1. Gaetz makes me gag. He doesn’t have the good sense to know when he should speak and about what so he needs sent back to the children’s table.

    1. Yes, Susan, food poisoning would be a preferable stint of nausea. But aren’t you being a bit too kind? Shouldn’t he just keep his mouth shut at all times, since open sewers are a grave threat to public safety?

    2. @Dixon, D unfortunately, I think he’s dipped at the children’s table a little bit too much already 😂….

  2. Eddie Munster should not be able to sit at the adult table. Him opening his mouth in the same room as a REAL MAN is disgusting. How low America has come.

  3. Sec. Austin: “Mr Gaetz, where did you learn about military procedure and policy because I don’t recall ever seeing you in uniform”

    1. Well, like Trump, he supports Putin. So he might just have a military uniform…a Red Army uniform.

    2. I’d go further. I’d quietly summon an aide to the table, ask them to bring me the file containing Matt Gaetz’s military records then, upon quietly receiving them and thanking the aide, set the empty file folder down and open it.

    3. @Kelly Vaters Even worse have a laptop and ask Matt to show you his military record on the laptop.

    1. @Gary M They’ll be fine regardless because you need them and the skilled trades they’re taught from childhood that too many other people aren’t willing to do. It’s how we’ve always survived. The point is to fight against legalized gender/race based discrimination for my sons who are only 28% of the population. Also all the successful minorities who have been accused of “embracing whiteness” under your intersecionality paradigm, and are being attacked on the street for it. And if you’re looking around and thinking the current situation is good and going in the right direction, well….that’s a head pretty deep in the sand right there.

    2. 🤫🤫🤫 We mustn’t call out their alternative blames!!! Remember…… THEY share a brain!!!🤫😄

    1. It was just as ridiculous and funny as Boebert trying to tell an economist her US debt is not the right amount.

  4. Gaetz and his cronies have not answered the question General Milley asked last year “So what is wrong with understanding, having some situational understanding about the country for which we are here to defend?”
    FYI: “wokism”=situational understanding=skills necessary to develop strategy

    1. Gaetz says “Woke” like it is a bad thing. Must think the world is actually like a Ren & Stimpy episode.

  5. The only time embarrassment entered the frame was when Madison cawthorn went rogue talking about cocaine orgies.
    How about Locking both gaetz and cawthorn up in jail for their different sex crimes!? Get it done already.

  6. Secretary Austin handled him the way I handle my son when he doesn’t want to clean his room.

  7. Thank you for adding more light and attention to the awful, embarrassing and petulant person unfortunately who only wanted to use his 5 minutes of fame at the expense of the Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.
    And did I mention the investigation into child sex trafficking across state lines.
    All I can say is just like Trump, your day in court is coming buddy

    1. @Victory in Truth lol. Seriously? …with the “Z” pfp …aren’t you supposed to at least *try* to pretend you’re not a Russian propaganda bot?

    2. Exactly, sex trafficking its the same thing, but covered with the scarf and the clothing, religion. Real will recognize real!

  8. The worst part of all of this…. giving him this is a way for his platform can continue to grow. To ignore it allows it to fester quietly and continue anyway. We are damned if we do, damned if we don’t.

    1. Oh, boy. Here’s another troll to add to the list.
      Checked out @Victory in Truth’s channel. Joined 3/22, no subscribers and the top video in the playlist is entitled “Why diversity doesn’t work.”
      Please don’t feed the trolls.

    2. @Queens Rule
      Then, in a second hand way, I’d like to tell the troll that there is major contempt for it..

  9. I imagine soon, Gaetz will be complaining to his prison warden how horribly he is running the prison.

    1. @Elizabeth Stanley I am sorry but if you are referring to ‘And hired dementia Joe’ then you can figure it out yourself, or you can at least try, and probably fail.

    2. When they finally get to charging Matty the inmates will be doing their version Michael Jackson’s PYT. They will only change it to (Petty Young Thing) they will sing it to him every night as they tuck it in.

  10. Gaetz embarrasses himself every morning when he looks in his mirror when he sees an idiot looking back.Then he goes out to continue the embarrassment in Congress.

    1. Wow, does D, Osmond know his brother is playing in Congress? And they call it puppy love, come on 😂

  11. Gaetz is doing his best impersonation of Tucker Carlson. That would be bad enough if he was good at it but it’s even worse because he has no skill or talent for acting.

    1. does either believe he isn’t guilty. Of girls? Tucker laughed that he was rooting for Putin.

  12. That guy is like a National Lampoon frat boy villain come to life. I’ll bet that guy can’t go a day without saying “Do you know who my father is?”

  13. The saddest part of this display of stupidity by Goetz is that some people actually believe he is for real.

    1. He’s nothing more than a performance congress member who would be better suited sitting these out and worrying about the criminal case against him. Seems like his old buddy in crime still has soo much more to share. I truly hope his days doing this sort of stuff are over and he loses that seat to someone who actually cares about the ppl in his state and what they need. This job is not about you but about those you serve while sitting up there.

  14. Just a few thoughts: Gaetz sits on The House Armed Services Committee, isn’t he a chief proponent of how the military spends it’s money? So why do he and other Republicans insist on spending ever increasing amounts of taxpayer money on defense? I believe Gaetz has an Air Force and/or Navy base in his district, I wonder if Gaetz ran this proposal to chop ” unnecessary ” spending by his constituents? Is Gaetz even remotely aware of the situation in the military…on any level? Finally, Matt Gaetz is one of the last people to grill a GENERAL on how much of a failure he (Gaetz) thinks the military is.

  15. That’s the problem with people like Gaetz, isn’t it? He’s proud of his performance, and his base laps it up like honey. They can’t get enough of such theatrics. We re so doomed.

    1. Hollywood should be taking notes…. Seriously!
      I can’t help but wonder if it’s exactly that, theatrics and drama, that have so many of these people rooting for politicians to act SO FUCKING CHILDISH AND DISRESPECTFUL! I feel like all this spewing of BS is people’s new form of entertainment, and these republican (and 2 or 3 democratic) politicians love the attention to much that they can’t stop.

      What’s worse, is when you mix in the Fantasy genre lovers who are also not getting their full of fantasy-drama themed content, and it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s the void that QAnon has filled. Genuinely, the outrageous/absurd stuff that’s happened over the last 5 years was literally the bread and butter sort of content that SouthPark came up with. Think about that for a moment… lol
      Real life has somehow managed to become _more_ shocking, absurd, and ridiculous than an animated show aimed at teens whose sole objective was to be those very three things and teeter on the verge of what’s permissible to air on TV by the censors! 🤣 (except, 😭)

      [/end rambling]

  16. It’s really hard to believe that mr. Gaetz really has any sincere concern about ANYTHING.

  17. The problem is there remains in this country a disturbingly large swath of voters who dig Gaetz and can’t get enough of his antics. He’s in office just for kicks, not to do anything constructive. This speaks to the state of our politics in this country;

    1. As a democrat Californian, I voted for Schwarzenegger. I just thought it would be fun, not saying it was a great idea.

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