1. I just Listened to the Doobie Brothers “Taking it to the Streets”. Nope nothing has changed

    1. Comments like yours will age like milk in the sun. Pretty sure your ancestors were against the car because it was more complicated than the horse.

    2. @Jean Roch Eh.. we’ve already gone to space. This wasn’t anything more than a rich guy flexing his mini-me in his shorts.

    3. @peremptory expression tell you what, you keep ignoring everything that doesn’t match your biases and I’ll keep making money off people like you. Deal ?

  1. What accomplishment? Making it to right before space and coming back isn’t the same as actually making it to space.

    1. @Colonel OfTruth
      Very brave of you to stand up for those poor, downtrodden billionaires.
      I’m sure they notice and appreciate your efforts 😄

    2. @Colonel OfTruth the military can do it and much more. They have their own space station. Let’s see you build a space station.

    3. @eric tyson OK if you say so, Branson going to the edge of space in a rocket plane is nothing.

  2. A more useful way to, ‘rediscover our sense of adventure’, might be to invest in technologies that will save the planet on which we live rather than amusement rides for narcissistic billionaires…👾

    1. Look at all the tech that needs to be developed for space travel that will benefit life on earth like recycling and reusability. Once we’re able to send everyday people to space we can send construction workers to the moon, mars and beyond, along with people to support them, and scientists etc. We can create a stronger better economy by reaching for the stars. All the while developing tech that will help us retain and protect this planet.

    2. @MAAS Gaming Hubris is what you offer when all we need is more viable humus and a more liveable Gaia within to let it ferment…

  3. Putting the Branson endeavor in the same category of what NASA is doing, is like putting a company making TV-dinners in the same category as the Worlds top restaurants.
    I don’t see anyone being critical of anybody thinking space is exciting, but what Branson did was not traveling to space in any meaningful way. It wasn’t for science, it isn’t opening up traveling to space for ordinary folks – in fact for the longest time people with lots of money have been able to buy actual trips to space with the Russians.
    What people and includes me is critical of, is the media buying and promoting Bransons stunt as something worthwhile, when reality what is offering is just a opulent roller coaster ride and it would have so much better if the had done something to help people starving or struggling to pay their bills. And it would been better to see CNN report on place in the World that need help.

    1. First of all CNN has plenty on the world’s other problems. Secondly the commercialization of space is a precursor to the exploration of it.

      If mining rights have to be sold so that we mine dead planets for precious resources instead of drilling into our own, then I’m all for it.

      NASA’s budget is miniscule to what it needs to be. If these guys want to kick start a space race, why the hell not? Consider the technologies that we have today that came from the space program?

    2. @Branjo Snow I agree that if we want to get more from space then commercial makes a lot of sense, however the total embracing of the Branson “space” flight totally failed to talk about that. Many reporters covered the flight as had he opened a total game changing access for space to all of mankind, however it is very far from and I stand by calling it a opulent roller coaster.
      It is not Bransons first endeavor, the guy is great at PR and also making money. As for space travel, well…

    3. @Reason Sure. So has a lot of people. Perhaps you’d like to refocus on the discussion regarding the CNN coverage, since that is the subject of the video.
      You’re acting like I personally insulted you which I didn’t, so take it down a notch.

    4. @bzdtemp: Are you intentionally ignoring the fact that this is the first private company to be licensed to sell tickets to space commercially? Because THAT is the significant achievement here and it IS a game changer and WILL eventually allow access to space for all of mankind. Commercial air travel was only for the rich when it was first developed too. Your grandchildren will probably be able to afford a trip to space. And their grandchildren might be able to travel to the moon or mars. It takes pioneers like Branson to make the first steps in those endeavors.

  4. I don’t disagree with the sense of adventure argument. But this has a different feel to it. This isn’t about the exploration of space, it’s about the commercialization of it. While the world literally burns, millionaires and billionaires are doing back flips in zero gravity.

    1. And also look at all the technology that benefits us on earth that stems from space exploration. Most importantly- recycling.

    2. Richard Branson no longer has a life reaching out in front of him; that’s why he took the risk. Commercial space travel is like finding out just where the budget really goes and who bids the lowest.

    3. @MAAS Gaming no it wont.. That will only be accomplished by non profit organizations. Businesses will just try to use it to evade taxes, and to once again step on the working people as a means to profit. It is the obvious pattern that businesses take unless regulated. I can go one with this point and drive it into the ground securely, but if you cannot realize the truth of it already, then why waste my breath ( or finger flexing 😉 lol ) over it.

  5. Thousands have already been to space: scientists, military rank, school teachers… the only difference here is that a guy who spent a lifetime accumulating a fortune went. Woopdy-do.

  6. that thing is nothing more than a fundraising tool and a toy for rich people. Branson doesn’t have NASA contracts so he’s going to fuel other adventures with this instead. THIS WILL NOT BENEFIT EVERYDAY PEOPLE.

  7. Well it’s good SE admits her bias. I am just trying to survive in life, but if you want to worship the hobbies of billionaires, you do you

    1. I was just reading an interview where he’s addressing his critics. He goes on to say “it creates industry…”. Yeah that him and his family will profit from. Another pansy fest in the works.

  8. This just seems like a amusement park for the ungodly wealthy !
    Oh and don’t worry about all the POLLUTION !!

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