SE Cupp on mass shootings: Stop standing in the way of solutions 1

SE Cupp on mass shootings: Stop standing in the way of solutions


CNN political commentator SE Cupp provides her solutions to decrease gun violence in the wake of two recent mass shootings in the US. CNN #News


  1. Do you think peoples attitude American culture has changed since the 1950s? Sort of a little bit people issue

  2. We still have no cure for cancer and Solutions for mass shootings yet we can create vaccines and mission to Mars

  3. Humans have been murdering other humans long before guns existed. You don’t have a solution to that. You aren’t even addressing the underlying problem. America has a violence problem. What is your solution to that?

    1. America is top of the list on the amount of guns per capita and it is top of the list of gun deaths per capita.
      What is so special about America’s violence problem that less guns would not help with less gun deaths?
      Note that people (including kids) do not only die more because of gun violence, but also gun accidents.
      And even if you doubt that less guns would help (although it seems to in most other countries and although science thinks so), what does it hurt to take AR15s out of circulation. It’s not like you are going to eat anything after you’ve put 15 high-velocity rounds into it.

    2. @Giles Bowman The US is not low on the list on executions, doesn’t seem to help one single bit, now does it

    3. @NeoDemocedes Driving cars is already a lot harder than getting a gun. Getting a license is harder. You have to get insurance. Too name a few. Making having a gun equally hard as being able to drive is a great idea

  4. The real solution is mental stability, the governments is going to have to change around all the things that they make money off of.

    1. The key is stricter gun control laws the Boulder guy got the gun the same day as the shooting he should have had to wait

  5. Making it to where minorities won’t be able to have the ability to defend themselves, expecting someone who lives paycheck to paycheck to take all of these classes etc, this is discrimination.

    1. Move to a state that protects those rights, and dont require them. ( though I do say if one is going to own a firearm and have not been around them all there life they should have someone knowledgeable teach them safety procedures and marksmanship. )

    2. @Joshua Beck I completely agree with you, and I can see where it would be intimidating if you hadn’t grown up around them to have that comfortability. Was more trying to point out the hypocrisy between this and voting ID by using same reasoning as for why this would effect minorities more.

  6. 7 mass shootings in 7 days…hmm… Why do I keep hearing that? You all have the same script? There have been more than 7 if you look at the whole country not just what fits your narrative… It’s not about guns it’s about way more.

  7. What you call solutions is nothing but feel good do nothing nonsense that infringes on law abiding gun owners.

    1. @Oh Ok they are at the bottom of a lake. So, when you lose something you report it as stolen. You are breaking the law filing a false report. You probably put in a fraudulent insurance claim for your lost items.

  8. The “right” doesn’t HIDE behind the second amendment. We merely assert our right to defend ourselves, our family, our loved ones. Why aren’t the politicians and knee-jerk anti-gun people trying to do something about the 300+ murders in Chicago this year and similar numbers in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C. and other cities?

  9. How can you get anyone to accept gun reform when you’re guilty of covering up your sons gun crimes?

  10. You drop Tomahawks on MILLIONS but disarming us all at home is your priority CNN???

  11. 0:52 – I keep hearing CNN say it’s the seventh mass shooting in the US in a week. Was it the seventh or the second? I’ve only heard of the two, and while it’s not unrealistic to think that the US has so many mass-shootings that half of them don’t even make the news, the facts that I’m aware of two, and that “seventh” and “second” sound so similar makes me wonder if someone at CNN misheard and perpetuated the mistake and nobody bothered to fact-check that. (I couldn’t find five others. )

  12. Dear SE-of-Cupp who is expanding her ‘listening’
    Even more so art we unto thee so very harkening

    Dear publisher-broadcaster-informer-educator-band-of-authors-and-dearly-dearest lover CNN
    Thee and all thy presenters-and-anchors we will never feel any shame to life-longedly befriend.

  13. Remember gentle people that we are living under a one Party controlled Government and will continue to be for the foreseeable future

  14. Them: Why do you need guns?
    Me: I lived through 2020, y’all lost your damn minds when toilet paper ran out.

  15. SE Cupp is a grifter and she’s getting old and plump now. She will probably be looking for new work soon.

  16. If they don’t stop undocumented people coming across the southern border tragedies like this one will become common occurrences.

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