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  1. I’m so looking forward to seeing the snowflakes go to another level of Trump derangement syndrome next year.

    • trf12567 im looking forward to watching the world burn too! Btw, you got some strong feelings there, you must be one of those emotional pussies I keep hearing you guys complain about

    • Painkiller Jones | September 15, 2019 at 9:46 AM | Reply

      @Broody Pie He didn’t sound emotional at all. You, on the other hand, sound like you are grasping at straws, which is typical for the average filthy liberal.

  2. Nonsense media. This is a typical example of stooge media who is promoting corporate agenda rather than people’s.

    • omi god The Democrats are the ones supporting late term abortions, want open boarders(even though 10-20 years ago they all wanted a boarder 🤔), want a one world government, want broken families, free health care (means it’s not up to you what kind of treatment you get) need I go on?

    • How? How is this promoting a corporate agenda?

    • @ONE TWO … You say nothing without telling us why you think this. So… Why do you say this? Do you really have an answer or are you just a Trump parot?!

    • People read my comment and proof check with qmap.pub

  3. Doesn’t surprise me at all that CNN is telling the democratic runners to lie to the American people so they are more electable. CNN is disgusting

    • @Garry G if the Democrats want to win in 2020, they need to have some common sense ideas to run on! But instead ( like you ) they just want to bash trump. Trump is not the perfect president…that’s obvious! But the hate and lies from the dems is why we have trump! People are sick of being lied to and sick of crazy people like you representing the democratic party we are supposed to want! Bottom line, more facts and truth telling.. less hate and slandering. You just proved to everyone that read your comment, that the left has become a radical democratic party running the country.

    • CNN Derangement Syndrome

    • @Chad Leniger You don’t get it? We’re way pass putting someone in on policy! Dude at this point the only common sense is to get Trump out of office at any costs before he destroys this Republic! When the next Dems President is elected they’ll be spending most of their time resending most of Trumps idiotic policies! The top 4 Dem candidates could beat Trump if the election was held today! At this point a dung beetle could win the election next year against Trump!

    • michaelthemovieman | September 15, 2019 at 12:27 PM | Reply

      @Garry G I told you, fact-denying ni gurr, mass shootings have a Liberal bias.

    • michaelthemovieman | September 15, 2019 at 12:27 PM | Reply

      @Origami Mambo Project Projection much?

  4. Social workers come to our homes and teach us how to raise our children? No thanks, Creepy Joe

    • michaelthemovieman | September 15, 2019 at 9:39 AM | Reply

      @Jody Alred Well, blacks ARE black. Next, you Democrats will tell me that the blue sky isn’t blue. Oh wait, you people actually BELIEVE that, including YOU, Ms. Deflection Issues.

    • @michaelthemovieman To make “sense” you have to bully black people, that is all I am saying. Your parent did a good job raising you, right. What say you?

    • @michaelthemovieman Pathetic!!!

    • Bee Bomb crime statistics dont lie

    • teachers already do in washington state and social workers also. its called the birth to 3 program and is incredible. But you have to qualify for it, its used specifically for children with disabilities or learning problems or behavior problems, deaf, blind, downs syndrome, autistic, etc. I used to iwork with the teachers, its a fantastic program and the results are incredible, go online and check it out, they are called Childrens Village, in Yakima, Washington.

  5. More dislikes than likes. You better re-evaluate where the people stand.

    • Laduca is obviously not an American citizen. The people do not stand with left wing lunacy.

    • @Swampy lol exactly. These dumb racists are mad because Bernie will be President. Soon we’ll get a bunch of free stuff and we’ll let more big booty mexican girls in. Mexico should keep the kids an guy’s though. Bernie 2020

    • @Drew G. Pedophiles in our government isn’t a conspiracy theory. Do you need to be reminded of Dennis Hastert? Or did you miss all of that? What about Epstein’s pedo-island and all the Presidents and politicians who went there with him?

      Don’t mind me, I never check my notifications. Feel free to explode with emotion.

    • Oh, and for those of you absolutely drowning in cognitive dissonance, you’ll be shown where the public stands when Trump gets re-elected. I didn’t vote for anyone the first time, but I’ll vote for him this upcoming election. There’s tons more just like me that will vote just to keep psycho Democrats out of that office for another 4 years, and, like me, many of them don’t particularly like Trump. He’s just exponentially better than any Democrat running.


  6. Poor old Joe. He needs to be in a nursing home.

  7. and once again more people went with thumbs down then up
    cnn not paying attention

    • yankees double header | September 15, 2019 at 9:43 AM | Reply

      @W.A M.P CNN is vaguely saying the candidates should focus on bashing Trump and not attacking each other I:E don’t attack Joe Biden and possibly Kamala Harris. They’re trying to repeat 2016 of pushing an unpopular candidate onto the masses in the beliefs that Trump is so terrible that when Biden wins the nomination Trump will have ammo he picked up from the Democrats to use against him.

    • what if right wing trolls are hitting the dislike button…..

    • yankees double header | September 15, 2019 at 9:59 AM | Reply

      @zoopop22 I’m not right wing and I hit the dislike button. Why should any candidate attack Trump at this point when the primaries haven’t started yet? These candidates are trying to win the nomination not the presidency yet. It’s like you’re an NFL team and a wild card in the playoffs. Worry about beating the team you have to beat right now and don’t look at the next game as you don’t Know anyway who that opponent will be and don’t look at the Superbowl yet. Fight hard for that nomination first then worry about Trump.

    • @yankees double header I get that but I don’t think CNN will.
      And a lot of things she said was correct about DNC like them pushing policies nobody wants and listen only to twitter, and grand standing. I think this is the first time CNN ever has lashed out at the DNC and ultimately CNN and MSNBC share much of the blame. But I do only belive CNN is doing it because Bill Maher started openly bashing the DNC first.

      But sometimes CNN needs to be reinforced with good affirmation which is why I’m wondering why there is so many dislikes because some of their really B.S videos attacking Trump often has a ton more likes to dislikes and wish more people disliked them but here in just happy CNN finally criticizing the whole DNC.

      It’s more beneficial to convert people and organizations than all out destory them.

    • @yankees double headerI concur, but I wasn’t talking about you Yankee (as i rub your shoulders and hand you a glass of water)

  8. This woman sounds and acts just like Rachel Maddow. Don’t need another one

  9. General Sherman | September 15, 2019 at 8:28 AM | Reply

    CNN is based in Atlanta, isn’t it?

    I failed.

  10. In other words. Lie and tell us what we want to hear. Then screw everyone later.
    I used to be a democrat. No more. Never voting for one again.

  11. You’re kidding me right? The goal isn’t to beat Trump, it’s to best represent our nation and take care of our citizens.

  12. Matias Gutierrez | September 15, 2019 at 9:45 AM | Reply

    Yall ain’t gonna beat nobody taking law abiding citizens property thats insanity

  13. From our cold dead hands. Remember Beto said it but all the dems think it.

  14. You think Trump and his policies are unpopular, yeah keep saying that. No really keep saying that.

  15. From what I saw watching that very cringe-worthy debate, not a one of them have a snowball’s chance in hell… Beta TOTALLY Eff’ed up.

  16. This chick is trying to talk like that man on MSN what’s his name maddow

  17. Dems don’t want to help the country, they just want to beat Trump….bad form..

  18. CNN: You guys aren’t saying “Orange Man Bad” enough! Stop focusing on policy and trying to take down heir apparent Biden!

  19. Where’s Fredo?
    CNN is Clown News Network
    🤡 Clowns, Not News 🤡

  20. Trump won that debate. Warren is absolutely terrible. Hillary v2

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