWED to protest….it’s part of the Constitution, remember? But trump and the GQP HATE minorities and therefore do NOT want them to have equal Human Rights. This was made abundantly clear throughout trump’s 4 agonizing years as Dictator.

  4. Generally, the so called “Trump” appointees will not want to be associated with that name long term. Like anyone else, they will be happy to remove the Trump stank from their own narratives. With that said they will be conservative, but I am hopeful that they will not be part of deconstructing our democracy.

    1. @Birthing Girdle well said… it takes time and some articulation to explain just how bad Trump has been for our country and will likely be remembered. Every Hannity broadcast starts with rants about “Sippy cup Joe”. And that is news? I tend to read to get my information. Something Trump never learned to do.

    2. @Birthing Girdle hey thanks for your comment….. I understand why you’re emotional….. I think it’s because you’ve been watching the political action committees…. MSNBC and CNN

    3. @Joseph Lavigne Youre quite welcome sir.. My comments were entirely logical, historically based and well balanced. You would be well informed to take heed of them and better yourself. Best wishes to you sir.

    4. No, the Democrat party is doing a better job of that than SCOTUS ever could. At this point SCOTUS is just a rubber stamp for Dem insanity.

  5. Over 90 Percent of GOP voters believe propaganda so we must vote them out they will ruin this country

    1. @frutbum p I almost miss your joke. Actually, the bribery charge was against Hunter Biden, not his dad.

    2. @Joke Biden But the bribery confession was Joe himself for all to see. “I’m leavin’ in six hours, if the prosecutor isn’t fired you’re not gettin’ the money.”

  6. Hypothesis: Arizona voting regulations are now sponsored by the SCOTUS, next up is Georgia. For those of you in opposition to these types of regulations, make sure your passports are up to date & start looking for countries you wouldn’t mind permanently moving to🤫😉, because there will come a time when dissent will not be tolerated.
    Hypothesis: Any opposing local, state, and federal office holder/potential office holder that thinks he/she will have a job/keep his or her job thanks to overwhelming voter registration advantage in his/her neck of the woods is in for a rude awakening. Regulations will be introduced nationwide as to who can & cannot vote to ensure that only the ideologically pure get to “win”. There will be no token opposition in or outside government. It’s ALL or EVERYTHING, jobs are for the party faithful.

  7. That’s how it’s should be when the republicans voted no to bring him to justice it was all good

  8. I’d say with the parking brake on while using wrong hand signals, with a flat tire up front on the right, 🤗.

  9. When you have criminals as guardians of the law, of course you are going to see its molestations and perversions by these illegitimate actors.

  10. Like a pendulum, the farther it swings to the right, the more it will swing back to the left. It might take 10, 20, or 30 years – the next generation of SCOTUS. The question is, will you be around to see that day?

  11. There needs to be term limits for supreme court justices. Dems need to pack the court. The majority of Americans do not share conservative views. They have a problem separating church from state.

  12. It is a shame that people in such high positions, even those who shouldn’t be there, cannot overcome their own built in prejudice when it matters.

  13. Even if Breyer retires and a Dem. friendly Justice is installed, the Republicans still have it stiched up for decades.

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