SCOTUS Takes Up Major Abortion Case, Which GOP Is ‘Laser Focused On’ 1

SCOTUS Takes Up Major Abortion Case, Which GOP Is ‘Laser Focused On’


Editor-at-large for The 19th Errin Haines and social media editor for SCOTUS blog Katie Barlow discuss the decision by the Supreme Court to hear a case challenging Roe V. Wade, and reflect on how some Republican voters supported the former president solely because of his stance on abortion.

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    1. Again, if you’re unborn they are interested in you. If you’re inborn they have a place for you on the R team.

    2. @Leila e I asked my Pro Life mom why they don’t have funerals or death certificates when unborn babies die. She was speechless.

  1. Let’s also not forget that Republicans are only “pro-life” until birth. After you’re born, the GOP goes full Hunger Games mode for the rest of that person’s life.

    1. @Jeff Libby Murdering babies is illegal. If you see someone baby murderin, you should call the police immediately.

    2. @CShield Every liberal would be in jail, got that wrong you would be arrested and set free, that’s the liberal way.

  2. It is absolutely shameful that American women still have their rights threatened by these revolting people. What’s next? Shall we re-litigate the “slavery debate”?

    1. @Tech ti Shouldn’t we then castrate the men that got between those legs? Shouldn’t they take responsibility too? It was as much them as the women. But that would infringe on their reproductive rights so that’s obviously a different matter.

    2. @David Warren “Gravity is a democrat plot!”

      I knew it! Democrats just want to artificially increase my weight 2kg’s!

    1. They don’t. They aren’t pro life, just pro birth. After a baby is born, they couldn’t care less if it starves to death, as it might take taxpayer dollars to support it.

    2. @Pete 913 The child is the responsibility of the parent(s) and should not be the responsibility of the federal government. Government should step in only in a dire situation such as the parents passing away.

    3. @Pete 913 You are most welcome. If you haven’t already please get vaccinated, stay safe, stay alert, be healthy and be careful.

    Also GOP: We will tell you what you can do with your body. We will take away your personal liberties and infringe upon your freedoms.
    Legal in 69 countries. The U.S. has become a Joke.

    1. @T H, so what’s the exact moment a life becomes a life? You said when the baby can live outside the womb, but that is unknown. As you said yourself, babies 24 months old have a 50% survival rate outside the womb. So does that mean a 24 month old baby in the womb is 50% alive? What percentage of “alive” do you need before you get legal rights?

    2. @Muhammad the Prophet No one is advocating for abortion of a viable fetus, it would simply be a birth. Life, personhood, rights all begin at birth.

    3. @CShield, so how far along in a pregnancy would you consider an abortion as murder? We both seem to agree the day before the birth would be murder, right?

    4. @Muhammad the Prophet
      Most doctors agree 24-28 weeks.
      Yes with medical intervention and incubators that mimic the womb fetuses can survive. But not on their own and most with life long health problems.
      Is a brain dead person on a mechanical machine keeping them breathing still considered living?
      Rolling term limits back to 15 weeks is unreasonable. Most women don’t even know they’re pregnant until 6-8 weeks.
      Takes longer to find out if it’s an at risk pregnancy. And it’s certainly not a snap decision a woman would ever make.
      There are 153 million orphaned children in the world.
      1 billion children that live without basic nutrition or clean water.
      We don’t take care of the children we have now. US doesn’t have maternity leave. 1 in 6 kids in America live in poverty. GOP sure wants to force people potentially unable to provide or care for a child to have them, but they do nothing to help them care for the children once born. Heck not one voted for the Covid Relief bill that would put food on the table and roofs over the heads of struggling Americans.

    5. @Muhammad the Prophet you must be a funny sort of Muslim given that most culturally Muslim communities don’t recognise the newborn until around 30 days have passed, depending on community. I’m not getting into the debate, just questioning your honesty sonny.

  4. Pretty funny that the Stable Genius who paid mistresses to abort any unwanted children is now the savior of the Evangelical right for protecting the lives of the god’s children.

    1. Trump isn’t the morality of humanity, but we are all sinners. That doesn’t mean we still can’t do good or that we can’t change.

  5. So conservatives want ‘big government’ to stay out of an individual’s life and personal choices, unless it’s another woman making a choice about her own uterus? Got it!

    1. @Chris B “Yes. Anyone who tells you differently is skewing the facts to divide the population.”

      Good. Since those laws are already on the books you support the SCOTUS throwing this case out and overturning the ever increasingly restrictive if not outright banning of abortions laws that the conservative right is trying to force.

    2. @Robyn Heartthrob I absolutely support throwing out abortions as a means of birth control. Reasonable common sense accommodations will be made. Otherwise adults will have to adult. Grow up even.
      Together we can grow and root out the racist foundation that Planned Parenthood was based on. We can then lean forward and instill values in our families as the adults we should be. Work to support those families so their kids can have a better life than ours.
      We will be able to finally get back to judging people by the content of their character.

    3. @Chris B Women should have autonomy of their own bodies. As I said before, those commonsense laws on abortion are already in place. What they are trying to do now is take that away.

    4. @connery wiecks “Stopping murder is not big government”

      Agreed, however murder occurs when one human being unlawfully ends the life of another human being. There are already laws against murder/homicide. What exactly is your point?

  6. Seems SCOTUS is quite a hurry aren’t they. Makes me think it should be null and void until the investigations into the Supreme Court Picks from Trump are finished

  7. Excelente noticia
    Bob Baffert no podrá participar del
    Belmont stakes
    Será una carrera limpia sin dopaje

  8. Pro life, must carry guns, the bigger the magazine the better, more people to mow down in a single rampage, mi get it.

  9. Does anyone _seriously_ believe Baby Cheesus would still be “pro life” if he somehow knocked up a mistress?

    1. How many Abortions has he Paid for ? More than you can count on ONE Hand .. Stormy Daniels said he doesn’t wear condoms../

    2. Trump killed more Americans than Hitler via covid19. The likelihood of trump being pro life is just as high as him getting into heaven(if you believe in an afterlife).

    3. It’s highly likely he has paid for several abortions or at least said he would pay for them only to refuse to pay after it happens like he has done in so many business dealings.

    1. This is like saying if you don’t like murder live your life and don’t worry about it or if you don’t like slavery live your life and don’t worry

    2. @connery wiecks no, it’s like saying abortions are between the 2 parties involved, their doctor and God.

  10. “My body, my choice” regarding Vaccines
    “Your body, my choice” regarding abortions.
    Republicans in the 21st Century.

    1. There is no abortion that doesn’t end in the taking of a human life. Refusing the vaccine is about as dangerous to other people as driving your car. The odds of refusing a vaccine resulting in the killing of a vaccinated person is literally astronomical.

  11. GOP has been milking the abortion issue for 50 years to get votes. Why would they put an end to it now?

  12. Extra special thanks to all the “progressive” that just couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Hillary in 2016. This was predictable, and you should have known better. You own this.

    1. @Shwetank You probably aren’t going to believe anything I just said so find out for yourself. On YT, search “Will 712 Democratic officials decide 2016 election”. Tell me I’m deluded then.

    2. @T.A. ACKERMAN oh so you’re one of those youtube researchers .
      Might as well join the flat earrher groups and q anon while you’re at it.
      And keep that tin foil hat on tight.

    3. @T.A. ACKERMAN Let’s do some math using your numbers. Hillary got 2220 pledged delegates, Bernie got 1831. That’s a total of 4051. So let’s now distribute the superdelegates. It would be fair for them to give their support based on the percent each candidate got, right? I mean, since Hillary got 54.8% of the pledged delegates, it’s only fair that she gets 54.8% of the superdelegates. Or do you think that Bernie should have gotten a higher percentage of superdelegates than he took of pledged?

      54.8% of the 632 superdelegates you list would mean 346 superdelegates for Hillary, leaving 286 for Bernie. Add the 346 for Hillary with the 2220 pledged delegates and she gets a total of 2566. Which would be more than the 2383 you say she needed for the nomination.

      Hillary won more states than Bernie. She got more of the raw popular vote in the primaries than Bernie. And even using your own numbers, she had more than enough delegates. You ARE deluded.

    4. @Skippy Skipperson The establishment backed the loser. Did Clinton deserve over 400 before the first primary was even held? Do you think that her “inevitability” might have discouraged Sanders supporters from engaging in the primaries and caucuses? Don’t blame progressives for Clinton’s loss.

    5. @Shwetank I didn’t find it on YT. I did a Google search. It just so happened that a YT video was in the search.

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